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About The Rad Blog

I’m Chas Rad and this is The Rad Blog.


What is The Rad Blog? It pretty much serves as a place where I write about anything I find interesting. It used to be more of a personal blog, but I’ve been more into my Drink Reaction posts now.


I will occasionally write creative works here, but I think I’m pretty terrible at it so I don’t usually. If you’re looking for poetry, keep on looking.


I am interested in interesting sounding drinks. I buy them and write my reaction to it. It kinda serves as a review since I feel like I’m looking into the taste a bit, but it is mostly what I think of it. If you gave me the greatest wine in the world, I’d give it a 0 out of Rad because I don’t drink alcohol and therefore hate it. That just shows you I’m not really a reviewer for quality but rather how much I enjoy something.


What else? I post my videos here sometimes too. I used to have a podcast but the members are all too busy to continue and therefore the Radscast died. Also, Blip said we sucked and kicked me off the site. I guess if I ever wanted to go back to podcasts, I’ll be looking into something else.


I suppose this is where I suggest posts to read. That’s fine. I’ll post a few here and tell you why you might wanna check em out.

Oh yeah, these are subject to change.

“They Call Me Chas” is my first post ever. You might wanna check it out for the history.

Drink Reaction: Rockstar Cucumber Lime is my most commented on post here. Take a look and see what others think about it.

Drink Reaction: Peace Tea- Sno-Berry Tea is my most viewed post. Go add to it if you want.

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