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I wanted to get something up here so I have a not so out of the ordinary drink here. This is yet another drink by Bai. I’ve done one of their Bubbles drinks and I did another one of these antioxidant things too. I think I thought the blueberry drink was just okay and I won’t get into the bubbles one. Ugh.


So, this is just a straight juice drink you can probably pick up anywhere in the range of 1 to 2 dollars. Not bad. I guess it is better for you than soda, but who am I to say? I didn’t really look at the ingredients yet. What I can tell you is that this has 5 calories a serving from the front picture here. That’s like none at all. I’m sure some calorie conscious people will be okay with that, but I’m gonna go ahead and say this bottle is actually two servings. Still, 10 isn’t that high at all.


This also claims to be a dragonfruit flavor. This intrigues me because I thought dragonfruit was kind of that cool looking fruit but no one actually likes the flavor. No? Maybe that’s a different fruit. From what I’m seeing, people actually really like dragonfruit. It also has some good health benefits too according to some things I’ve read like being good for your teeth. Is that true? That would be nice because I’m pretty sure my enamel is gone from all the coffee I drink.


It also claims to have a lot of antioxidants which fits right in with the theme of this drink. Bai is trying to make this drink as antioxidant-like as it can I suppose. They just, you know, need to use actual dragonfruit.


The “proper” name of dragonfruit is actually Pitaya. It is said that it is supposed to taste like a kiwi and a pear at the same time. I can dig that. I’ve actually seen these at the supermarket, but they always look like they are in very bad condition. I mean, I’d totally get one, but I wouldn’t even know how to peal it or heck, what to eat on it. The inside is all white with black specks. Are they the seeds? Is it gonna be like a blackberry where I’m crunching on seeds the whole time?


Oh the black things are seeds and apparently they are full of omega fatty acids. I was just talking about omegas the other day. Apparently it is good for mental health so I could totally use it. Hey! They work with this theme. Bai, you really did your research on this fruit.


Okay, so that’s dragonfruit, but what if Bai just throws it in the whole “natural flavors” bit and really this is just white grape juice and maybe pear juice? That’d make me a sad Chas.

Okay, does Bai have any testimonial on this bottle? Let’s see.


Ah ha! Yep! It also answers my one question in the oddity of eating one of these in the first few sentences. “Does it breathe fire?” Heck yeah it does! Actually, I like to think of dragonfruit as the fireball that the dragon spits out. I mean, it kind of looks like one with all those green spike things on it.


Hah! The side says “The illegitimate lovechild of two flavor-breathing dragons.” That’s kind of funny.


Okay, okay. Let’s get to the nutrition facts.


2% juice. Uh huh. We’re off to a great start.


5 calories a serving and guess who called it? Yep, 2 servings per bottle.


0g total fat. 5mg sodium. 9g total carbs. 1g sugars. 8g erythritol. 0g protein. 25% Vitamin C.


Really, this isn’t THAT great for you. It isn’t bad either, but I wouldn’t say this is something you’d drink to actually get in your vitamins. Maybe for Vitamin C. 50% for the whole bottle is pretty good.


Oh yeah, should I talk about Sumatra? I like the dark Sumatra blend at Starbucks when they have it. Is Sumatra an Indian region? Time to check that. Nope, Indonesia. Sorry! Well, they have a cool tiger, but that tiger is really endangered. Same with the Sumatra Rhino. Man. The Sumatra Elephant too?! Aw no. They have a lot of endangered animals there.


Anyway, let’s get to the ingredients.


Filtered water, Bai’s sweetener that is erythritol and stevia extract, juice concentrates (pomegranate and strawberry), natural flavors, citric acid, vegetable juice, coffeefruit extract, white tea extract, malic acid, ascorbic acid, sodium citrate.


Coffeefruit again? I really hope this is balanced with this. Also, note that there is no dragonfruit juice in this at all. At least it wasn’t m,y predicted white grape juice. Aw man. This kind of bums me out now. I hyped all the good benefits of dragonfruit only to find out that it is in that ambiguous “natural flavor” category. I mean, I guess I should have figured that.


This ingredients list is really odd. It isn’t very straight forward either. Why does Bai try to make it all fancy by putting their whole Bai’s trademarked Suplex Sweetener of Doom in when they could just say “stevia extract and erythritol?” Whatever. They do things strangely.


Let’s see if this tastes any good. Shake well!


The scent is very fruity. At least they got that right. I smell mostly strawberry, but I’m not really sure what a dragonfruit is supposed to smell like since I haven’t had much experience with it. I will say this though: this smell reminds me of strawberry. It has that light and floral feel to it, but the scent also has this kind of earthy and rich undertone to it. It sort of reminds me of cranberries a little maybe. It has that sort of smooth yet hardy scent there like they do. It is kind of cool to smell the contrast.


Okay! Sip time!


Hmm. Hmm. Eh.


At first sip, I get a fruity sensation. It tastes sort of like strawberries, but very weak. I think this drink is trying to go for the whole flavored water vibe to it because it tastes like a really watered down strawberry juice. It is like when you go to the soda machine and it is running low on the syrup so you get mostly water. That’s the first taste I get anyway. The fruity taste kind of takes a seat after starting off as strong as it could out of the gate, and I get just a water taste from it. It really just tastes like water until the aftertaste where it tries to redevelop that fruity taste again, but also has a funky sweet taste probably from the stevia. I don’t typically mind stevia as a sweetener, but when it’s different/artificial taste sort of is too strong when it isn’t combining with anything. The fruity taste is still extremely weak almost to the point of me not even noticing it. The aftertaste is mostly tea in nature. I have that herbal feel of tea sitting on my tongue after not sipping it for a bit. It’s not that bad actually. If you don’t like tea, then you probably won’t like this aftertaste.


I don’t think I’ve every tried a more mediocre drink for this blog. This is probably the most “meh” thing I’ve ever tasted. It sure has a lot of hype in itself by saying “oh yeah, this is the kid of flavor dragons” and “Yo! dragonfruit is rad!” Is it? Because you don’t do a very good job showing it off, unless it does actually taste mostly like water and then slightly fruity. If that’s true, then good job? I have a feeling that this isn’t the case at all. In fact, Bai, you have convinced me to buy a dragonfruit soon and eat it myself to see how this probably missed that flavor.


I gotta give this a sitting though your cousin’s graduation to get to the feast after out of Rad. I’m gonna say go ahead and skip this one. While I admire them trying to bring dragonfruit into the limelight, I think they could do it better. The vague nature of this drink sort of makes me think it is a juice drink, but really it is a flavored water. What exactly is an “antioxidant beverage?” Juice? Not really? Water? Sort of? Soda? Maybe? Tea? What is it?