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I’m beat. I gotta be honest with you, I did not sleep very well last night. I think that’s probably because I had coffee way too late thanks to that blubbering numpty from McDonald’s who mistaken my order of “large fries” for a “large coffee.” Apparently it is my fault because I “confirmed” the order on the screen. Bollocks.


Anyway, we have a really late Drink Reaction here today. Red Bull, as you may know, makes a bunch of “editions” to their drinks. I covered the “Red Version” here and today I cover the “Green Version” or better known as “The Summer Edition.” Yeah. Good timing right? It has been way cold these last few days. I get to try The Summer Edition during autumn. Close enough, yeah?


Anyway, The Summer Edition is supposed to be kiwi flavoured as it is labeled as “Kiwi Twist.” There’s no hiding this already because next to “Kiwi Twist” it says “artificially flavored.” Yep, this is really just kiwi flavoured petroleum. Delicious!


I gotta admit, this can looks cool. The green isn’t a gross green. It is more of a neon green which I suppose is a nice summer colour. I don’t really think “summer” when I see this can. I think “party time” since it is neon looking. As with the rest of Red Bull’s “editions” or whatever they call it, this has the two fighting bulls going diagonally on the can. The green is just the negative space. Take that, art class! I remembered something!


As you can tell, my mind is a bit loopy from lack of sleep. Thankfully this drink says it “vitalizes body and mind.” I could do well with a revitalization of the mind right now. I spent 3 hours last night trying to get a stupid trophy for Payday 2.


Anyway, they don’t really have a cool excerpt on the back about how summer is chill and so is a kiwi. You can use that idea next year, Red Bull. Just give me a shout, yeah? I need a job. The back of the can just says Red Bull is loved by a bunch of people including athletes and college students. What about Chas Rad? Actually, I think I’ve been hit or miss with Red Bull. Hey, this could surely be a hit for them! Let’s think positively for a moment!


Moving on to the nutrition facts and ingredients!


The serving size is 1 can. That works for me, but when you compare this to its competition, this might not be enough energy. Monster has 2 servings per can so if you drink the whole can, that means more energy? Probably. I am not a dietitian. The only thing I know about over 100% nutritional value means that it just goes into the waste cycle.


160 calories. 0g total fat. 100mg sodium. 40g total carbs. 38g sugars. Less than 1g protein. 140% niacin. 360% Vitamin B6. 120% Vitamin B12. 70% pantothenic acid.

That’s what it says! It says “less than 1g” there. Usually they just do the less than sign or whatever.  This also features less in some of the B Vitamin categories, but way more for Vitamin B6 aka pyridoxine hydrochloride. I have no problem with this. That’s what makes energy drinks so competitive. Some people think “oh yeah, this has a ton of caffeine in it and it works for me!” Others will say “Naw, it is all about the B Vitamins.” Actually, they don’t say that at all, do they? They just buy whatever “works” best for them and I’m the only hooligan that actually looks into the amount of B Vitamins an energy drink is supposed to have. Well, that’s my hobby! I love doing it regardless if no one cares.


So, what are the ingredients?


Carbonated water, sucrose, glucose, citric acid, taurine, natural and artifical flavors, sodium citrate, caffeine, colors, blue 1, niacinamide, pyridoxine hcl, calcium pantothenate, Vitamin B12.


Oh yeah, Red Bull works on taurine. Duh. It is cow milk and thus called Red Bull. How do I forget these things? Oh yeah, that’s because I’m knackered. Taurine comes from cow milk which is what gives little calves the energy to survive. I suppose there’s probably taurine in the milk we buy too, but I would guess it is taken out by the pasteurization. I’d have to look into that. Naw, it probably is, but Red Bull takes a big concentration of it and places it in a drink.


It is time to open this.


Woah! It actually is green! This is odd! I really didn’t expect this colour. When looking at the ingredients, it says “colors” and “blue 1” so I just figured it would be blue. Nope! This is a very light green. I haven’t actually seen a drink this colour before if I’m honest which can either be alarming or interesting. Perhaps it is both!


If I look closely, it is almost the same hue of green that the can is, but this is lighter I think. The can’s green is more neon while this reminds me of Easter. Actually, this might be better as a “Spring Edition” just looking based on the colour.


The smell is…odd. I don’t like it. It reminds me of cleaner. It has a fruity scent to it, but it smells way unnatural. It is like what happens when you buy a tropical all purpose cleaner. You say “Hmm! This smells nice, clean, and fruity!” You do not say “Oh man, this smells clean and tropical! I wonder what it tastes like!” You wouldn’t say that because you’d probably die if you drank it.


Honestly, I couldn’t tell you if it smells like a kiwi. It just smells like a tropical fruit drink in my opinion. Maybe more pineapple than anything, but I won’t commit to that comment. It doesn’t really convince me in the scent.


Taste? We’ll see! Sip time.


Hmm. Ekk. Eh.


At first sip, I don’t really taste all that much. It is mostly just a fizzy water taste with a slight hint of medicine flavouring from the B Vitamins. Note that the medicine taste isn’t as overpowering as it could be. Nope. It is actually well tamed. I think that is thanks to the sugar. Then it traditions in a kind of large leap to the “kiwi” flavour which doesn’t taste very good at all. It has a nice sweetness to it, but this doesn’t taste like a real fruit. It tastes like a cheap drink you’d buy for your kids to shut ’em up in the store. This does have a tropical taste to it, which a lot of the “tropical” drinks don’t do very well so I have to give it that. Maybe the “Twist” in the name is actually that it isn’t kiwi at all and mostly just lime and pineapple. That would work. Now that I think of it, it does kind of have a citrus taste to it so I wouldn’t rule out a lime flavouring. The aftertaste is not great, but it kind of helps this drinks case. At first it is a medicine-like taste that I always rag on about, but then it has a kind of fruity sweetness to it. If you were going to argue that this is a kiwi drink, you’d probably only remembered the aftertaste since that is the only part of the drink that kind of resembles kiwi.


Extra note here, but this drink puts a kind of zing on my lips. It is kind of neat actually. Maybe that’s the twist, but for real this time! I kind of like it. The after-aftertaste is a sort of zing! I don’t know how to really describe it other than a kind of tangy yet citrus pop that when I move my tongue or part my lips a little that it kind of makes itself apparent. I actually really liked this addition. It makes this drink unique. What it lacks in a good initial flavour, it makes up with this cool texture it leaves.


I gotta give this a mandatory class in school gives a wicked cool final project out of Rad. I won’t say I really liked this drink, but the unique factor at the end makes it worth a look I suppose. Would I recommend trying it, not really. If you like Red Bull a lot, go for it, but there are far better tasting drinks out there.


This drink kind of describes my summer. It looked really neat, had a pretty bad taste, but the end was kind of interesting and I’ll kind of miss it.


One final note, in my “Now and Then” Drink Reaction of the original Red Bull, I mentioned remembering a sweet taste that stuck with me when I tried Red Bull for the first time. When I did the post, I couldn’t taste it. This drink brings back my memory of that sweet lingering taste. It absolutely does! Maybe I just missed it when I did the “Now and Then” Drink Reaction.


2017 RAD EDIT!


It seems like this is no longer the actual “Summer Edition” any more. In fact, I will be covering a new “Summer Edition” that is purple. This seems to be relegated to “Green Edition” now with a slight name change. I am not sure exactly when Red Bull did this, but I did take a picture of the new design.