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Today I have a special can of Monster for yo…wait, what? This isn’t Monster? This is called “Mutant?” Oh, okay.


So, I have a off-shoot of Monster today called “Mutant” and it claims to be a super soda. What is a “super soda” you might ask? Well, it is really simple. A super soda is what guys like Captain America drink on a daily basis. I mean, isn’t he called a “super soldier?” How do you think he got so super, huh? He drank this!


For real, though, this is probably Monster’s version of Mountain Dew or maybe Coke since I think Coke owns Monster.


Wait, why would Coke make this if they worked so hard trying to revive Surge? Surge is basically the Mountain Dew of Coke product so now they make this? Wouldn’t that just like make them compete with themselves? Maybe I’m thinking too hard about this. People aren’t like me and know every kind of product that Coke owns. I mean, NOS is doing fine and that’s owned by Monster I think.


Anyway, this is a Monster soda, or better known as Mutant. Wawa had two flavours of it so I got both. This, I’m guessing, is the original. The other one I have is red. They really aren’t pulling any punches with this to be a Mountain Dew competitor.


At first look, I really thought this was some kind of fake Monster. The bottle is pretty bland if you ask me. The logo looks kind of crappy too like they asked someone like me to re-scale the Monster logo on a smaller label. I mean, the font itself looks pretty stock. There’s an excerpt on the side too that is in the typical Monster font, but it just doesn’t seem right. It is like the rendering was bad so it makes me think it is a poor reproduction.


It isn’t though! This is a real Monster product!


Maybe I’m being too critical. Maybe this is just one bad label out of a bunch of good ones.


Let’s talk about what this should taste like then. I honestly think it is gonna taste like Monster without the medicine taste of the B Vitamins. This is more of a soda rather than an energy drink. The warning for kids and pregnant women isn’t on this . It is just a highly caffeinated soda! I kind of like this idea because I like the sweetness of a Monster, but I can do without the medicine taste or the aftertaste. It is that and I don’t wanna be hyped all day. Sometimes I just wanna have a nice soda with the sweetness of Monster. This is what I expect from this drink.


Will it actually be this way? Who knows?! I have to try it. That’s why I’m writing this post.


Let’s look at the nutrition facts and ingredients now.


Nutrition facts!

Serving size is 1 bottle. Okay.


290 calories. 0g total fat. 90mg sodium. 74g total carbs. 70g sugars. 0g protein. 100% Vitamin B3. 100% Vitamin B6.


So, instead of 200% in B Vitamins, this is just 100%. Instead of having like 4 doses worth of B Vitamins, we get two. This is kind of like a weaker Monster. Hey! It reminds me of Ghost Monster!



Carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, natural & artificial flavors, citric acid, sodium citrate, potassium sorbate, caffeine, sodium benzoate, niacinamide, sucralose, yellow 5, pyridoxine hydrochloride


So, basically it is a Monster without a bunch of the other energy giving things like ginseng or inositol.


Pour time!


Okay, so the bottle itself has a green hue to it. The drink itself is more yellow. Like, it isn’t the typical urine yellow of regular Monster. This is more greenish yellow. It smells, actually, very nice. There’s no chemical scent to it. It smells of lime if I’m honest. I mean, it isn’t real lime, but it is kind of convincing in that respect.


Sip time!


Hmm. Hmm. Hmm. Uh?


Well, at first sip it tastes like fizzy yet sweet water. It is actually crazy bubbly and after the fist sip these bubbles rushed in to give me this popping sensation on my tongue! The fizzy taste goes away, but the sensation stays with me. After it is just kind of sweet tasting. I don’t really get a fruit flavour or anything like that. It is just kind of sweet. It doesn’t remind me of a cola or a lemon-lime soda at all. It is just a sweet bubbly taste. The aftertaste is quite interesting. The bubbly sensation is still just as strong as ever and it navigates itself to the back of the tongue. The sweetness gets a bit more defined in the aftertaste. It finally starts to taste like banana? That is my best guess. It has that tropical flavouring to it, but I can’t quite put my finger on what it is supposed to be. My best guess is banana with coconut?! Maybe coconut, but without the awful aftertaste consistency of it. That’s what it reminds me of, yes! Coconut and banana! Very interesting!


This is kind of tasty and I was wrong to assume it was going to be a competitor of Surge. This tastes nothing like Surge. In fact, the only thing this and Surge has in common are the colour and the stigma of high caffeine.


I’m actually really digging this. This may just be my new favourite soda. That’s saying A LOT considering how much I liked Big Red.


I gotta give this a Suplex out of Rad. What is holding back the Rad out of Rad? That lack of flavour in the beginning I think. This is pretty darn good. Monster, you really did a decent job on this one.