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Well, here I am with the other half of the Mountain Dew Spiked drinks. This time it is a raspberry lemonade as opposed to just regular lemonade.


Now, I really didn’t care for the original. I thought it was too tart or bitter for lemonade. It didn’t have a good balance of sweet and tart like I like in my lemonades. This may have a better chance because it has raspberry in it. I wonder, thought, will the raspberry just make it more tart? Raspberry itself has a bit of a tart taste to it, but unlike lemon, there’s a bit of a sweet taste to it too. Lemons are just citrus-like in taste with a sour punch. Raspberries have a sweet linger to them usually but still have a bit of tartness. Will this one work? Who knows?


Now, I had a really good raspberry lemonade not too long ago and it made me think about this drink which I knew I was going to write about in the future. I have something for this to compare to in a way. Will it be good like the raspberry lemonade I had before, or is it gonna be super tart? We’ll have to see.


Like the original Spiked drink, it had a cool two-tone to it. This time, it is a red and black can. I guess I couldn’t really tell in the yellow, but the red part of this has a sort of checker look to it. It isn’t very congruent in it’s look though. It has a sort of chaotic feel to it like there’s some nice triangles, but then it turns into a big square on some parts. I don’t know. It reminds me of something I made in 3rd grade or something when I learned about the shape tool in MS Paint.


The lemon impaled by the prickly pear spike returns on this can, but this time the lemon has a little buddy next to it in the form of a raspberry.


Again, this drink is non-alcoholic. It says it really big on the front like the original Spiked did. Other than the red colour and the raspberry addition, there’s not too much different with this can. I mean, why should there be? It would be silly if they didn’t bother with a testimonial on the original and then threw a well written ode to this one.


Now, my big concern is the inclusion of raspberry. Will this drink have actual raspberry in it or are they just gonna throw it up to the natural/artificial flavouring for it? Original Spiked had real lemon juice in it so maybe this will too for both the lemon and the raspberry!



Well, let’s take a look and see if this will start off on a good foot.


2% juice. Well, it has juice in it! Same as the original so it doesn’t feel likely that there’s gonna be raspberry juice in this.


Serving size is 1 can.


140 calories. 0g total fat. 100mg sodium. 34g total carbs. 34g sugars. 0g protein.


Slightly more sugar than the original, but everything else is the same.



Carbonated water, sugar, citric acid, prickly pear juice concentrate, lemon juice concentrate, natural flavor, agave syrup, sodium benzoate, gum arabic, sodium citrate, caffeine, purified stevia leaf extract, glycerol ester of rosin, calcium disodium edta, sucrose acetate, isobutyrate, red 40, blue 1.




Also, Blue 1. What? Blue and red make magenta? Purple? This is gonna be purple?


Yeah, no raspberry juice in this. It looks kind of identical to the original. It has the prickly pear juice and the lemon juice so that’s still good. I almost forgot about the prickly pear juice because it seemed rather insignificant in the last one. I got a feeling this is gonna taste pretty similar to the original. We’ll see. Let’s open it.


Hmm. Looks more pink than purple, but I do see a sort of purple hue to it. All in all, I’d call this “pink.”


Scent? Very raspberry-like actually. I guess the natural flavors really are trying for this one in the scent department. It isn’t spot-on fresh raspberry in scent, but it certainly has that “well, we tried to make a raspberry flavour so hope you like it” scent to it. I mean, it has a kind of manufactured fake scent to it, but it is a decent attempt rather than “Oh yep, this is obviously fake.”


Taste time!


Hmm. Hmm. Zingy 2.0.


Well, I kind of get the similar reaction as I had with the original at first. It starts off sweet, but then quickly transitions to a tart lemon taste. Unlike the original, this actually does a good job on leaning on the sweetness of the raspberry, agave, and stevia. The sweetness is a lot more apparent in this version than the original which is much better for me. The citrus taste of the lemon is the more apparent flavour than the lemon’s tartness. It gives it that zingy feel that I put in my 3 word breakdown. It’s actually pretty good because the sweetness of the sweeteners and the “natural” flavour supports it enough so it isn’t overly sour. In the end, I can totally taste the stevia aftertaste though, but it isn’t quite as hard as the original had. It is like instead of getting punched in the face by Mike Tyson, you’re getting hit by Bald Bull.


Overall, this is much better than the original Spiked. If you had to pick between the two, I’d say go for this one. It is actually a decent drink all in all. Doesi t measure to the raspberry lemonade I mentioned at the beginning of the post? No, but it isn’t bad either.


I’ll give this a playing Guitar Hero in a Best Buy out of Rad. It is good, but I’ve had much better.


Improvements? Keep working on the balance of sweet and tart. This is a good direction so if they ever decide to do a Limeade Spiked, try to go for a good sweet to tart ratio.