Hey Rad Blog.


I told ya! This weekend is Rojo Tea time.


What is Rojo Tea? I really have no idea. I’ve never heard of any tea referred to as Rojo Tea.


A quick search shows that it is native to Mayans. Interesting. I can’t find anyone in the first few search results selling Rojo Tea other than Monster…so er…congratulations?


I’m kinda looking forward to this. I’m kinda tired and I’m hoping this perks me up for the rest of the night. Then again, the FA Cup final is tomorrow so I probably should get a good night sleep. Sleep?! No Sleep ‘Til Wembley.


So, what’s in this?

Brewed tea (filtered water, black tea solids, green tea extract), cranberry juice concentrate, glucose taurine, natural flavors, citric acid, sodium citrate, panax ginseng extract, tartaric acid, magnesium lactate dihydrate, calcium lactate pentahydrate, monopotassium phosphate, sucralose, caffeine, carbonated coconut water, niacinamide (B3), rooibos tea extract, salt, d-calcium pantothenate (B5), l- caratine l-tartrate, d-glucuronolactone, guarana extract, inositol quercetin dihydrate, acesulfame potassium, acai puree, goji berry puree, mangosteen concentrate puree, pyridoxine hydrochloride (B6), cyanovobslsmin (B12).


Jeeze. Is that enough stuff?


Most of it is energy things, but I was kinda thrown off by the tea until I saw that “rooibos tea” thing. I guess that’s the proper name for Rojo Tea? Yeah, I’ll stick with Rojo. Rooibos looks too strange for me.

This is part of Monster’s Rehab line which I have liked so far. Read my other posts about it if you don’t believe me. My brother says his friend, who drinks a ton of energy drinks, likes this one a lot. That’s good. I’m looking forward to it. I’m also surprised that this has more coconut water in it.


Nutrition facts?

25 per can! It says 10 calories on the front but that’s per serving. In true Monster fashion, it gives you the facts per can. Thanks Monster!

190mg of sodium. I think the salt in this added to it, which I thought was an odd ingredient too! I don’t think the other Rehabs had salt.

100mg potassium. 6g total carbs. 6g sugar. 2% Calcium. 200% Vitamins B3, B6, B12, and B5. Thanks again to Monster for putting the Vitamin in parentheses next to the proper name or whatever it is. 4% Phosphorus. 6% Magnesium. Standard really.


These usually give me bad stomach aches later, so I hope this one doesn’t do a number on me. Read the warning, kids! Energy drinks are not good in vast amounts! 5% juice!


What’s the little blurb about this time. Scanning. Oh! I didn’t get this on the other two cans, but Rehab is a pool party thing in Vegas. Huh. Yes! Rooibos tea is the Rojo tea but it is mixed with cranberry juice to make it even more red. If this drink is any other colour but red, I’m gonna cry.


Red tea and cranberry juice. This looks like an interesting flavour. Let’s give it a go.


Shake well!


Yes! It is a deep red. It looks much more “safe” compared to that Hard Rock drink.


It smells of cranberry. Expected. It was kinda thick looking when I poured it in the glass. Kinda odd. I gave it a few more stirs just in case I shook it too gently.


Let’s have a taste!

Huh! That’s a strange taste!

It doesn’t have the tartness of cranberry juice. Like, not at all. It is really sweet actually. Like, way sweet, but then has a very herbal taste. I kinda like the herbal taste a lot. Red tea is this? I know that green tea was one of the first ingredients, but I don’t really taste green tea until the after taste. I need another sip.


Huh! The cranberry is absolutely there, but it isn’t tart. The medicine taste? I can’t really taste it! I think the red tea taste overpowers it.

I actually really like this. I would buy this one again. Very, very interesting taste. I haven’t had anything like it, honestly.


Rad out of rad? No. Close! I’ll give it a Suplex out of Rad. I thought the lemonade one was going to be my top pick, but this one was great. It is the one to beat, Rehab. I know there’s an orangeade one, so that might be next.


See ya Rad Blog.