Oh man, Rad Blog.


So I’ve been a little overwhelmed with things lately so I haven’t gotten around to writing a post. I do, have something special for you today. This drink is everywhere right now and someone called it the “soda of summer.” I guess. When I think of a summer soda, I think something that’s probably more cool and casual than a cinnamon Pepsi. Today, I present you with Pepsi Fire.


A few people have asked me to write about this soda, so here it is. To be truthful, I was going to do it anyway.


I first saw this in stores about 2 months ago. It was entirely in can form and I didn’t want to buy a whole 12 pack or whatever of a soda I might not like. To me, cinnamon soda isn’t something that sounds good at first. I know I don’t like cinnamon energy drinks, for sure already. Then, I found out that my brother had bought a pack himself and I asked him nicely if I could have a can.


Well, now I’ve seen the bottle form in places like Wawa or CVS. Oh well, I got the can version which is okay. It is just smaller, and in turn, probably better because I’d hate to have to drink a whole bottle of something I don’t like.


Maybe I’m not being fair with this and saying “Oh gods, I am not gonna like this.” That’s the thing. I really didn’t care for that energy drink. I can only imagine how it translates to a soda. I mean, maybe the sweet cola flavor will beat out the hot fire cinnamon. Maybe it will tame it? Maybe it won’t and I’m in for a kick in the head.


Well, let’s talk about the can, yeah? I do like cans. They have a better opportunity for more artistic endeavors. Bottles with labels are significantly smaller. This is a neat can, I will admit. The orange can really contrasts with Pepsi’s usual all blue can. The “Fire” font is kind of boring, but that orange/yellow can works well. The blue flame around the Pepsi logo reminds me of that old Tech Deck dude, Wet Willy.


Diversion for a moment: I had a Wet Willy Tech Deck dude and my one friend stole it! I thought I lost it, but he took it! He later admitted to it and apologized. I’d like it back, but I doubt that’s a possibility. Oh well, he did apologize. No big deal, I guess.


Ah well, back on track!


Pepsi Fire! I gotta admit, I don’t see a lot of people walking around with this. I think Pepsi might have overestimated how many people would want this. I think it is a thing people will be like: “Hey, Colton, try this man.” “No way!” “Don’t be a wuss!”


Yeah, well Chas Rad’s gonna try it for you and tell you what he thinks.


I’m actually trying to stay optimistic. Pepsi did a good job with a usually tough flavor in their Ginger Cola and made it pretty tasty. Unfortunately, this is not one of the 1893s, so who knows how this one will go. Still, they did make that ginger cola fairly good and not too offensive. My fear for this drink is that it is just a kick of cinnamon like that stupid cinnamon challenge people were doing a few years ago (including me).


So, let’s jump into this. Does the can say anything entertaining?


Nope, not really. It just says it is artificial and natural flavors. Cool, I guess. Isn’t most soda today natural and artificial?


Okay, ingredients and nutrition facts!


Serving size is 1 can!

150 calories. 0g total fat. 50mg sodium. 42g total carbs. 41g sugars. 0g protein.


41g sugar! Man, that’s a lot. They gotta be compensating for the cinnamon heat, right?



Carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, natural and artificial flavor, caramel color, phosphoric acid, citric acid, sodium citrate, gum arabic, caffeine, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, red 40.




Wow, is this gonna be a red soda then? I actually wasn’t expecting that. I thought I saw it was the same old Pepsi color in stores. . Maybe this can version is red. Who knows?


Well, let’s open this thing.



Well, it isn’t exactly red, but it does have a red hue to it. It is brown like normal cola, but it has this red look to it. Maybe one would call this maroon. I don’t know for sure. It is darker than that. I’ll say it is mostly brown, with a red hint to it. Burnt sienna! That’s it.


Okay, scent-wise oh boy. I can smell the cinnamon. It’s powerful and gives my nose a wake up call. Boom! I can also smell the sweetness of cola under it, but it is like a big mean dog being held back by a weak person. They are holding the leash as hard as they can, but that dog pulls them forward little by little until it maws your face off. Not pretty.


Well, time to taste this.




Hmm. Oh. Ohhh. Mamma.


Well, at first sip it is sweet like a cola or any soda is like. I taste the sweet bubbly water of soda and I am like, “Hmm, when is the cinnamon…” then it kicks in like a SWAT team. The cinnamon takes away all of the sweetness of the Pepsi cola taste, and smacks me with a hot punch. It doesn’t really have a distinguished cinnamon taste, but rather a spicy punch in the middle of the taste. Just as it came in, it leaves. It is like “Hey man, sorry for breaking your window. Let me buy you a pizza.” The sweetness of Pepsi comes back. I originally thought that this was it with the cinnamon and started thinking that it was the very worst over with, but nope. The cinnamon  taste comes back in full forces as a final taste and that transitions to the aftertaste. The final taste has a more distinguished cinnamon taste to it actually. I can taste the dryness of cinnamon where that’s the emphasis this time rather than the spike of heat. There is a spike of heat, but isn’t nearly as heavy as the first time. The aftertaste is just that final taste, but in a prolonged state. I don’t really have a bubbly taste of this, but I can sense it there if I look hard for it. Usually with colas, there’s a sort of bubbly aftertaste. That’s not solely the case with this one. I can sense it, but it is muddled by that dry cinnamon texture.


All in all, it is nowhere near as bad as that energy drink. In fact, this is a nice sort of different. Will people like it? I don’t know. At its base, it is a cola. It tastes like a cola, but the cinnamon ends up monopolizing for the aftertaste. The spike of heat isn’t that bad. It is there, but it isn’t unbearable that I won’t be able to finish this can. I have found that if I keep this in my mouth, I get more of the cola taste rather than the cinnamon taste. The cinnamon taste really comes in when I swallow it. Even then, it is sort of delayed. It may be delayed, but when it hits, it is apparent.


I’ll have to give this a book report on the Berenstain Bears out of Rad. It isn’t that bad, actually. It is worth a try at the very least. Pepsi didn’t make anything disgusting, but it will appeal to some tastes more than others.