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Hey, we are re-visiting Izze again today and man, did I put this one off for a while. I think friend Sword of Snarfmens tried this one first while I did peach. I really didn’t care for the peach so much because it was kind of underwhelming if I recall. I think that’s because I came in with a sort of expectation that this was more like a juice rather than a sparkling water. I guess I was expecting something like sparkling cider or something. That was always good. Ma would have that for New Years for my brother and I. Fun times.


This, however, is not fun. Peach was pretty meh and I don’t have much hope for this one as well. Hey, I’m trying to jump into this with a defeatist attitude. No. I just know from the past that I wasn’t so fond of Izze Peach. I wrote about every single Kickstart and I hated all of them. That never stopped me from tasting them! That’s not gonna stop me from tasting this one either. Hey! Maybe Blackberry is the one! Maybe this is the big winner.


Well, the liquid look right, right? When I think of blackberry, I think of a grape looking liquid. Blackberries, of course, are black, but the juice isn’t always the same. This looks about right to me when it comes to blackberry juice. Then again, this might not even be 100% juice. In fact, I’m very sure it isn’t 100% juice. It says right on the bottle that this is a “juice beverage blend” which mean “Hey, this has some juice in it but this is probably mostly water and maybe corn syrup too.” Okay, maybe I’m being mean with the whole corn syrup thing because it says no added sugars. IS corn syrup technically a sugar? No….maybe? I don’t know.


Anyway, what else can I say about this. The bottle is pretty standard. Looks like something that root beer would come in and that just makes me wish I was about to open a ice cold root beer. Oh well.


Let’s look at the ingredients and nutrition facts then since I’m getting thirsty. 70% juice. Huh. Was Peach that way? Yep, it was. Why was it so watery then?


well, one thing about these Izze drinks are they they give two servings of fruit a day. That’s neat. I’m sure I haven’t gotten any servings of fruit today and it is almost 10 PM. Well, better late than never. It also warns me that this is not a substitute for fruit so I should eat more fruit. Thanks, Izze. I know I eat like no fruit. I am gonna have scurvy in a few days.


Nutrition Facts!


Serving size is 1 bottle.


130 calories. 0g total fat. 25mg sodium. 31g total carbs. 29g sugars. 0g protein.


Oh yeah! I read something the other day that the FDA supposed to like fix up nutrition facts on labels. I think they are taking the European route where the numbers are giant. It’s being delayed because food companies are lagging behind deadline days. Man, some things never change. In school there were always those kids who had late papers. Now it is on the company-wide level. Hey kids, these companies can ignore new federal guidelines. That means you can hand in that paper on Henry Wadsworth Longfellow a few days late.



Fruit juice blend (filtered water, apple, white grape, blackberry, and raspberry juice concentrate), sparkling water, citric acid, natural flavor, red grape juice concentrate.


Okay, well, it looks like the red grape is the color. Okay. Maybe this isn’t the color of blackberry juice. That’s a shame.


Also, white grape juice, my old friend. Hello again. I don’t know why companies have this infatuation with white grape juice as a “flavor.” There’s also apple juice in this too among raspberry and blackberry. At least this will have a sort of berry taste to it, right? Can’t they just leave it as blackberry and raspberry. Maybe add blueberry? Just keep it berry. Why does there have to be grape and apple juice in this? So many questions!


Well, let’s open this thing.


Woah! Well, the scent is berry! Yep! That’s actually pretty strong in smell. It is also kind of fresh in scent. I mean, I’ve opened a little pint of blackberries before and this is close to it. It isn’t exactly like the real thing, but it is close enough. I am fairly sure it is blackberry or raspberry in scent. I don’t smell the apple or grape juice in this thankfully. I just hope the flavor is like the scent.


Let’s sip!


Hmm. Hmm. Huh. Uhh.


Well, at first taste it is really fizzy. It is really bubbly on my tongue. It is actually a bit too bubbly for my liking at first, but that’s probably because I just poured it and it is still a bit carbonated. If I let this sit, that bubbly taste might go.  After the bubbly taste goes away, I get a slight fruity flavor. It isn’t very strong at first, but it build up until it is all I taste. It isn’t exactly berry in nature. I think it might be the grape juice that I taste the most at this stage. The apple juice isn’t really noticeable here so I’m guessing it is the grape. At the peak of it’s strength in fruity flavor, I mostly taste the apple juice. I mean, at first I get that earthy and bitter taste of grape then it is just kind of earthy yet crisp because of the apples. I don’t get the earthy berry taste of blackberry until the aftertaste. At first, the aftertaste is kind of nice and I’m surprised. The bitter earthy taste of blackberry starts off really strong, but then the drink kind of mushes that grape and apple juice flavor on top of the berry taste and it turns into this muddied mush. I don’t really like the after aftertaste. It isn’t quite as offensive as the medicine taste of energy drinks, but this is a bit odd to me. If I move my tongue around in my mouth, it sort of awakens that odd mushy taste. I kind of get a fakeness in it, but I know it can’t really be, right? There’s no artificial stuff in this.


I don’t know if I like this or not. I will say I like this much better than the peach Izze. Yes. This has a better taste to it. When I say better I mean it tastes like the thing the bottle says it is supposed to be.


I’ll give this a game of kickball out of Rad. If you gotta drink an Izze, go for this one I guess.