Hola, Rad Blog!


Today I have this big ol’ thing of mango nectar from a company called Jumex. I don’t think I’ve done a Jumex drink before, but I have seen their products in stores before.


Anyway, I like to think of Jumex as a main competitor for Goya. Usually when I go to the Hispanic section at the supermarket, I’ll see Goya’s line of drinks and then right next to it is Jumex. I just never really got around to trying anything by them.


Well, here’s to the first drink to make it to the Rad Blog!


I’ve tried a few “nectars” on this blog and they were all pretty good. I’m curious to see how Jumex makes theirs. This was kind of the Queen’s choice in drinks because I went to Big Lots and was searching their drink aisle for interesting drinks. She saw this and wanted to have it. I figured “why not?” and added it to the Drink Reaction stash. Maybe I’ll try and get her to write a post about it too then, yeah?


This isn’t my usual one and done drinks either. No. As you can see in the picture, this is quite large. It is in a 1 quart paper carton. Yeah. Kind of an odd choice for drink storage, but whatever. I saw in the water section that there was water in paper. Their marketing technique was “paper keeps the water pure” or some hogwash like that. I almost got it too, but it costs like 4 dollars. No thanks.


The carton is kind of, well, straight forward. It has a big picture of a mango on it, I guess. It is kind of hard to make out since the image was made a bit thinner to fit on this carton. At the bottom of the carton is says “Mangos are a natural source of vitamin A.” Oh dear. Mangos.


I’ll give it to them. English is probably not their first language and “mangos” is generally accepted as the plural form of “mango.”


It is true about mangoes being a good source of Vitamin A. Vitamin A has derivatives from Beta-Carotene and Beta-Carotene is usually what makes fruits and vegetables red/orange. Rad Science!


If I had to guess, this thing is probably not 100% juice. That’s okay because I’ve come to expect that really. Nowhere on this package does it say “100% juice!”


Let’s see what it actually says then!


On the side of the carton it says it is fat free. That’s good, I guess.


Ah ha! It is 21% juice. That’s not too back actually. Usually these kinds of drinks have like 5 to 10 percent juice. Maybe because this is a larger container it has more juice in it. I don’t know.


I was right about one thing! This is a product of Mexico and distributed though Texas. That’s kind of cool.


Anyway, nutrition facts.


There’s 4 servings in this container.


110 calories. 0g total fat. 0g saturated fat. 0g tans fat. 0g polyunsaturated fat. 0g monounsaturated fat. 0mg cholesterol. 40mg sodium. 26g total carbs. 0g dietary fiber. 26g sugars. 0g protein.

15% Vitamin A. 0% Vitamin C. 0% calcium. 0% iron.


They really wanna hit home that this is fat free.




Water, mango puree from concentrate, sugar and/or high fructose corn syrup, citric acid, erythorbic acid, beta carotene, sucralose.


See! I was right. Beta-Carotene is in this, though there’s some added for effect I guess.


I haven’t seen erythorbic acid before. They call it a preservative here, but I wanna learn more about it!

Huh. Vitamin C based preservative that has no real nutritional value. I guess it is better than sodium benzoate.


So, enough talk! Let’s have a taste now! It says to shake gently before opening so I’m gonna shake this like I was shaking a snow-globe.


It is very…orange. I mean, I guess I expected that.


It smells of mango, but it also smells of manufacturing? Maybe I’m imagining things. It kind of smells like a paper mill with a mango fragrance sprayed in it.


Taste time!


Hmm. Hmm. Ah!


This is quite tasty. At first sip, I get a very sweet taste. It is pretty tropical in flavour, but I wasn’t quite convinced it was mango. It just kind of had a nice tropical sweet taste to it. Then it kind of materializes into a mango flavour and it tastes very fresh. This is pretty close to eating a real mango when it comes to this stage in the taste. What I really get from this is that it isn’t watery like a juice but more thick and hearty. I guess that’s the difference between a “nectar” and a “juice.” It’s texture almost reminds me of orange juice.


I feel like there might be pulp in this, but I don’t think there is. It is just a thick drink. The final taste of this is a very sweet sign-off from the mango. The mango taste keeps going though to the aftertaste, but it isn’t really strong or lasting. It is nice actually since strong aftertastes can hurt a good drink sometimes.


My final thoughts on this? Yeah! It is a really decent juice drink. I don’t know if it beats out Nantucket Nectars, but it sure is more of a nectar than what they make.


Good work, Jumex. This is worthy of a dropkick out of Rad. The only thing I wish this had more of was a less industrial smell to it that comes from the paper carton. Maybe that’s my fault for not buying a can.