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Well, this is the last of the “Labels” from Mountain Dew so far and from what I hear, it is supposed to be pretty good. I mean, the flavour certainly sounds interesting. This is supposed to be green apple and kiwi. What does that tell me? Well, green apples are typically more on the tart and earthy side while kiwi is a bit sweet and possesses a bit of a tropical taste. Common and unique collide in the Green Label? Interesting.


I guess that’s why Mountain Dew decided to title this one as “Curiously Daring Dew.” It is like they had a bunch of “how to write a resume” books and saw the thesaurus section. Businesses love people calling themselves “curious” or “daring” in terms of work personalities. Whatever.


This is a soda. It doesn’t have to work at McDonalds for a living. All it has to do is be consumed and that’s what I’ll do with this thing!


I liked Black Label’s can design the best, but White had a unique and clean look to it. This is just…green. It doesn’t really get me that much. I will say the hue of green they use for this can is a little unique. Instead of Mountain Dew’s lime green or neon green, they went with a more forest green. All right then. The lime green is present too, but in the form of the font colour. I guess Mountain Dew does have that forest green, doesn’t it? I think the forest and lime green make a sort of pattern so it doesn’t seem as dominate as this can’s colour.


Why is it called “crafted green apple kiwi?” Did they take a kiwi and a green apple and make it fuse Gotenks style? Is that what they mean by “crafted?” If you ask me, green apples and kiwis are pretty natural; they both grow on trees. How does one exactly “craft” an apple? Do they take an apple to a crafting table and surround it with kiwis in a Minecraft style? Mountain Dew, gimme the scoop!


I also wonder who much kiwi juice will be in this. I can almost guess there may be apple juice in it. Apple juice is pretty common. Kiwi juice? Less common. I don’t think I’ve ever seen kiwi juice for sale. I’ll still remain hopeful, yeah?


Okay, let’s look at the nutrition facts.


Serving size is 1 can.


140 calories. 0g total fat. 80mg sodium. 35g total carbs. 35g sugars. 0g protein.



Carbonated water, sugar, green apple juice concentrate, malic acid, citric acid, natural flavor, kiwi juice concentrate, sodium benzoate, gum arabic, concentrated orange juice, caffeine, sodium citrate, acesulfame pottasium, sucralose, glycerol ester of rosin, yellow 5, blue 1.


Jumping Jehosaphat! There’s both green apple juice AND kiwi juice! Big ups to you, Mountain Dew! I really didn’t think they would actually have both in here. I’m hoping this is gonna be really good now. You got my hopes up super high with this one!


Black Label was ehh. White Label was pretty good. Green Label? Let’s see!


Woah! Very green! This is almost like the colour of regular Mountain Dew, but I think it is a shade darker maybe. The scent is very green apple like. It almost reminds me of the Jolly Rancher candies actually. Hey! It is like the Jolly Rancher drink, but I only hope that this one is better.


Sip time!


Hmm. Mmm. Oh man!


Wow! This is pretty darn tasty.


First take isn’t really anything special. It tastes of sweet fizzy water you’d get in any given soda, but the transition to the next taste is awesome! Wow, the kiwi takes the stage first with a really nice sweet and tropical taste to it. I can taste a bit of the orange juice that they added too for an added citrus boost. The orange juice doesn’t really add that thick consistency that orange juice usually has either. Somehow, it transitions nicely to that earthy bitterness of a green apple. I really taste the apple here. The apple taste really captures that crispness you’d get from biting into one. It’s both refreshing and earthy at the same time. The aftertaste is actually really good too. It is just more of the refreshing crisp yet earthy bitter of the green apple.


What I find interesting is that this transitions so well from the sweet kiwi to the earthy apple. I think the orange juice acts as a really good mediator that makes that transition smoother. I do have to wonder why they put kiwi and green apple together. What’s the point? If this sat as a straight green apple soda, I’d be way happy with it. In fact, this is probably the best apple flavoured soda I’ve had. I’m not knocking the kiwi aspect. To me, the more dominate flavour is absolutely the apple, and rightly so too.


Green Label, you won me over. If I had to pick between Green, White, and Black, Green wins every time.


I gotta give this a Bob Burnquist out of Rad. I’ll totally get more of this again some time.