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I’m finally getting around to writing about this one. Here’s another soda in the Pepsi 1893 line. This time it is a black currant flavour which is basically a fancy way to say “grape soda.”

Okay, not really. Yes, currants are a thing, but “grape” doesn’t sound so fancy. If you were trying to be old-timey and elegant like 1893, then you’re sure and heck gonna say “currant” instead. They probably did use currants in the flavouring too, but it probably has some grape backing. This is all just speculation though so I have no idea what’s in it yet. All I know is what I got from a glance at this can.

Like the originaly 1893 and the ginger 1893, this has the same plain look with the retro Pepsi logo. Instead of black or gold, they have a blue-ish hue to this one. I actually really like the can colour of this.

I really shouldn’t knock this one because the previous two 1893 drinks were really good. While the ginger one wasn’t to my fancy, I couldn’t say it wasn’t flavourful. Someone had to have liked it. The original was also really good.

Will black currant do the same? I mean, why not? They had a good formula with the first two so I don’t see why this one would be any different.

Let’s look at the can itself and then move to the nutrition facts and ingredients.

The side says “Boldly blended cola made with: kola nut extract, black currant essence, sparkling water, real sugar.”

Essence eh? Okay then. I guess that means that somewhere there’s a lick of black currant in this? Maybe? I am happy they kept that kola nut extract because that was pretty unique.

Nutrition facts!

Serving size is 1 can.

150 calories. 0g total fat. 55mg sodium. 39g total carbs. 39g sugars. 0g protein.


Carbonated water, sugar, caramel color, natural flavor, phosphoric acid, sodium citrate, potassium sorbate, caffeine, gum arabic, kola nut extract.

No real black currant in this which is slightly disappointing. I think the ginger cola had some real ginger in it if I recall. Yes it did now looking back on the post. This just goes for the “natural flavors” option which means it probably is just grape and maybe some currant. Who knows?

Well, might as well pour this and try it now!


Yeah! I can see the sparkling water at work here. It is more of a cola colour rather than a purple like one might think since it is supposed to be a black currant soda. Well, I guess it is technically a “cola” rather than a soda. Okay, I’ll give them that.

The scent isn’t really much of anything. I think I can detect a bit of fruity maybe grape scent, but it is far from fragrant. Alliteration.

Well, let’s give it a sip!

Hmm. Hmm. Huh!

At first sip, I’m not really getting much other than a sweet fizzy water. It tastes nice and refreshing, but there’s not really to it at first. Then it transitions into its first real flavour which is more on the cola side. It is that old time cola taste that I really liked in the originally 1893 actually. Then the sweetness of it kind of peaks and it turns to a more fruity flavour. At first, I wouldn’t want to call it “currant” or “grape” because it kind of tastes like a fruit punch, but then it becomes much more distinctive in the “currant” camp. Really! I’ve had currants before and this tastes a lot like it. Natural flavorings or not, this does a good imitation of what a currant should taste like at this stage. Currant, unlike grape, is more on the earthy side I think. The peak of the currant flavour is just really darn satisfying. The aftertaste is more on the grape soda side of things, but it taste pretty high quality.

I don’t really get a cola taste from this but near the beginning. It is more of an intro taste than a big player. The second stage where the currant kicks in is my show stopper. I think it does a really good job in taste. It is sweet and fruity at the same time and I dig it.

I gotta say, 1893 did it again for me. Good drink here, Pepsi.

I will give you a flying suplex out of Rad.

What would I like to see more from this? Actual currant might be nice. Maybe a subtle reminder this is a cola and not just a currant soda too near the end? That’s just me really.


Edit: This is Queen approved too!