¡Hola El Rad Blogo!


I have a Mexican soda here to try today! I saw this at my local taqueria and I said “I have to write about this!”


This is called “Squirt.” The whole “quitased” I guess means like thirst something because my schooling in Spanish makes me remember the word “sed.” I believe that means “thirst.” “Quita?” No idea. Translator says “to take away.” Maybe this is the Spanish equivalent to “thirst quencher” that we see on things like Gatorade.


I’ve done a few Mexican sodas here, haven’t I? Okay, maybe not. I have had a few different ones by Jarritos, but I only wrote about that Sidral Mundet. Man, that picture is terrible for that drink. You can tell it was an early post.


Anyway, here’s Squirt and from what I gather about it, it is a grapefruit soda. I love grapefruit in general. It has a cool balance between citrus and bitter at the same time. When people have grapefruit for breakfast, sometimes they put a teaspoon of sugar over it. Not me! I eat that straight up, man! I was actually going to pick up some grapefruit juice for this fish dish I made today, but decided to stick with lemon.


I’m going to go ahead and guess that this is the real Mexican version of this soda and that the restaurant gets their bottles from a dealer that does most of their business with like the Mexican manufacturer. I know this is a Dr. Pepper owned line, but I’m thinking this is going to be the version of this soda that someone could buy in Mexico. What I’m saying is that it isn’t the Americanized version of a Mexican soda. I’ve seen those before at the grocery store. You can tell this is the Mexican version by the whole “Hecho en Mexico” which is Spanish for “Made in Mexico.”


What else can I say about this drink? The bottle is pretty large. It is all glass too. The grooves at the middle to the bottom of the bottle feel pretty cool. It has a sort of neat grip to it. Is this grip necessary? I doubt it, but it is still cool. It makes me feel like I’m gonna do some extreme sports while drinking this. I don’t think anyone would be chugging a soda while doing a 5-0 grind off a funbox, but hey! I can dream!


I feel like I’ve heard the name of this drink before too. I feel like they did make an American version of it and I remember my pop buying it some time in the mid 00’s. Anyone else wanna back me up on that?


I’m sure this Mexican version will taste different anyway. I also am curious if the label is going to be entirely in Spanish and I’ll have to translate the ingredients in English. Well, good thing I am sort of okay with Spanish!


Let’s hop to the facts and ingredients.


Good news! It is in both languages.


Datos Nutricionales. Nutrition Facts.


Serving size is 1 bottle.


160 calories. 0g total fat. 50mg sodium. 38g total carbs. 38g sugars. 0g protein.


38g sugars. Oh maaaan.



Carbonated water, sugar, citric acid, grapefruit juice concentrate, sodium benzoate, natural flavors, ester gum, modified corn starch, calcium disodium edta.


Well, well, well. What did we learn here? Why is it that Mexican sodas actually, you know, use the fruit juice in their sodas? What is it that American companies wanna do differently in the US? Why can’t I have actual orange juice in my orange soda, huh? This has grapefruit juice! No wonder people always say Mexican sodas taste better. They actually have the real ingredient in them! Also, there’s corn starch in this. What? Okay.


Well, let’s pour this! ¡Arriba!


Oh yeah, this needed a bottle cap opener. I don’t have one, so I had to use a hammer. This really makes me sympathize with the characters in Fallout. How the heck am I supposed to chug 10 Nuka Colas if I don’t have a bottle opener AND I’m being chased by a Deathclaw?!


The scent isn’t too strong at all. I don’t really get a grapefruit scent to this. I don’t get much of a scent at all if I’m honest. If I had to describe the scent I do get, I would say maybe fresh or clean sort of, maybe? I can’t really give that a strong “yes” because it doesn’t smell like anything.


Well, time to taste!


Hmm. Hmm. Ooh!


Well, first sip is just fizzy and sweet. It is like a really nice fizzy drink. It kind of tastes like the base of a cola almost, except I know this isn’t going to be a cola. Then the citrus kicks in full force and gives that bubbly sour, but not too sour taste on my tongue. It really does have a lot of bubbly textures to this. My tongue feels very bubbly right now. It feels that way more so when this drink hits that middle part of the taste. The actual grapefruit taste doesn’t come out until the end of the flavor and it is not too bitter actually. People who are usually turned off by grapefruit’s bitterness will be happy with this because it is more sweet still. The grapefruit flavor is still in its full effect, but the bitterness is muted by the sweetness of the sugar. It is quite delightful if I’m honest. The aftertaste isn’t much though. It continues on with that end taste of sweet grapefruit, but it looses its strength and it sort of just leaves a citrus like feel on my tongue. The acidity comes out in the aftertaste, but it isn’t bad or anything like that. It is just a bit strong. It kind of leaves this numbing effect, but it isn’t offensive to me.


This is nice. I kind of like it and it is a nice taste when you look at the sea of citrus flavored sodas. Is this earth shattering awesome? Not really. It is a good change of pace, but it won’t be taking the spot of Chas’ favorite soda any time soon. The grapefruit flavor is very good in this. I’m glad they used real grapefruit juice for this.


I’m gonna give it a corner kick goal out of Rad. Nice work, Squirt. Give it a try if you see it in a Mexican restaurant.