Guten Abend, Rad Blog.


Wait, wait, what? Chas! You have alcohol here! I thought you didn’t touch the stuff?!


Well, I don’t really. I have been doing a lot of thinking and I wanted to include alcohol because it is an extremely celebrated craft. The way alcohol is distilled has become fascinating to me. I feel like me including alcohol on this blog is a good addition because I like to celebrate good taste. I feel like that I appreciate alcohol enough that it is worth drinking, but not for the sake of drinking it. I don’t do it to get myself drunk because I’ve never actually had that much alcohol. No. I won’t do that. I am only doing this for the taste.


With that said, I wanna open my first Adult Drink Reaction with one spirit that has absolutely  captivated me recently. This is Jägermeister, a German crafted spirit made with 56 herbs! 56! That’s so interesting! Isn’t made with deer or elk blood either like the joke goes. I know Always Sometimes Monsters had a joke version of Jägermeister and it said something like “made with the blood of baby deer.”


I think my first introduction to the distillation process of Jägermeister came about in a video I saw where they were discussing the most hidden secrets in the world. One of them was the exact measure of herbs used to craft Jägermeister. Obviously, some herbs and spices are known which include, according to Wikipedia, “licorice, anise, and juniper berries.” That’s pretty neat to me since an alcohol like Gin is usually made with juniper berries. I also love black licorice so that might be a good taste to me.


I was actually mistaken when I called this a spirit. This is a unique type called a digestif. A digestif is typically consumed after a meal for digestion help. That works for me!


With the combination of the herbs and spices, this comes out to be 70 proof US and 61 degrees proof for other people. That comes to 35% alcohol by volume. So, yeah, it is almost like drinking the gas from your car, but lesser? I don’t fully understand it myself. It was taught to me one day, but over casual conversation.


Jägermeister isn’t cheap here. This is one of the smallest bottles they had available and that was about 9 bucks. I suppose it is worth the price because of how much effort goes into making this. It also takes a full year to make a batch of this so that is very time consuming.


Well, this is kind of hard to write about because this doesn’t really have nutrition facts or ingredients on the label. After I’m done with this preamble stuff, I guess I just go straight into pouring and tasting.


I will talk about how cool or interesting the bottle and label are. The logo is probably one of the coolest around and the story behind deals with a patron saint of hunting. Saint Hubertus’ wife and child died so he went to the woods to hunt, but then saw a deer with the Christian cross between its antlers like on the bottle.


Anyway, thought that was a cool story behind the logo. If Pacific Rim taught me anything, the word “Jäger” means hunter or hunt. “Meister” means “master apparently. Hunter master? Cool. I wonder if hunters drink this and have good days hunting. Maybe in Germany.


The bottle reminds me of an old time medicine bottle. I feel like this is the kind of bottle a doctor would bring when they still made house calls and the actual medicine was little less than pure alcohol. Heck, this may even belong to times where doctors used leeches in practice.


The bottle says to serve it ice cold which I didn’t know to take literally. I thought it might freeze if I put it in the freezer, but apparently not? I don’t know. I put it in the fridge all this time. I do have some ice I can serve with it so that’ll work, I guess.


Before I get into drinking any of this, I did get three different opinions on it. One was that it was horrible. One agreed with it being terrible and I should stay away. The last said it was delicious and smooth and best kept in a fridge. He warned me if I leave it out, it’ll be too thick too.


I hear it is sweet and that’s a plus for me. What is my source on that? Pass me another bottle, honey. Oh yeah, that and various other people online too. I mean, it has a huge mix of herbs, so one of them is bound to be sweet, right?


Well, there’s nothing else to say about this bottle.


I will state in every one of these types of posts that you should not drink and drive. Pregnant women shouldn’t be drinking this too according to the warning label. Also, if you’re an American under 21, it is also unlawful. Drink responsibly, please. I behoove you.


Don’t worry, I am on my way to 30. Heck, I don’t even get carded any more. I also have no plans to drink more than a small amount of this and I won’t even be out driving.


Let’s get to serving this!


The scent is very much like licorice! I can also smell the alcohol scent that like makes me think this is gonna have a huge burn. The color of the liquid is a dark brown. I wouldn’t say it is black, but it is close to it. If I wasn’t sure this was Jägermeister, I might think it was really flat Coke. The smell might give it away, though.


Okay! Cheers!


Hmm. Hmm. Hmm. Hot!


Wow! That’ll help you through the cold German nights!


Well, keeping this in my mouth, I get a sweet taste followed by the earthy and more savory-sweet taste of licorice. The sweetness of this is more of a hardy dark brown sugar than a white. It could be cane, but I’m pretty sure it is brown. Actually, I’m very sure because one of the distilling methods is the use of molasses from what I read somewhere. Then it sort of gets spicy the longer I keep it in my mouth. It is more of a rich spice rather than a peppery one. Maybe I detect a sort of mint in it? On the way down after swallowing it is just hot fire, but that’s from the alcohol. It sort of burns on the way down too which kind of takes over any other taste I have from the beginning because my body is like “did you just drink fire?” No, buddy, I didn’t. The aftertaste is really something else! I really like it. The sweetness from the first real sip is back, but it goes away pretty fast and then I get a full-on licorice taste to it. It has a very earthy and sweet bite to it overall. Would I call it smooth? The first instance when it touches my tongue is very smooth. Keeping it in my mouth is pretty smooth-ish too. Obviously, it is gonna have a fiery taste to it because it is alcohol, but thew aftertaste is really nice. I actually really like it. It even lasts a nice long time too.


Yeah, it really is like licorice to me. I like it a lot. I could see myself drinking this if I had to go to a bar. Could I see myself mixing this with anything? I don’t know. A popular trend is to put it in Red Bull. I don’t really know about that. I know this has some citrus in it when being made, but I’m not really sure how citrus and licorice would be together. If I had to mix this, maybe I’d put it with root beer? Maybe? That could work in theory.


I’ll give this a cool hat out of Rad. Not as bad as the first two guys made it out to be. Even the Queen wasn’t put off by it, and that’s saying something because she doesn’t like strong alcohol!


Well, that concludes my first Adult Drink Reaction. How was it? Looking forward to more? There’s plenty of things to be said as we open this up to a new world of drinks.
Rad Edit: Holy cow! They weren’t lying when they said “serve iced cold!” This really does bring out the delicious licorice flavor even more.