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Here we go again with Minta! This is the second Minta drink I found in the store a long time ago, and after tasting the first you can call me “curious” about mint with strawberry.


Now, I was a little skeptical of the first Minta because I don’t really care for mint flavouring, but I rather liked it. Before I even tasted the first drink, I thought maybe I’d like the mint and strawberry combo better because strawberry flavouring might take the emphasis off the mint. I’ve changed my mind a little bit now because I’m kind of worried this is going to be more like toothpaste since mint and strawberry aren’t really two flavours thrown together. I really can’t think of a world where someone said “Yeah, my favourite ice cream flavour is mint strawberry.” It sounds like something you’d mix if you went to a Fro-Yo place and was like “Hmm. I wonder if this is any good?”


Again, this small can was only a dollar so it isn’t like I dropped major cash for something I may or may not like in the end. That’s always a decent thought.


This can is just like the original Minta can, except it has a strawberry image at the bottom. It is very plain with no real testimony or anything like other drinks have done in the past. I guess I respect them for that since they’d rather just have the drink do the talking rather than a bunch of fluff words. I think I said that last time too.


I suppose the best thing to do is just jump right into this drink then! Let’s get to the facts and ingredients.


Nutrition Facts!


Serving size is 1 container.


100 calories. 0g total fat. 0mg sodium. 25g total carbs. 25g sugars. 0g protein.


Exactly the same as the original Minta. I guess the strawberry flavour really doesn’t add much. It is either that or the strawberry flavour is going to be super weak. We’ll see.



Carbonated water, natural sugar, natural flavors, citric acid, fruit and vegetable juice for color.


So, is this going to be a red drink then? The original Minta was clear. If they are using juices for colour, then I’m guessing it is gonna have some sort of hue. Also, what in the world is with “natural” in front of sugar? Is it different from “sugar” then? I mean, yeah we got sweeteners like saccharin, but I don’t think they’ve ever called themselves “artificial sugar” or whatever. What’s up with not using cane sugar in the strawberry too? Minta original said “pure cane sugar” while this says “natural sugar.” I guess I got a different line for this drink? I don’t know. Literature, people! It matters!


Not really, I just like to poke fun at these sorts of things. It makes for more writing and thinking which I enjoy.


Anyway, let’s pour this thing.




Yep, they did add a hue. It is a nice light pink. It kind of reminds me of what a strawberry Powerade would look like actually. At a glance, you may even think that it is a flavoured water with how it has a transparency to it, but when you smell it you’ll be reminded that this is a mint soda actually. It is odd because my nose smells a distinct strawberry scent, but upon a closer smell, it has a mint undertone. It is like a wolf in sheep’s clothing! You get the nice sweetness, but when you get closer it is BAM! Mint!


I mean it too. The strawberry scent is very aromatic. I can smells it without holding the glass closer to my nose. Maybe it might be a hyperbole to say it fills the room, but it certainly feels like it does.


The liquid was bubble like any soda would be I suppose. Not much to say about that.


Time to taste!


Hmm. Hmm. Huh!


Well, at first sip I couldn’t tell this was a mint soda. Nope, not even in the slightest. It had a very fruity taste to it in the first few moments of sipping it. I wouldn’t say the fruity taste was strawberry exactly, but it had a berry-like taste to it. Then it kind of transitions into this earthy taste, but it isn’t offensive or minty really. It reminds me of when you bite into a real fruit because it has that sweet taste a juicy piece of fruit would have, but you also get that taste of the texture of the skin and seeds. I was pretty pleased with that taste actually because it actually felt like I was drinking a solid fruit in liquid form.

After that, the mint flavour starts to come through, but it hits a dead stop with the sweetness of the fruity flavour. It is really strange actually because I taste the mint trying to dominate the taste, but the sweetness isn’t having it. It still remains dominate at that point while the mint takes a sort of backseat, but not really. The best way I can compare it is when you and a friend want a seat in an auditorium, but you sit there first, but not entirely all the way so your friend gets the other side’s edge of the seat. Then you argue about who is gonna sit there for a bit and eventually your friend just settles for the edge for a while.


The aftertaste is mostly mint actually, but it doesn’t linger long. After the mint sits for a few moments, the sweetness of the berry flavour comes back as the after taste.


Surprisingly, this is really good. The flavouring, while I’m not going to say “Yep, this is strawberry” is really good. It captures the sweetness of a berry-like fruit pretty well. It makes for an enjoyable drink to me, but I have to ask a simple question: why? Why bother with the mint? Who wants to drink a mint and strawberry soda? If you want the uniqueness of a mint soda, just go with the original. If you want a strawberry soda, why not just buy one that tastes like it without the mint? I’m not saying it is bad, I’m just confused as to why this exists. Maybe it exists because there’s people like me who might be curious to what a mint strawberry soda tastes like and Minta banks on those people liking it so much that they buy more. Would I buy more? Maybe. It is only a dollar so if I really need a soda fix I could see myself getting it again I suppose.


I’m giving this a sink a putt with a driver out of Rad. Sure, it is legal, but why would you do it? In the end, it hits its mark so that’s a good thing.