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I have another interesting soda here to try today. This was actually really cheap and the store had like a whole shelf of it. You know in commercials for whatever when someone is in a grocery store buying stuff that all the shelves have the same product for miles? It is like that, but only this is real life.

I have never heard of the Boylan Bottling Company, but it makes me think of West Ham United. Why? Boleyn Grounds. I mean, this is close and I suspect they are pronounced the same way. I don’t know. Anyway, I just would like to think Dimitri Payet drinks this soda when he’s not playing.


I suspect this is pretty much like any cream soda, except this is spelled “creme soda.” It is made from real cane sugar so that’s nice. I like when drinks are made from cane sugar over…uh sucralose?


This company has been around for a while since the bottle has “Since 1891” embossed on the back of it. They are out of New York so, nope. They aren’t affiliated with West Ham. Oh well. No soda for Dimitri.


This is one of the more simplistic bottles I’ve seen. They don’t really throw a bunch of crap all over the place explaining why this is the best cream soda ever or some kind of company testimony. I can respect that. Let the drink speak for itself. I don’t need to know that lion tamers drink this right before they put on a show for the circus or ace Navy pilots drink this before a bombing run. No. I mean, if I had a drink company I’d absolutely be putting all these hyperboles all over the place. I’d only do it for the fun of it since I find these kinds of things ridiculous.


Well, I guess there’s not much else to say about this drink other than it is more amber-brown rather than a clear cream soda. I’ve seen more transparent brown cream sodas, but this is a lot more predominate in its colour.

I will say this, though, the bottle cap is a subtle kind of cool. It is black and white with the Boylan logo on it. I might actually keep this if I don’t break it.


Oh, this is Kosher! Well, that’s kind of cool. I don’t normally see the Kosher approved logo thing on foods.


This bottle is very old fashioned. The text on it just gives that old-timey look.


Well, let’s look at the nutrition facts and ingredients.


Nutrition facts!


Serving size is 1 bottle.


160 calories. 0g total fat. 0g saturated fat. 0g trans fat. 0mg cholesterol. 5mg sodium. 40g total carbs. 0g fiber. 40g sugars. 0g protein.



Carbonated water, cane sugar, citric acid, caramel color, pure vanilla extract, natural flavors.


So, this is going to be a vanilla cream soda. That’s traditional enough I suppose.


Let’s pour!


The scent is…interesting. I don’t really like it. I know they said it is pure vanilla extract, but it smells artificial to me. Maybe it is the other “natural flavours” that make it have this effect. It also didn’t make a lot of foam like cream sodas do. That makes me think this is going to have a very flat taste. Upon opening it, it did have an odd smoke-like thing coming out of it. Maybe that’s just the carbonation. I don’t know.


Let’s sip!


Hmm. Hmm. Huh.


Well, I was right and wrong about the flat taste. At first sip, it is pretty bubbly. I’ve had more bubbly drinks, but this is bubbly enough. It has a nice sensation to it. It isn’t overly sweet either. I can taste mostly bubbly water. Then the sweetness comes in, but it is very subtle and earthy in taste. It is an earthy sweetness if you can understand what I’m trying to say. It is like when your dad takes you and your brother out on a nature hike and he shows you how to taste honeysuckles for the first time. Then the bubbly taste goes away and I’m left with this just sweetness. The sweetness was never overwhelming. I would say it is just about right when it comes to my desire for sweetness. The vanilla flavour comes as a very nice aftertaste and it lingers only for a little while. It is actually very nice compared to my objection of the smell.


Yeah, this is a nice drink. For like 1 dollar, this was good. I’d say give it a try if you want a change from overly sweet sodas .


Boylan gets a solid Falcon Kick out of Rad.