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Look who’s back! It is out old pal, Venom here only this time it is a bit off. Why is it a bit off you might ask? Well, curious Rad Blog, that’s because this doesn’t have a name other than “Venom.” The other three I did all had some cool snake name like “Black Mamba” or “Death Adder,” but this one? Just plain ol’ “Venom.” What gives? Those snake names were cool. I’d refer to them all the time when it came to talking about which I liked. Ah well.


This one also looks a bit cooler. Unlike the older Vernoms I covered, this one has like a green highlight around its lettering. It makes it almost glow in the dark actually. Neat direction I suppose. I still miss my snake name.


So, which kind of snake is this gonna be? Is it gonna be rad like Snake Plissken? Is it going to be the best snake like Solid Snake? Or is it gonna suck like Snakes on a Plane?


Note: I love Snakes on a Plane. It is just a great bad movie.


This Venom is supposed to taste like black cherry kiwi. What’s with all these kiwi drinks out here today? Is kiwi the flavour of the week? Seriously!


Black cherry is usually an easy flavour to go to, but it makes me think: why not any of the other cherry flavours? Why is it always black cherry? Does no one like maraschino cherries?


The Venom eye is pretty dark red on this can. It kind of echos the whole black cherry feeling. I guess the green highlight is supposed to be the kiwi personified.


Venom still is going for just 99 cents (or in my case just 1 dollar) which is still great. I love that they stuck with their guns on that. The past three all had fine taste and energy for a low price so it shows that these types of energy drinks don’t really need to be 5 bucks. I guess they do that because there’s even more B Vitamins or whatever in those, but this works just as well.


Well, I don’t know what else to really say about this, but I’m curious about what it tastes like. I heard about this flavour from a coworker who I got interested in the old flavours. He was all like “did you see the new Venom?” I was like “Wahwahwhat!” Then I imminently bought one because I had to write about it here.


Let’s get to the ingredients and nutrition facts.


Serving size is 1 can.


220 calories. 0g total fat. 300mg sodium. 57g total carbs. 54g sugars. 0g protein.

200% riboflavin. 200% niacin. 200% Vitamin B6. 200% Vitamin B12.


I forgot how much sodium is in these things. 300mg? Ooh mama!


Actually, there’s less in this one than the others, but only by 10mg. Huh.




Carbonated water, corn syrup, glucose, citric acid, maltodextrin, taurine, sodium citrate, l-carntine, inositol, sodium benzoate, caffeine, natural flavors, potassium sorbate, niacinamide, red 40, sucralose, ginseng extract, pyridoxine hydrochloride, guarana extract, riboflavin, cyanocobalamin, blue 1.




This is all pretty standard for an energy drink really.


Let’s open this up and pour.


Huh. I was expecting more of a purple, especially to emulate a black cherry, but this is pretty red. It isn’t as red as Big Red, but make that a few hues darker then you have this. There’s even Blue 1 in this so I really thought this may be purple. Huh. Oh well.


The scent is kind of just a sweet scent? I don’t know. It also has a sort of lingering cherry scent, but it reminds me more of a maraschino cherry than a black cherry. Maybe there’s a black cherry scent in there, but the sweetness is kind of masking it.


Taste time!


Huh. Huh. Urghh.


At first sip it is just kind of sweet, but there’s that tingle from the B Vitamins to give me a bit of a pucker at first sip. Then it kind of just sits on a no man’s land flavour of just sort of sweet and sort of bitter for a bit until the after taste approaches. Before the actual aftertaste, the drink gets really sour, presumably from the black cherry flavouring. It has a pucker to it for sure and more so than the first sip. It’s a bit odd because the sour or bitter taste of the black cherry has this lingering tropical sweetness I guess is from the kiwi. I almost forgot about the kiwi to be honest. The aftertaste comes in and thankfully it isn’t medicine-like from the B Vitamins. Venom has always done a good job with masking that. It also doesn’t really have that sucralose taste to it either, but that’s probably because the black cherry bitterness kicks it in the teeth.


This is a bit too puckery for my liking, despite all the sweetness. I guess they tried to balance the sour with sweet, but it doesn’t really mesh for me. If you like black cherry flavouring, this might be for you. That’s a really powerful flavour of it. Kiwi? It is an afterthought. I’m gonna give it a middle of the table finish out of Rad. You’re not relegated, but this is far from the best.


What’s good about it is that it doesn’t feel like I’m drinking an energy drink. The icky aftertaste is non-existent with this one. If you dig the bitterness of a black cherry, this might be for you as well. It really is a bittersweet drink, isn’t it?