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I’m back in the kitchen making some good soup for dinner. This blend of who-the-heck-uses-these vegetables and medium shell pasta was quite filling and pretty tasty with the mix of spices I added. I will say that I wish I did add something herbal like marjoram or heck maybe thyme or tarragon. I did make do without it, but they can only help this soup!


I’m no proper chef, but I do enjoy making stuff for dinner. Take my instructions with a grain of salt.


Also, this is fairly vegetarian-friendly. I used chicken stock, but that could easily be substituted for vegetable stock.




3 White turnips

1 Spanish onion

1 Daikon root

1 Yellow Squash

1 Can of carrots

1 Can of stock (I used chicken)

1 Stick of margerine

1 Box of medium shell pasta



Olive oil


Mix of red, black, and Cayenne pepper

Salt (to taste)

Old Bay


It is pretty easy so here’s my steps.


1: Prepare the onion, daikon root, squash, and turnips by peeling them or whatever you want. People like the skin of daikon, but I just peeled it.

2: Slice n’ dice your veggies and toss ’em in a pot.

3: Throw in the carrots if they are canned. If they aren’t canned, you probably should have chopped it with the rest of the veggies.

4: Put in your choice of stock. If it doesn’t fill the pot, I used some water to level it.

5: Give everything a stir to get it mixed.

6: Add your pepper mix, basil, salt, and Old Bay. Give it another stir

7: Let it boil for a little and then add in the olive oil and honey. Give it a stir.

8: Keep it boiling for a bit with a cover on the pot.

9: Add in your stick of margarine. Stir it when it melts/

10: Taste the broth. Add whatever extra spice for your preferred taste.

11: After the onions, turnips, and daikon get softer, add in the medium shells.

12: Keep it on boil for another 11 mins so the pasta gets softer.




If you want to add spices or whatever, have at it! Like I said, I really wish I had some herbs for this. I think it would only have enhanced the taste.