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This is quite a peculiar drink I have today. Normally, I don’t get entire 2 liter bottles of things, but this seems pretty unique. I actually didn’t buy this. My brother picked this up when he was out in central Pennsylvania visiting his girlfriend at her college. Coincidentally, they also sell Big Red out there so it’s always good when he heads out there.


This time, though, he picked this up for me. I’m guessing this is a local thing from where he bought this. I’ve never heard of Frozen Run before. Frozen Run is actually a name of a town about 2 hours from Harrisburg it looks like. According to my quick research, it is a local thing, or at least regional. Someone took a picture of a small 20 fl oz bottle too. I’d rather have this 2 liter one so I can enjoy it longer if I like it. I got a feeling I should like this.


First off, this looks different from the birch beer I’ve had before. I mean, I assume this is a birch beer. The birch beer I’ve had was a lot more brown. This, obviously, is clear. All the other birch beers I’ve had taste almost interchangeable from root beer. I’m hoping that this one has a unique touch. I’m sure it does since on the label it says it is an original recipe from J. Peter Nardi. No idea who he is, but I see he’s taking notes from J. Alfred Prufrock with the initial first name.


There’s quite a testimonial on the back of the bottle, which I will post here since it is so long.


This is a nice little read on black bears. I suppose they are quite common in Pennsylvania. I think they’re here in Jersey too, but I’m a beach boy so I hardly see wildlife unless I’m going to work, which is more in the wooded areas. Still, interesting to see that black bears are primarily vegetarians. I had no idea. I always associate bears with eating fish. I guess them loving honey too should have given me a hint.


There’s not much more I can say about this. The testimonial is mostly about bears rather than the company itself. Wait a sec…maybe the company is actually run by bears! Ah! That makes sense!


I’m kidding of course. Still, I’m just going to go on the assumption this is a microbrew soda since it’s probably a regional thing.


What’s in this drink?


Nutrition Facts!


8 servings per bottle.


120 calories. 0g total fat. 25g sodium. 27g total carbs. 26g sugars. 0g protein.


Oh! The call it “recipe” rather than ingredients. Well, here’s the recipe!


Filtered carbonated water, corn sweetener, artificial flavor, citric acid, sodium benzoate.


Hmm. The wording is a bit different with this one. So, is it sweetened with corn syrup? I guess that’s why it is clear. It is really just water and corn syrup.


Also, what’s with the artificial flavouring? Not even natural? Oh well. I mean, maybe that disappoints me a little to see this is without like a birch extract or whatever. I just hope it tastes unique rather than just looking unique.


Time to pour this!


Wooo! That’s a kick! That scent is potent! It isn’t bad, it is just very strong. It smells like a heavy sweetness, but it is sharp too. It’s hard to describe. Like, first scent is sweet, but then there’s a kick to it. It is almost like herbal, but really strong. It kind of reminds me of cut grass if I’m honest!


All right, maybe it is artificially flavoured, but the taste needs to be right with the combination. We’ll see!


Hmm. Hmm. Ahh. Ooh!


First sip isn’t really anything special. It is just a sweet watery taste like most sodas typically are and that kind of sits. I was ready to write this off as kind of lame, but then it starts to change later in the sip. The sweetness starts to heighten actually so it is less of a sweet water and then takes on more of a soda vibe. Then it transitions into the final taste which is a nice bubbly sweetness, but that’s just a façade! Usually, I find the aftertaste more of an afterthought, but that’s where this drink really shines. The aftertaste comes up tasting a bit like liquorice, but still sweet. The sweet to that mild taste of liquorice is balanced really well. In fact, I think this is what a proper birch beer should taste like. Too many are just root beer clones, but this one tries to distinguish itself by using the herbal and unique taste of actual plants.


The aftertaste doesn’t linger too long sadly, but that just means I have to sip on it more! Ah ha! I do have to say that the aftertaste really makes this drink. It’s quite tasty.


Is it worth me driving all the way out to close to Harrisburg just to get again? Maybe not for me. It sure is good, but I can live with only having this once in a while. What I can say is that if you happen to be traveling by Harrisburg and see it, I can recommend picking it up for sure.


I’ll give this a Power Armour out of Rad. Simple and sweet with a very nice aftertaste. Good work, J. Peter Nardi.