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I got another drink here today, but this time I was inspired to write about it thanks to a friend of mine online. I was talking about the Izze company on Neoseeker when my friend said he’d try it and review it with me. Of course I’m game for that! Drink Reactions are one of my favourite things to do on this blog.

Anyway, I’ve seen Izze around. At first, I really thought it was a brand that was owned by Target. I think that’s because that’s where I first saw Izze so I just figured it was Target’s brand of soda or whatever. I mean, look at the logo. It kind of has that new school 70’s look that a lot of Target’s merchandise has. I realize that “new school 70’s” is an oxymoron, but there’s really no other way to describe it. It is like a modernization of the flowers and neon colours that we saw in the 70’s, so therefore I call it “new school 70’s.”

The original poster on Neoseeker called these sodas, but I disagree. No where on the multiple flavours if Izze have I seen it referred to as a soda. They all go by “sparkling juice.”  What I’m guessing is that it is a more higher grade Hi-C or something since it seems more carbonated sugarfied. Yeah, that’s not a word either, but what do you call something that you know has sugar in it, but they add more?

Right off the bat, I’m wrong since the neck of the bottle says “no added sugar.” So what is Izze then? Just higher grade juice that’s carbonated? It’s gotta be higher grade because this stuff isn’t cheap. This one bottle was 2 bucks. My friend got a 4 pack for 5 bucks. Needless to say, this isn’t something you’re gonna get for like 50 cents unless it is at a bargain store like Big Lots.

There’s a lot of flavours for Izze too. I happened to go with peach since none of the people in the Neoseeker thread mentioned peach. They did talk about clementine, which also looked interesting to me. My friend has the blackberry version which in retrospect, I probably should have synchronized a flavour choice with him so we could get a nice comparison. Ah well, I’ll do a black berry one in the future no doubt.  I’m down the rabbit hole if Izze drinks already so I guess I’ll be trying them all.

What else is going on with this bottle? No preservatives. Okay, I guess. No sodium benzoate then. It’s probably all natural which means there’s gonna be like grape juice and natural flavours like fish oil or whatever. What I really hope for is that I see peach juice in this at all. I’ll be happy if my 2 bucks actually go to legitimate peach juice being in this drink.

On the back it was there’s no refined sugars, which cold mean that there’s like natural sugar like sucrose in this. No caffeine in this too which I suspected since this is a juice and not a soda. It says it is 70% pure fruit juice. Again, like I said that doesn’t mean it is going to be peach juice. There’s sparkling water in this too which I suppose is what makes people think this is a soda. It isn’t.

Let’s look at the nutrition facts and ingredients.

“Not a low calorie food.” At least they are upfront about it. Hey, I give you points for being honest and up front, Izze! Screw that low calorie movement! I want a sweet sugary drink here. 70% juice and very low sodium appear at the top too.

Serving size is 1 bottle.

130 calories. 0g total fat. 20mg sodium. 32g total carbs. 30g sugar. 0g protein.

Hey! I just noticed that it says there’s 2 servings of fruit in this drink! That’s for you health nuts I suppose, but a ton of people complain “oh, there’s too much sugar and sugar is bad for you!”


Fruit juice blend (filtered water, apple, white grape, and peach juice concentrate), sparkling water, citric acid, natural flavors, gum arabic, beta carotene, red radish juice concentrate.

See! I was right! Grape juice! At least there is peach juice like I was hoping, but I knew there was gonna be a bunch of filler juices. Apple was another good guess too.

Let’s open this then.

I will give them this: it certainly does smell like a peach. Like, it REALLY smells like a peach. It is like I cut into one to eat honestly. Good work on that, I say. I’m hoping that the majority of the juice they used was peach while apple and grape were just for enhancement.

It is also bubbly, but not like a soda. The small bubbles are quite slow to fizz to me so it looks more like a juice than a fizzy drink. I guess I was expecting it to fizz more since the name “Izze” sounds like “fizz” to me.

Anyway, sip time!

Hmm. Hmm. Ehh.

The look is deceiving. The taste is very fizzy-like. At first sip, I get mostly fizzy water or sparkling water. That’s what the full impact is like. I taste the carbonation of the water as well. The sparkling water taste takes a back seat to a more bitter taste which I’m guessing is the grape or apple juice. I’m guessing it is the grape since it doesn’t have that earthy taste that apple juice usually has. That sits for a little, but then the peach taste pokes it’s head out to say hello for a split second. The nice sweetness of the peach is a good note to the bland bubbly water and then bitter grape juice. It is actually the only good/best part about the drink. The after taste then dissolves into this watered down apple juice flavour that lingers for a bit. Overall, the fizzy taste of it puts a kind of buzzy feel to my mouth that is semi-enjoyable. It is a similar sensation I get when I drink a nice soda.

Nah, I’m not convinced by this drink. It calls itself a sparkling juice, but I think it tastes like a better tasting and higher quality sparkling water. Would I recommend it? Not for 2 bucks! It is okay, but I’m not gonna go head over heals for this stuff any time soon. Maybe the other flavours have a better taste. I would have to try and see, but the peach is a pass for me. The peach flavour is far too weak for my liking. When it did hit, it was very good though.

I’ll give this a friendly match of tic-tac-toe while sitting in jury duty out of Rad. It tastes all right, but it isn’t anything great. It just is “good” but there’s plenty of other drinks out there I’d buy before this. Plenty.