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I’ve held off on this post for a long time. Why? Was it because the idea of another mint drink repulses me? Nope! I was just really lazy and never wrote about this drink.


This is Minta, a mint flavoured soda. I really don’t know what to make of that. Mint is by far one of my least favourite flavours. My least favourite Girl Scout Cookie? Thin Mints.


A mint flavoured soda just sounds so interesting that I just had to try it. When I think of a soda, it is usually a sweet carbonated water that typically has a bubbly aspect to it. This, I am guessing, is just a minty bubbly drink. Will they sweeten it with sugar or high fructose corn syrup? I can only guess.


This can reminded me of those candies called Junior Mints. I never liked them either. The background is this kind of dull silver that looks like it should be shiny, but it really isn’t. It has a green bubbly look to it too which is why I said it looks like Junior Mints.


This bad boy was only a dollar in the discount aisle at the supermarket. It had a second Minta flavour too which I’ll cover…eventually. I’m thinking this is gonna be the better of the two and you will see why when I cover the other drink.


I’m guessing Minta doesn’t do much other than create mint drinks or mint food. With a name like that, it would be hard to imagine them doing anything else other than, I guess, melting metals into coins.


Let’s take a closer look at this can. Honestly, there really isn’t much going on here. There’s no testimony or anything to explain the company. No over-hyped description on how this should “soothe the soul with a crisp mint flavour” or whatever drink writers put on their cans. Nothing!


All it says is that this uses non GMO ingredients. Good for health nuts? I guess? Minta isn’t even owned by another company. This is their own thing. Kinda neat if you ask me.


Woah woah woah! I did spy their website on their can and I’m greeted with these awesome looking bottles! Where is that!? I want those instead of this can!


Okay, let’s go into the ingredients and nutrition facts.

1 serving per container. Okay.


100 calories. 0mg sodium. 25g total carbs. 25g sugars. 0g protein.


So, this should be sweet tasting? A little? Maybe?!



Carbonated water, pure cane sugar, natural flavors, citric acid.


So, no mint extract or anything. Okay? I guess we’ll get the mint flavour through the natural flavors.


Opening and pouring!


So uh…this is clear. Like really, it is a clear drink. I guess from the website I shoulda figured that. I guess I didn’t know what to expect even though the ingredients don’t give any extra colouring.


The scent is…odd. From the look of it, you’d think something like “oh this kind of looks like Sprite. Bubbly soda water, right?”Then you get a tiny whiff of it and you go “Wait, did I just open a pack of gum?”


It really does have a mint scent, but not a fresh herb kind. It smells more like a newly opened pack of spearmint gum. Maybe a bit of toothpaste? Maybe?! Oh no, now I’m gonna think “toothpaste” when drinking this.


Well, bottom’s up!


Hmm. Hmm. Huh. Huh!


Honestly, I’m surprised! This isn’t half bad. The mint is a bit odd, but the soda water is sweet enough that it works well.


At first sip, it is what you’d expect a soda to taste like. It has a sweet and bubbly taste to it. The sweetness feels very real too, which I’m guessing is because this uses cane sugar. It has a sort of refreshing taste to it with the first sip. Then it turns into a minty taste. The mint does taste like gum or toothpaste, but that sweet initial taste continues on though it. The after taste mostly is more mint flavour, but it kind of has this heavier texture to it. It is like the mint gets stronger the longer the taste lingers.


I think the best way I can describe the sensation of this drink is to first brush your teeth with some kind of minty toothpaste and then drink a can of Sprite. That’s really how I can describe it. It isn’t bad, but the mint feels odd here.


I have to give this missed grounder in the outfield for a double and RBI out of Rad. If you can get this for a dollar, then go for it!