Here it is again! I think this is the last of the Rickey drinks, but then again I’m not sure. When I went to 7-Eleven today, they had the other two I already tried. I might have to send a Tweet out to AriZona asking if they have other flavours. In fact, I should do that now. Done.


Anyway, I’ve liked the other two drinks, so I expect to like this one as well. To be honest, I’m not a huge cherry fan. I don’t typically go for cherry flavoured things. Nevertheless, as an avid supporter of AriZona, I will try all their stuff.


It doesn’t say to shake, so that’s okay. I just realized that the can art is from a contest! Nice job, Kenny Vidinich. This looks really cool. The red and green is kinda appropriate for this time of year.


I also say give AriZona a follow on Twitter. They are pretty rad and have cool things.


Gotta love their tweets.


Anyway, what does this have in it?

Carbonated filtered water, high fructose corn syrup, pear juice from concentrate, mango puree, cherry juice from concentrate, lime juice from concentrate, lemon juice from concentrate, strawberry juice from concentrate, citric acid, fruit and vegetable juice for color, natural flavor, ascorbic acid, sucralose gum, acacia acesulfame potassium, ester gum.


I don’t know about the last bit, but this has a lot of juice in it! This is more like a Fruit Punch Rickey than a Cherry one. That’s okay with me.

Okay, let’s open it!

That’s a medley of fruity smells! I can totally smell the cherry over the lime. It came out as a nice red sparkly drink. I think this looks pretty tasty actually.


Bubbly! Oh!


Let’s have a taste!



It kinda tastes like cough syrup with a lime undertone and bubbles. It isn’t super delightful. Let’s have another taste.

Hmm. No. Not feeling this one. No. Too much cough syrup taste. I blame the cherry. I wouldn’t recommend this one. I’d say go with the Mango one instead. That was tasty.


EDIT: I just found out there’s a Lemon Lime Rickey. I will bring that to you soon! If I can find it…