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About The Rad Blog

I’m Chas Rad and this is The Rad Blog.


Ever since my Drink Reaction posts got a lot of good views and popularity, I decided to separate my personal stuff with them. I think it was a good idea so you can check my personal blog called Chas In Real Life


The Rad Blog is gonna serve as your go to reviews, tastes tests, and overall Drink Reactions blog now. I hope everyone enjoys the new direction this blog is taking because I’m excited for it myself.



Here are a few post suggestions:


“They Call Me Chas” is my first post ever. You might wanna check it out for the history and a link to my personal blog.

Drink Reaction: Rockstar Cucumber Lime is my most commented on post here. Take a look and see what others think about it.

Drink Reaction: Peace Tea- Sno-Berry Tea is my most viewed post. Go add to it if you want.


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