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About Chas Rad

So, here’s the place where I write about me.


I’m Chas Rad. I’m 20 something.


I started this blog out of having nothing better to do. I wrote about my thoughts and I continued on with it. I have always sorta liked writing, but I never want to make a career out of it.


Chas Rad may not be my “real” name but I’ve been him for a long time now so it might as well be my real identity.


I have a variety of things I like. I like taste testing drinks. I like playing video games. I like writing on this blog.


I have some downsides too, which I am not afraid to admit. I’m probably paranoid. If you read my personal posts, you’d think I’m suffering from crippling depression, but I don’t believe it. I think I just have low lows that I escalate.


I think my biggest problem is not knowing what I want in life. A lot of people have dreams and passions, but I don’t. Do I try? I suppose. I used to write about it a lot.


It is hard to write an “About The Author” without accolades. So, here’s your accolades.


I graduated college with a bachelor’s degree in English literature. No, this does NOT mean I like to read.

I have never been published.

I have never won any awards.

There’s my accolades. Not that impressive.


So, read on if you’d like. You’ll probably learn more about me though my writings rather than this page. Isn’t that how life is supposed to be anyway? We can’t be defined with one single page or conversation. So, go read this blog if you care to learn about me more.

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