Happy Memorial Day, Rad Blog. If you aren’t from the United States, then happy Monday I guess.


Anyway, Mountain Dew “created” a new drink for the occasion (and probably for 4th of July too) to celebrate patriotism. Today, I’m looking at Dew.S.A which is just a fun way to name a drink after the USA. Why don’t people say the US of A because that’s what it really is. We don’t say “United States America.” No, everyone always add “of” after “States.”


I’m in a nit-picky mood and this drink is perfect to be the victim of my cynicism.


So, what do we have here? Well, the label claims it is “new” but then goes ahead and contradicts itself by saying this drink is created by a mix of three existing drinks. Hey, Mountain Dew, there’s nothing new about taking 3 drinks in mixing it together. I’ve been doing that at McDonald’s for years. Don’t tell me you never went to McDonalds and said “I’m gonna mix this Coke with Sprite.”


Okay, I guess they have some ground to stand upon because my favourite Mountain Dew flavour is just regular Dew with blue Powerade. There’s nothing new about that either.


Okay, okay, you win this round, but can you at least be subtle about it? Just the “new” would be fine I think because this is a new concept in that it isn’t widely known until now.


So, this is Voltage (blue), Code red (red), and White Out (white), to create a patriotic soda. Yeah, nothing says America like a purple drink. I do give them points for the idea, though. It is sort of unique in a way that I haven’t seen a soda do it before. Snapple sort of did this with their patriotic teas I wrote about here, but I haven’t see something like this before sold as an all in one package.


Sure, all three of these are “different” flavours, but they are also all just Mountain Dew at the base. Will it work? Something in me is screaming that it won’t. I don’t care for Code Red usually. Voltage is pretty good. I don’t think I’ve ever had the White Out before. The thing is, Code Red is like cherry flavoured, Voltage has a sort of citrus taste, and isn’t White Out just more citrus? Two citrus drinks and cherry? I don’t know how that will work.


Whatever the case, I don’t think those three flavours equal purple. Seriously, Mountain Dew. You wanna make a patriotic drink like this? Why purple?


You wanna know my suggestion? It might be more work than just pressing the Code Red, Voltage, and White Out button all into one batch of bottles, but I think they should have really taken the idea and ran with it by creating a line of red, white, and blue based drinks. Have this idea of all three Mountain Dew flavours, but colour them to be just red, white, and blue. Will it confuse others? Maybe, but that’s their fault for not reading a label. Seriously, people. Read your labels. If you don’t like that idea, just make it clear.


So, I got that silly bit out of the way. Let’s talk about what I expect from this bubbly American delight. Like I said, I have no idea how these three flavours will work together. It just doesn’t seem like it should. They are all distinctive, especially Code Red. Citrus and cherry. I’m trying to think of how that could work. I asked the Queen and she thought about it for a second and shook her head. No. It just doesn’t sound like it should work. The concept, though, is cool.


Anything else on this bottle before I drink it?


Not really. The cap does say something though. It says “Red, White, and Dew.” I guess that’s where my co-worker friend got the idea from when he suggested this to me. Red, White, and Dew would have been a better name to me. I can search that easily online. Dew.S.A is a bit harder with the punctuation.


Well, let’s look at the ingredients and nutrition facts.


Serving size is 1 bottle.


170 calories. 0g total fat. 105 mg sodium. 45g total carbs. 45g sugars. 0g protein.


Well, I guess it is a little more complicated than just pouring all three Mountain Dews together. Maybe they actually measure it out so Code Red doesn’t take over the taste. I guess that’s fitting since you know, the Red Scare and all was something that happened in the past.



Carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, citric acid, natural flavor, sodium benzoate, caffeine, gum arabic, sodium citrate, citrus pectin, ascsulfame potassium, sucralose, calcium disodium edta, glycerol ester of rosin, sucrose acetate isobutyrate, red 40, panax ginseng root extract, blue 1, caramel color.




They certainly will be too when you give this drink to them while you’re out talking to Meghan and Ben instead of watching your kids as they terrorize the boardwalk.


Caramel colour, eh? Okay then. Not exactly white is it? More like Red, blue, and brown.


Okay, let’s try this thing.


Scent-wise, it smells a lot like Voltage actually. I get a whiff of citrus as soon as I smelled it. It is actually pretty pleasing. Yeah, this smells just like Voltage. I get the whole raspberry essence from it.


Taste time!


Hmm. Hmm. Hmmm.


Well, they weren’t really lying. It is all three Dews together. I wasn’t expecting them to layer it though. Somehow they did.


So, first sip is a very citrus-like taste, which I’m guessing is from White Out since it didn’t have the tartness of Voltage. It is also kind of sweet, but not like a fruity sweet. It is more of a sugar sweetness rather than a nice fruity taste you’d get from pineapple. Then it kind of hands off the citrus taste to Voltage, but it goes away fairly quickly because the tartness of the raspberry takes over. The citrus taste is still around, but it is more in the back of mouth than anything. The Voltage sits for a while to the end where Code Red takes over in the aftertaste. At first I thought it was just the crap sucralose that made the aftertaste a bit off, but it is actually the sucralose and the Code Red taking turns making it odd for me. I don’t really like the aftertaste at all, but I can’t stop drinking it. You know it is like one of those things that are just so bad that you gotta have more? It is like that with this aftertaste. I want it to linger, but the manufactured taste of sucralose and the mix of fake cherry just taste so bad. It even gives that cough medicine feel to the back of my throat too. Like, what?


Overall, this drink sort of works. If you are a big fan of Mountain Dew, then you’ll probably like how well this is layered. I am actually really surprised it is layered instead of muddied together. Good on you for that, Mountain Dew. Really. I’m actually pretty impressed it has a transition effect.


Sadly for them, the Code Red kind of holds it back for me. I don’t like the feel it gives at the end. I’d gladly go with a White and Blue version of this drink where they just dye the drink red and mix White Out with Voltage.


Maybe it has that odd feel in the back of my mouth because the tartness of raspberry and cherry are creating some sort of super mutant cough medicine feel.


I’ll give this a rained out 3 day weekend out of Rad. Sure, you’re off of work, but there’s nothing to do.


Enjoy the last bit of your weekend and remember those who died for the country while you’re out enjoying the sun.