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It is summer and it will probably, once again, be a hot one. This post I have something pretty special here for you since it is from a local company. I present to you, The Cove by Ocean City Juice Co. Ocean City Juice Co can be found on the Ocean City, New Jersey boardwalk. When I’m not working in OC, I’m taking a slight walk before it gets too busy. One day I spotted a juice stand and told myself I had to try it for the Rad Blog!


Yesterday, I had a chat with Ocean City Juice Co where I learned a bit about the company and the flavors they have. Obviously, you wouldn’t know this is called “The Cove” unless you were looking at their sign at the stand or looking at their Facebook page. That’s kind of what’s special about this local company. You actually talk to them there to learn about what flavors their juice is. Obviously, this one is not their only flavor. They actually have four from the looks of it. What else you will find out that this is cold pressed locally. It is all very fresh.


I’ve also cheated a little on this. I had a small sample of three of the flavors at the stand, but don’t worry Rad Blog. It was so tiny and it was more of a quick taste so you won’t be missing out on my in depth post here.


Let’s look at this bottle. It’s rather plain and short on detail, but like I said. The full experience is to actually go up to the stand and have a chat there. The one I have here is a mix of pineapple, apple, lemon, and orange juice. This is a good choice in my opinion where you’d expect to get a nice citrus taste, but it has the sweetness of pineapple to make sure the tartness of lemon doesn’t take over. To keep it even balanced, the earthy taste of apple sort of acts as a leveler.


Now, I’d usually talk about what else in on a can or bottle, but like I said, there isn’t much on this. You have the company’s name here. It has the size and the label to say this is 100% fresh pressed juice. There’s also a little warning at the bottom saying this is not pasteurized. What does that mean? Well, pasteurization is used to kill bacteria. This, being fresh pressed locally and probably bottled right after that, doesn’t get to that step.


It is like you go to your friend’s house and he has a juicer so he makes you a drink. The Ocean City Juice Co does that commercially. I kind of like this actually because it gives it that local vibe. It is like “Yeah, this is gotta be fresh because you’re buying it straight from the press.”


With that said, there’s also no nutrition facts or ingredients listed on here either. Okay, well, what can I say about the ingredients? It is exactly what I said before. This is a mix of pineapple, apple, lemon, and orange juice. Maybe there’s some water added? Who knows, but that’s all you really need to know about this. You can even tell it has the juices because once it sits for a bit, you can see the pulp in the bottle. This is just another indicator that this has got to be fresh. My little phone camera doesn’t really do it justice, but checking out their page shows a few images where you can actually see the pulp in the bottles. Just know that that’s actually a pretty accurate representation of it.


What’s the serving size? I’m not really sure, but I’ll be drinking this full bottle. This is for my fruit intake of the day so I’ll happily drink this whole bottle.


Well, let’s get to the good part of this and open it!


Gonna give it a slight shake so I mix up the pulp a bit.




Wow, as soon as I open this, I’m hit with a nice fruity fragrance. I wasn’t even holding it up to my face when I opened this either so that just shows that the actual fragrance is pretty strong.  At first scent, I’ll say I mostly smell the lemon and orange juice from this. I think the lemon juice is probably the most dominate in the scent if I’m honest. The orange is a nice little undertone there.


Let’s sip!


Hmm. Mm. Ah.


Well, like I said I cheated a little and did try this one, but I’m looking at this with a more in depth taste. It is very sweet, but you know that this is all from the fruit flavor rather than any sugars or other sweeteners. At first taste, it is just very light. It has a small sweetness to it, but it is just mostly a slight sweet liquid taste. This is most common from the pineapple taste. This is what happens when pineapples aren’t overly sweetened so it isn’t extra tart or extra sweet. Then it transitions to that slightly thicker and more citrus taste of orange juice. Orange juice in general has a kind of thick texture to it that if can sometimes dominate drinks as I’ve come to find. What the orange juice in this does works more as a base or a leveler between citrus and sweet. It was what I was expecting the apple juice to do, which is sort of does by the way. It is hard to taste the apple unless you’re thinking really hard and trying to find it. It mixes well with the orange juice for the separation of tart and sweet. Working along side that orange juice is the tartness of lemon juice. I can taste the tartness, but it isn’t overly tart. It is just a nice accent really. I get the taste of lemons as the aftertaste where the tartness is more dominate. The thing about this is, the base separation of orange and apple juice doesn’t last into the aftertaste to stop the tartness from dominating. That’s not a bad thing, but if you’re sensitive to tartness, this might not be ideal for you. Hey, it will just make you want to take another sip to taste the sweetness of pineapple again!


I talk a lot about layering flavors lately and this does that fairly well. It isn’t so much as a muddy mix of juices, but an experience of juices. I’ll say that this has three waves of a sweet pineapple, to a low-key citrus and earthy mix of apple and orange, and then a tartness of lemon.


Mind you this: all of these are like what I expect of other drinks to taste like when they say whatever juice they claim to use. This lemon taste is as authentic as you can ever get with lemon juice. The taste of the lemon is the same as if you bought an actual lemon and squeezed it yourself. There’s no dancing around it here.


This is a nice experience. I’d’ say keep your eyes open if you go to Ocean City, New Jersey for a vacation or heck, even live locally. It is all right here for you to try.


What would I say for improvement? Maybe putting the actual juices or the name on the bottle. The taste is right on for freshness. Maybe less lemon in this one particularly? I like lemon as much as the next guy, but the aftertaste lingers more so than the sweetness. Maybe you aren’t looking for a sweet drink. This is sweet initially, but it won’t be overly sweet for those that dislike that. What I will say is that this is fresh. It just tastes fresh and that’s an experience you can only get when you buy straight from the press.


I’ll give this a light, cool rain on a sweltering day out of Rad. I needed this as a nice break from overly sweet stuff. I’d love to try this with breakfast and coffee.