Hoppy Easter, Rad Blog!


Yes, while me delicious leg of lamb cooks and makes my entire apartment hotter than the middle of August, I thought I’d cool off with a hopefully refreshing drink.


This is a new line of Mountain Dew, or at least it is new to me. I’ve never even heard of it before. This one is called “Spiked” and they cannot stress any more that this is non-alcoholic. Seriously, it is on the can at least 4 times. You can see it in my picture above. If not, it is right under the picture of the lemon getting impaled with a cactus spike. Poor lemon, what did it ever do to that cactus?


I guess the name could come off as alcoholic sounding. I mean if you “spike” a punch, it means you’ve been very naughty at your 8th grade dance and slipped some of your grandpa’s brandy in it or something.


I guess thew whole “THIS ISN’T ALCOHOL” is a bit silly to me since in New Jersey alcohol isn’t sold in grocery stores. In fact, I’m pretty sure it is illegal unless your grocery store has a liquor store attached to it. Even then, alcohol is strictly kept away from the other foodstuffs. That’s always an odd thing when I go out of state too. I went to a Walmart once in Kansas and I saw they had beer in the aisle near the iced tea. I found it odd because I’d never gone to a Walmart that had alcohol before. Ah well, thus is life. We also don’t pump our own gas here like the peasants in the other states. Get out of my car in the middle of a blizzard? Tut!


Anyway, this post is not about how much better/different New Jersey is compared to other states, but about Mountain Dew Spiked! There’s two flavours I saw of this drink. There was lemonade which I’m covering now and raspberry lemonade. I guess both of them are lemonades. I didn’t look too hard at the cans when I bought them. Ah well, lemonade is tasty, especially with the heat rolling in with spring.


I have a better feeling about this compared to the Kickstart Mountain Dews since this isn’t trying to be anything other than a lemonade infused soda with some prickly pear. Yeah. Prickly pear is…neat? I guess it is unique. You don’t see many drinks out there with prickly pear flavouring unless you go in the health nut aisle or something. Good on you, Mountain Dew. Try something off the beaten path. It’s not our thing to walk the road that’s paved. We’re not the ones who roam the ground that’s blazed. Let’s break the rules.


Little Payday reference for you.


The can, it’s kind of neat. The black top that’s kind of skewed with the yellow bottom is kind of sleek. It really does remind me of those bro-cans of alcohol like Four Loko or something. I can see it. Maybe this is something people may like to mix into drinks. Gildem?


I did make fun of the little lemon icon, but to be honest it is a bit silly. It doesn’t make me go “Aw yeah! Lemonade and Dew!” It makes me more like “Heh, stupid lemon got what it deserved. That ought to teach it some manners after me seasoning that lamb with cut lemons while having tons of cuts on my fingers. Bloody painful that was.” Everyone knows that lemons are the jerks of the fruit section of the pyramid. Why do you think they are so sour? They hold grudges longer than I do.


There’s a little background triangle gradient going on in the yellow part. Not really sure what that’s all about and it kind of looks silly to me too.


I guess this is Mountain Dew’s first attempt at lemonade? I don’t know. I feel like they had something before. On the side of the can it says there’s real juice in it including the prickly pear juice. There’s no artificial sweeteners so…just sugar? We’ll see!


Let’s jump to the nutrition facts and ingredients so I can drink this and cool off before I sweat myself to death.


2% juice. Good start. I mean, they weren’t lying. There’s juice in this! I think there might be more juice in Hi-C, but that’s whatever! Serving size is 1 can too.


140 calories. 0g total fat. 100mg sodium. 34g total carbs. 33g sugars. 0g protein.


Seems par for the course for most sodas.




Carbonated water, sugar, citric acid, prickly pear juice concentrate, lemon juice concentrate, natural flavor, agave syrup, sodium benzoate, gum arabic, sodium citrate, caffeine, purified stevia leaf extract, glycerol ester of rosin, calcium disodium edta, sucrose acetate isobutyrate, yellow 5.


Ah! So they went the agave route. Interesting thought because agave isn’t cheap. I’m actually a bit pleasantly surprised actually. I’ve had agave nectar as a sweetener for tea once and it was tasty. There’s also stevia in this but we’ll ignore that since stevia is just a slightly better tasting sucralose. So far, this is hitting good points for me. No sucralose? Agave? Actual juice that is advertised on the can? You’re doing it right so far.


In the end, all of this means nothing if it tastes bad. Let’s open it up and check it.


Hmnm. Looks like lemonade. For real. I mean, when I saw Yellow 1, I thought this was just gonna be lemonade tasting and Mountain Dew looking. It looks like what a lemonade should. It even has that thick look to it rather than a transparent look most sodas have. It smells like lemonade too, albeit not very strong.


Taste time!



Oh….Ohhh.. Zingy.


This is…odd. Like, at first sip lemonade is usually sweet with a kind of sour/bitter build up, but this is sour right from the start. I’m hit right in the face with this lemon flavour as if I was drinking lemon juice. It even has a tingly to it like a real lemon does when it touches your tongue. Then it kind of gets sweet, but not in a refreshing lemonade like way. It is more like the sweetness of an off-brand Mountain Dew. I mean, I get that ultra sweet soda sensation I get when I first drink a Mountain Dew. Then it just gets bitter again, probably from the lemon. It kind of hurts to keep swishing in my mouth if I’m honest. The after taste is well…pretty bad. The stevia isn’t pulling its punches with this one so you kind of get that scientific sweetness you get from these kind of plant extracts.


When you make lemonade, it is either more on the sour side or more on the sweet side. This is absolutely on the sour side. If that’s your thing, then you may like it. Me, I’m not a huge fan of it. I don’t really feel refreshed by this. The sweetness is there though. It just comes after the absolute blazing effort from the sourness. My mouth is like numbed by the sour taste that I’m not sure just how sweet the second wave actually is.


I’ll have to give this a lawn dart out of Rad.


Good parts? The lemon flavour is authentic! Heck, they should just call this “Juiced Dew” or something and claim that the lemon flavour is gonna kick you in the teeth! That’d be pretty cool actually.