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I originally had planned to write this a few days ago, but things got in the way and my life is quite hectic. Anyway, I got this one ready for you today.


This is Mountain Dew White Label. If you remember, I wrote about the Black Label a while ago and I guess they thought it was a good idea to make two more “coloured” labels. This one is “white” and I also found a “green.” I have them both, but I felt like doing White first.


Well, Black Label was supposed to be deep and dark tasting but I made fun of it saying it was bright and bubbly or something. I don’t know. These premium sodas that PepsiCo put out are hit or miss. The 1893’s were fantastic. Black Label was meh. Will White Label be better? Instead of berry, they are going for a more citrus taste for this if you believe what the can says. Do I? Yeah, I can believe it. Citrus taste isn’t a far cry from what Mountain Dew is already. I’ve always thought of Mountain Dew as an overly sweet lemon-lime soda. What will this be? Lemon, lime, and orange? It also says it should be tropical on the can so maybe we’ll get pineapple or something.


Or we’ll end up with white grape. Sure. Yeah.


Holy smokes! I just switched over to Spotify to change the song and I get a Mountain Dew White Label advertisement. Gotta love cookies, man.


I said the black can was sleek. This is okay. I think it misses the sleekness of the black can, but it still has that classy vibe to it. I’ll say I like the main can design better on a black background, but that green Mountain Dew logo looks sick on the white. I don’t know why, but it just appeals to me.


What else is on this can?


Not much really. I don’t know if I mentioned this with Black Label, but the can itself doesn’t feel metallic like most soda cans do. It has a sort of soft texture to it. It is almost like paper, but it feels heavier than that.


Well, might as well dive into what’s going on with this drink then. We’ll see what the flavour really is and hope that it isn’t just “natural flavors.”


No juice in this. I guess we won’t get any hints.


Serving size is 1 can.


140 calories.


0g total fat. 70mg sodium. 36g total carbs. 35g sugars. 0g protein.


Standard for a soda I suppose.




Carbonated water, sugar, white grape juice concentrate, citric acid, natural flavor, sodium benzoate, concentrated orange juice, caffeine, gum arabic, sucrose acetate isobutyrate, acesulfame potassium, sucralose, calcium disodium edta, sodium citrate.


So, I guess they just didn’t feel like marking “X% Juice.” There’s certainly juice in this! There’s orange and…white grape. Great. Nothing’s more tropical or citrus than white grape juice. I wonder who or why they decided that white grape juice is a good idea to mimic a tropical flavour. I totally don’t think of “white grapes” when I think tropical. No. I think of mangoes or pineapples or heck even bananas. Grapes? No. Grapes grow all over the world.


Well, let’s pour this thing.


Well, they weren’t lying when they called this “White Label.” This drink is VERY white. It doesn’t even have a transparency. It is like a very white drink. I can only compare it to coconut water or coconut milk. It doesn’t have the same density as those two drinks though. It is almost like water in that respect. The scent is well…not very potent. I can smell a sort of citrus scent to it. I guess that’s the orange juice for me. It doesn’t really have a strong potency unless I stick my nose close to it. When I do that, I can smell that orange scent better.


Let’s sip!


Hmm. Hmm. Huh.


Well, at first sip it is almost like an orange soda if I’m honest. It tastes pretty good at first with that sweet yet tangy taste of an orange soda. Then, the drink kind of transitions from the nice orange taste to a more sour lime or lemon taste. I’m thinking it is more lime than lemon because lemon has a more tingly feel to it. The has the more earthy undertone that limes do or whatever you want to describe it as. I call it earthy, but it is probably more juicy. I see lemons as a tart puckery taste while lime is more juicy and tart. I think I can taste a bit of lemon too because the second taste almost reminds me of the Mountain Dew Spiked I tried not too long ago at first, but it has a more juicy aftertaste rather than a straight tartness. The aftertaste of this, however, is earthy because of the grape juice. Maybe that’s why I described this as “earthy” earlier. The white grape juice really does dominate the after taste.


Would I call this tropical? Not really. Would I call it mysteriously exotic like the top of the can says? Heck no!  This is more of a lemonade than anything and I kind of like it when I think of it in that regard. It’s pretty nice actually. I think it beats out the Black Label for me. I thought that was just okay. This is a bit better than okay, but it isn’t rocking my world. It is worth a try I think.


If I had to name the dominate flavours of this, I’d say orange, lime, and white grape.


I’ll give this a longboard out of Rad. Not too bad. I may or may not get it again. I won;t be jumping for joy to get it, but it certainly has its appeal.