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I’m kind of mad right now so I figured the best thing I can do to calm down is to try this “Joy Juice” or whatever this is called. I think I might have to listen to Joy Division while writing this.


So, this is Kickapoo Joy Juice and I have no idea what this is or where it comes from. I took a look at the side of the can and it said something about Li’l Abner. What is that? Well, it is a comic strip apparently. It rand from the 1930’s to the 1970’s. No wonder I have never heard of it because I wasn’t even a thought back then. In the comic, this was an alcoholic beverage but this obviously isn’t. I got it at a Big Lots for 50 cents as well as a second flavor of it so you know it isn’t alcohol. Is alcohol even that cheap, like, ever? When I buy the little shooters of rum for cooking, those are like a few dollars. This was 50 cents and this is a proper can.


I really don’t know much about Li’l Abner, but I’m sure fans would appreciate having something manufactured in real life from the comic. I know I would totally be down to try a Nuka Cola or something. I’m just going to think of this drink in the same light as if it were Nuka Cola. That would be wicked to get this and be a big fan of the comics.


The can looks, well, interesting I guess. It is unique. It isn’t really boring not plain. The yellow lines make it sort of have an explosion look I suppose. The shapes and things have a comic vibe to it too I suppose. It isn’t exactly pop art looking to me, but it has an old school comic feel to it to say the least.


Looking into this drink in reference to the comics, it was supposed to be like the craziest hard liquor ever that it would make people float in the air. Man, if this does that to me, then I’ll be asking for more. Holy crap, man. I want that intensity. I could use it! Maybe I’d be less angry if I was zonked out of my mind with this drink. Unfortunately, that is the alcoholic version. This soft drink one will probably just taste like Hi-C.


Like I said, there’s other flavors of this, but this is the original one. If you were gonna try Joy Juice without the alcohol, it would probably taste most like this one. There’s also three other flavors of this, but I only have one of them. I’ll keep my eye out for the others. I didn’t see them when I was at the store or I would have gotten them all. Like I said, this was 50 cents for me which is cheap!


So, a lot is said about the intensity of this drink in the comics. It makes people turn into torpedoes and it requires like sharks to make. Okay then. That’s like right up my alley. I could totally be down with drinking distilled shark, and no. Not even like shark blood. Nope. We are distilling the entire shark.


This Li’l Abner comic sounds pretty rad if I’m honest. If this is just one small part of the comic, I’m wondering what other outrageous things went on in it.


Shall I look at the little testimonial on this can? Yes.


“Swig some swag and get the most out of today!” Well, today is my day off but I’m totally down to swig some swag! It also says “Do what you love what you do.” I’ll…try?


Contains no juice. Okay then.


Let’s go for the nutrition facts and ingredients.



Serving size is one can.

190 calories. 0g total fat. 65mg sodium. 49g total carbs. 48g sugars. 0g protein.


Man, this looks like it is all kinds of bad for you. Oh well. I’m making the most out of the day by swigging this swag!



Carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, citric acid, sodium benzoate, sodiumn citrate, gum arabic, glycerol ester of gum rosin, natural flavors, caffeine, yellow 5.


Huh! So it is a soda then? There’s not much to go on by flavors here. I guess I got the whole juice idea from this calling itself “Joy Juice.” In fact, this is probably more of a soda. Flavor wise, I’m gonna have to just go by the can and think it is gonna be sort of Sprite or Mountain Dew clone. The yellow 5 suggest it is more along the lines of Mountain Dew.


Well, let’s open this swag!




It certainly is yellow! It is way more yellow than I thought. See, Mountain Dew has a sort of green hue to it, but this is straight yellow. Kind of looks like…urine actually. It is bubbly so it isn’t exactly like it, but the color is the same. The scent? Musky actually? What? Yeah. Weird. I don’t think it is my glass either since I just had water in this. It doesn’t really smell like citrus. I mean, I can detect it a little, but it is hidden under the musk. It smells really old. Like, it shouldn’t smell like this at all. Is the can in date? I gotta look. It says 24 of August so I guess it is. Why is this so odd in scent?


Okay, time to swig this. I really hope it isn’t off in taste like its smell.


Hmm. Hmm. Eh.


At first taste it is just really bubbly. It then transitions into this really sweet taste, probably from the high amounts of high fructose corn syrup that’s in it. The sweetness and the bubbly taste mesh together pretty well like any sort of soda does. Then it just sort of stays sweet while not having any real flavor throughout the taste. It is sort of trying to take that Mountain Dew mantle I would guess, except toning down the caffeine content for kids? Maybe? I don’t know. The taste sort of resembles it too, but there’s a sort of bite in Mountain Dew. This is just straight up sweet. The after taste is semi-citrusy. It has a strange sensation on my tongue too. It is bubbly, but it is more flat in taste. I mean, the sensation is bubbly, but it leaves a sort of flat film feel on my tongue. Imagine a flat taste, but you still had a bubbly sensation in your mouth. It’s like that. It may sound contradictory, but that’s what this is. The little step before the aftertaste is actually pretty cool and refreshing so it has that going for it. It is rather nice, albeit brief.


I still can’t get over the smell of this drink. That musky scent just turns me off from wanting to get this ever again. 50 cents, yeah, but it is odd. Like, there’s plenty of cheap soda out there that doesn’t have a musky smell. Why is this musky? Why?!


I have to give this a cool professor out of Rad. The taste is meh, the smell is odd, but I can’t help give it some cool points for imitating a drink out of a comic.