Rad Blog! Happy Christmas!


Yeah, this post is WAY overdo and I’ll admit it. I’ve been slacking lately. I hope you’ll find this post enjoyable if you read it in between your present opening. Maybe eggnog isn’t your fancy and you’re pining for a taste of autumn. Well, I have something here that might interest you!


I re-visit our good friends (heck, they don’t know me so this friendship is completely one-sided) Nantucket Nectars with their Pressed Apple juice or nectar or whatever you wanna call it. I’m thinking this is just a high quality juice if I’m honest. If you look at the bottle, it says “Not From Concentrate” right under the name. That’s neat. That means that this was really just apples that they smooshed and put in with water and probably sugar. That really is something because a lot of these drinks that you’d pick up for a dollar comes from concentrate. Maybe they just mean that the apple juice isn’t from concentrate then. That would imply that there’s other juice in here which I don’t think is the case. I haven’t looked at the ingredients yet to be sure, but I’m thinking that this is just an apple juice. The label doesn’t show anything else either. There are just apples there.


Anyway, we know their story. I didn’t know they had an apple variant when I first saw this in the store. I’m actually pretty excited to try this because so far all their products have been fairly high quality. The fact that this is freshly made apple juice also increases my interest in this drink.


Wow. There really isn’t much to this at all. Really. This says 100% juice on the back.


Ingredients: Apple juice.


That’s it. No water. No sugar. Nothing. This is just apples. That’s really awesome and saves me a whole lot of time speculating what the flavour might be. It better taste like apples or else! If this tastes like anything else, I’ll be very confused!


This does make me wonder where they get their apples, but I’m not going to go call their office on Christmas Eve to say “Hey, yeah, I’m writing a Drink Reaction post and I wanna know where you got your apples for Pressed Apple Nectar. What kind are they too? Granny Smith? Golden Delicious?”


From the picture, I’d say maybe they are Red Delicious. That’s all I gotta say about that. They are pretty much pure red. The picture doesn’t necessarily mean that those were the apples they used. Oh well! Maybe it is a blend. That would be nice.



Let’s get to the nutrition facts!


Serving size is 1 bottle.

240 calories. 25mg sodium. 59g total carbs. 50g sugars. 0g protein. 2% calcium. 2% iron.

I guess that’s how you value apple juice.


Honestly, I’ve been craving a juice lately. I bought grapefruit juice the other day and was happy with the tartness of it. I need something crisp now and I’m hoping this does the trick.


Let’s open it!


Oh yeah! Nectar Fact or whatever they call it!


“The first ship built on Nantucket was named “Rose.”


Hopefully it had better luck than that Titanic lady.


Taste time!


Hmm. Ahhh. Ah.


Yep. This is apple juice. It tastes pretty much like you’d expect an apple juice to taste, except this is not watered down at all.


At first sip, it is like a nice sweet apple. Then it evolves into a more tart and earthy blend. It is more tart than earthy which makes me thing it is a Red Delicious apple like I said before. It isn’t tart enough to be Granny Smith I think. There’s also this really juicy undertone to it too that plays off well with the tartness.


This is a good apple juice. When you compare it to your run of the mill stuff, I’d say this is good in a fix. If you’re craving an apple juice but don’t really wanna buy a whole big bottle of it, this works well. If you want something innovative, then this really isn’t it. It is just pretty fresh apple juice all in all. Heck, maybe even at a dollar it is a little over priced since you can get one of those gallon ones for 2 dollars usually.


I’ll give this a candy cane out of Rad. Go ahead and try it if you want apple juice.