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What is this I have for you today? Honestly, I have no idea. This is called Matcha Love which is green tea made with real matcha.


Now, my first question is this: what in the world is matcha? I’d guess it was a sweetener, but they make an unsweetened version of this so it probably isn’t. My second idea is some sort of herbal thing that is supposed to be good for the body. If it is with green tea, then it probably has to be some sort of health thing.


Thankfully, this tiny can illustrates what matcha is exactly. Oh yeah, this can is REALLY small. It is only 5.2 fl oz. It also was really expensive, well, for this size. I think I paid like 2 bucks for this so it better like cure my allergies as well as be the tastiest drink ever.


According to the can, matcha is ground up tea leaves. So this is green tea with more. Kind of reminds me of that Xzibit picture that’s like we heard you like tea so we put tea in your tea.


So, the next panel on this little can says I’m drinking an entire tea leaf. So, they take a tea leaf and ground it up and throw it in tea?


The next panel says it enhances mood and gives energy. That’s nice. I am kind of beat and you know I’m always kind of angry about something.


Last, it says that catechin is a tea with antioxidants. I guess that’s why this will boost my mood. Well, I’ll get back to you if I end up feeling super happy or something.


Well, glad they broke it down for me. This can is also good about telling me what it is, for real! The can is tiny but the little blurb on it is so easy to read and it simplifies it. I think other companies should follow suit with this idea. Good on you, Matcha Love.


Apparently this is an ancient ritual. An ancient ritual of what? Is this some sort of Aztec thing. That’s all I can think of when I read that. Maybe it is Chinese?


Wikipedia says Japanese. Okay. It is also found in soba noodles. So maybe it is both Chinese and Japanese.


Holy crap-o. It says to shake well four times on this can. They mean business. If I don’t shake this well, I’ll probably be breaking the ancient ritual and we can’t have that, can we? Oh, and to double this, you know how a lot of things say “refrigerate after opening?” Well, this one flat out says that you MUST drink all of it after opening. Like I said, they mean business. I mean, it is tiny so I don’t know who’d just say “Ah, nice sip! Better put this away.”


Oh, maybe I should have just looked on the can. This is a product of Japan. Well, I didn’t realize this was Japanese when I first bought it, but I’m interested never the less. Now I’m kind of wondering if I should have served this chilled. It doesn’t really say anything about that on the can.


This is a non-GMO thing so it is good for you health people out there. It is made in a steel can too. What? I guess that validates the price and size.


Well, let’s jump to the nutrition facts and ingredients.


Nutrition Facts!

Serving size is 1 can. Of course it is.

35 calories. 0g total fat. 15mg sodium. 9g total carbs. 9g sugars. 0g protein. 70% Vitamin C.


Huh. Vitamin C in this? Cool.



Purified water, sugar, green tea, matcha, ascorbic acid, xanthan gum.


Pretty simple. So, this is a tea. Yep.


Time to open and pour!


It is very….green. Wow. Like, this is like brownish green. It looks like something that’d be coming out of me rather than something I’d consume. It smells like lawn mowing day too. This seriously smells like grass, but I guess it should since this is basically a tea leaf ground up and thrown into more tea. Oh, I really don’t care for this scent at all. Oh dear.


Well, bottom’s up.


Hmm. Hmm. Huh.


Well, first sip is actually very, very sweet. I guess that’s the sugar doing the work because there’s nothing else in this that would be sweet. Then the sweetness kind of subsides a bit and it turns more into a tea taste which is more like what I expected from this. Then, the sweetness takes an even further back seat and it gets really herbal in taste. It tastes like green tea, but it goes the extra step from the usual light grassy taste of green tea. The taste of this is slightly bitter, but not overly. I am not sure it is like this because this is sweetened or not, but I have a feeling that its bitterness wouldn’t change much even if it wasn’t sweetened. I’ll have to get the unsweetened version to compare. What I will say is that yeah, it tastes like tea: high quality tea at that. The aftertaste is a bit scratchy like I ate grass. I can say it has a similar tingle to the hibiscus tea I had a while back.

If I didn’t know this was Asian, I would by now because of the taste. I am absolutely reminded that this is a tea made in a traditional Asian fashion. It kind of tastes like this tea I had at a hibachi restaurant, and I rather liked that.


Overall, this is a nice change of pace. Would I say it is worth it? Well, I have yet to see the lasting effects of this drink, but for taste, I say maybe. If you’re willing to fork over the money for such a tiny can, then go for it. The price is a bit steep for a tiny amount of a high quality tea. This is absolutely not going to be in everyone’s wheelhouse either. I don’t think people casually drink this stuff in the way I might. I think people would serve this while talking with friends or families where the drinking isn’t the main objective, but the conversation is. It is probably great to go with fun conversations. Beats me. I don’t know the tradition. Taste wise, it isn’t making me go “gimme more!” but it is a nice healthy drink. I think it is better than something like Honest Tea or those lines of health drinks. That’s only taste-wise. You pay the same price for this as you would for a bottle that’s at least double this size.


I’m gonna give this a polite applause out of Rad. It may look like I’m drinking ocean water, but it tastes much better, I assure you.