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I’m here with another Mutant Super Soda today, this time you get Red Version. While I tried the Green Version and liked it, the aftermath was kind of similar to when I drink an energy drink. I get bad stomach aches and you know…the other stuff. Still, it was a tasty drink!


This is Red Version so it is automatically better because Charizard is better than Venusaur. Ohhh! Don’t tell Gildem I said that.


For real, though, this is called “Red Dawn” and all I can think of is that movie that came out with Josh from Drake and Josh. It was actually a remake of an older one, but I haven’t seen either movie. I don’t really want to either.



Anyway, Mutant has two varieties that I saw at Wawa and if this one is as good as the regular version, then I’ll be a happy Chas.


Alas, red sodas aren’t usually my cup of team. They usually aren’t anyone’s because, well, they are soda and not tea. Heh Heh HORF!


For real, though, if this is supposed to be mimicking Mountain Dew, then this should probably be cherry flavoured or some vague version of cherry. I never really cared for Code Red, but we’ll see how Red Dawn fares.


So, we know this is a Monster product, but I don’t think Monster has a red version of its energy drinks. I mean, besides the Red Rehab I wrote about a while ago, I can’t think of a Red Monster. This is a first? Maybe?


I think I might have gotten a pretty crappy version of the Green Mutant soda because this one’s logo and font looks fine to me. The other one had a kind of grainy texture to the print quality. Look at me. Using my profession on this blog. Har Har Har. I think original Mutant’s text was a bit too big for what it should have been. It is like they didn’t scale it correctly or something.


There’s the little excerpt on the side. It is pretty much the same one from the regular Mutant soda except it has red font instead of green. I suppose it is up to my imagination to tell you what this tastes like, well, that and the ingredients.


Speaking of ingredients, let’s talk about them and the nutritional values.


Serving size is 1 bottle.

0g total fat. 60mg sodium. 72g total carbs. 72g sugars. 0g protein. 100% Vitamin B3. 100% Vitamin B6.


More sugar in this one. Will it be sweeter? Ooh!




Carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, orange juice concentrate, citric acid, potassium sorbate, sodium citrate, caffeine, gum arabic, sodium benzoate, natural flavor, ester gum, niacinamide, red 40, pyridoxine hydrochloride,




I mean, you kind of expected this to have red 40. If it didn’t, then what would make it so red? Magic?


This also has orange juice in it! That’s surprising! I thought this was going to be cherry flavoured, but nope! It might end up being a fruit punch or something of that nature. Now I’m wondering what it is gonna taste like! Might as well dive in then!


Huh. While pouring it, it has a less deep red colour like what it looks like in the bottle, but more of a pink/strawberry colour. Interesting.


Scent? Smells fruity, but mostly like orange juice. It is like a strawberry and orange scent actually. Maybe I’m onto something about strawberries with the colour. Yes. It is pretty strong in the orange scent, but there’s a slight sweetness to it too. It isn’t like sugary sweet, but more like fruity sweet.


Let’s sip!


Hmm. Hmm. Hah.


At first taste it is mostly just a bubbly drink with a hint of sweetness to it. Then it kind of turns into a fruity drink. Honestly, this is pretty convincing as a fruit punch. I’m always iffy about fruit punch drinks because they taste horribly artificial, but this one is pretty convincing. I don’t really taste a dominate fruit until the drink transitions into the aftertaste. At that point, I taste more orange juice than anything. This is good because usually drinks take the grape juice route so the aftertaste is bitter. For this drink, it is citrusy and sweet because of the lingering flavours of the other “natural flavours.”


This is very different from the original Mutant Super soda. This is farm more sweet and reminds me more of a soda than a Monster. If you hate energy drinks for their flavour, then I say try this one instead. This is pretty darn good, but I don’t know if I rate it over the original Mutant. They are in different leagues if I’m honest. This one makes me think I’m drinking a fruit punch soda, and a fairly decent one at that.


I’ll give this a dropkick out of Rad. I’m pretty happy with the Mutant Super Soda tastes. It has a slightly muted kick of energy drink without the medicine tastes of it.