My brother’s car did a great job as the can’s pedestal

Hey Rad Blog!

So, I got another AriZona here. I forgot I tried on of AriZona’s Rx line before with their Rx Stress. If I recall, I didn’t like it so much.

I’m now trying AriZona’s Rx Energy. Originally, I thought I had bought the Stress one again and I was gonna give it another try, but then I looked closer and saw Energy instead. The tag line says “A refreshing herbal tonic.” What does that mean? I hope it means I’ll feel energized because I am feeling sluggish right now. I did just do a bunch of outside work as well as go to the park to work on my free kicks/ play with some random kid who was watching me take free kicks.

First off, like all of AriZona’s cans, well I shouldn’t say all because Wawa charges more but this was 99 cents. I lied! Chas lies! I got this during an AriZona special which was 2 for 1 dollar along with 7 other different cans. What can I say? This stuff is good.

So, as with the Stress one, there’s a warning on the side that says this isn’t a drug but a food and isn’t going to cure anything. The Rx is just for show. No problem!

The front of the can has a description of the drink: “An invigorating blend of green tea, tropical & citrus fruits, panax ginseng, eleuthero root, gurana, schisandra, and Vitamins A, C, & E.” So, this is an energy drink! They weren’t lying! This is probably the cheapest energy drink I could buy. Monster certainly isn’t pulling back their prices and Red Bull, while it may be slightly cheaper, is usually tiny. This is a 23 FL OZ can I got for 50 cents. That’s a winner right there.

My question though, would this be as strong as Monster or Red Bull? I don’t feel too wired with the Kickstart and Monster had a little kick. Then again, I never had the plain Monster. Something to consider for the future!

Checking the ingredients.

Premium brewed green tea using filtered water, high fructose corn syrup (glucose-fructose syrup), pear juice from concentrate, mango puree, cirtic acid, orange blossom honey, lemon juice from concentrate, natural flavors, ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), gum acacia, beta carotene for color, caffeine, panax ginseng extract, eleuthero root extract, guarana root extract, schisandra extract, Vitamin A, palmitrate, Vitamin E acetate, MFD

So, pear juice is pretty tropical, right? The orange blossom honey sounds good. It basically has everything the description says in it except it kinda exaggerates the tropical fruit. Mango, orange, and lemon. That’s close enough.

100% Vitamin C, 25% Vitamin A, and 25% Vitamin E. That’s really it. 100 calories per serving. This has 3 servings which I will drink all at once. 10% juice. Okay.

Time to open.

It’s very yellow. It reminds me of the Kickstart Orange or whatever with the highlighter yellow. It smells of sweet actually. I don’t catch the medicine smell like I do sometimes with these energy drinks. It smells like a juice honestly. It isn’t even a bad juice smell. Maybe mango juice?

Let’s have a taste.

I have my wine glass I use specifically for iced tea and Surge. I don’t drink alcohol as you know. It is purely ironic that I use such glassware. The Coca-Cola glass is in the wash.

Huh! Not bad. It tastes of sweet juice. Maybe I shook it perfectly. I get a tiny tiny zing of medicine taste, which is probably the ginseng, but overall I get the honey taste I think. Mango and honey. Yeah! that isn’t bad at all. It is different. I don’t normally like green tea all that much either.

This is better than the Stress one if I recall. The stress one tasted like straight green tea with dull sugar if I remember correctly. This is kinda like a fruit juice with a spot of iced tea.

Hmm. I think I might pick this up again. Good work AriZona. You hardly ever let me down.

I give it a Viewtiful Joe out of Rad.