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Just trying to get the older drink out of the fridge. Today I have an energy drink for a change. I haven’t done one of them in a while.



Anyway, a little while back, someone commented on one of my post (I think it was Rockstar Lime Cucumber) that he liked the non-carbonated Rockstars. I hadn’t really heard of them before, but sure enough, they exist. In fact, these are crazy common. I guess I didn’t really look that hard at the can and missed the “non-carbonated” part. I just thought this was some sort of juice Rockstar or something like Pipeline Punch. You gotta admit, they sort of look similar. The only difference is that this is Rockstar and Pipeline Punch is Monster. Hey, competing companies do similar stuff all the time. Look at Vanilla Coke and Pepsi Vanilla. Don’t tell me they both have those flavours because they think it’s cool. They did it to stay on each other’s level!


Though, none of this matters because this is not really a juice drink. This is non-carbonated Rockstar which is a really interesting idea to me. What will that be like? Just watered down instead of sparkling? I think of normal energy drinks and they have a soda-like quality to them at first sip. IS this just gonna be like a flavoured water, but with a ton of B Vitamins? That’s what I’m thinking. Maybe it will just be a flat energy drink. Sometimes I like flat soda since it tastes sweeter. Sometimes.


This one is lemonade, but they have a few other flavours in this line. One of them is Piña Colada which I knew I’d hate so I didn’t think it would be fair for me to write about first. I forget the other flavours, but I think there’s at least one other in an orange can.


This can is very yellow. It would put Pikachu to shame.


The design is kind of cool I guess. As a watermark, they have the blown up Rockstar text that creates two different hues of yellow. It works for me. It fits in nicely with Rockstar’s edgy tone they usually have with their cans.


They advertise on the can that this is energy and hydration which is kind of good. These things give certain people uh…. certain watery BM. Yeah. The Rad Blog has come to that. So, hydration should fix that, right? I doubt it. It is kind of like a someone kicking you in the jollies and then offering to pay your electric bill. It doesn’t really excuse the fact that the amount of stuff in these drinks put a lot of stress on the body only to maybe regulate bad bathroom trips.


Oh wait, maybe I’m not so wrong. This is a juice drink in a way! At the bottom of the can it says it is made with real juice. How much do you wanna bet that it may not be lemon juice? Usually, I’d bet a lot on that, but lemons are so cheap that it is highly possible this has real lemon juice in it.


Let’s see if there’s anything else about this drink on the can.


Nope not really. Although, it does say to shake it gently. I’ll shake it gently to like “Careless Whispers” or something.


Let’s hop the the nutrition facts and ingredients.


2 servings per can.


10 calories. 0g total fat. 110mg sodium. 40 mg potassium. 3g total carbs. 3g sugars. 0g protein.

1% calcium. 100% niacin. 100% Vitamin B6. 100% Vitamin B12. 100% pantothenic acid. 1% magnesium.


Seems a bit lower in the B Vitamins department. I guess this is because it is supposed to more of a chill drink. Instead of 400% featured in normal Rockstar, this has 200% per can.



Purified water, glucose, taurine, lemon juice concentrate, citric acid, sodium citrate, sodium hexametaphosphate, benzoic acid, caffeine, sorbic acid, monopotassium phosphate, acesulfame potassium, magnesium lactate, sucralose, calcium lactate, pantothenic acid, niacinamide, natural flavors, milk thistle extract, gum arabic, panax ginseng root extract, ester gum, pyridoxine hydrochloride, cyanocobalamin


Milk thistle, eh? What is that supposed to do for me? Fix my digestion? Actually, yeah it might. They weren’t kidding about the whole hydration thing.


Well, let’s try this!


Oh yeah, it has real lemons in it so I guess this must be like actual lemonade. Cool. Thanks for being what’s advertised on the can!


Poured into my new martini glass that I only use to drink soda with and it looks like, well, lemonade. It has that clouded water look to it that lemonade has. It isn’t yellow like the can. That’s fine. I don’t need colouring.


The scent is interesting. On the surface it smells like lemonade, but underneath that sweet and sour scent is this looming terror. It smells like industrial. Maybe that’s just me, but is smells heavy. Like, it is lemonade, but it has this heavy undertone to it. It’s odd.


Taste time!


Hmm. Hmm. Eghh.


Okay, first sip is lemonade. Yep! It is lemonade through and through. It is actually a pretty decent quality lemonade in taste too. It has the good balance between sweet and tart, but it does hang on the sweet side a little more. That’s fine for me since I typically like my lemonade on the sweeter side. After the sweet taste of this kind of dies down, the tartness kicks in and it is nice because I like when drinks layer like this. That’s how a lemonade should be to me. Strangely, the tartness is like a quick welcome as it is ushered out quickly by the medicine taste of B Vitamins. Thankfully, they kind of just mix with the tartness so it doesn’t exactly taste too foul. The tartness kind of masks them, but in the same way the tartness is masked by the medicine taste of B Vitamins. Then the sucralose comes in with it’s terrible aftertaste. That lingers pretty long so it urges me to take another drink to kill it with the lemonade taste.


How is this? As a lemonade, it is okay. It works as a commercial lemonade when you pin it against the likes of Minuet Maid or whatever. As an energy drink, I think the fizzy bit part helps with the sucralose aftertaste. To me, it is a bit too strong and kind of undermines the initial flavour, which is pretty good. I talk a lot about meshing and layering in tastes here. This drink layers them fairly well, but they don’t mesh to take the offensive tastes out or maybe just diminish the impact.


As a whole, I’ll give this a trumpet solo out of Rad. If you want, give it a try, but I’m not really convinced by it. There’s better flavours out there. Heck, maybe the other Recovery drinks taste better. Maybe I’ll cover a different one some day.