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This is my last Nantucket Nectars in the fridge! Sad! These have been pretty quality drinks so far.


This time, I have Red Plum which doesn’t sound very inspiring. You know who’d like this? My pop. He loves plums. I don’t know if he is keen on red plums, but I know he likes plums in general.


I’ve already tried a bunch of the other drinks by Nantucket Nectars so I already know this isn’t 100% juice, but man do they make it taste like it is. I make it sound like a bad thing when I say this isn’t 100% juice, but it really isn’t. When I say “not 100% juice” it kind of falls in the same category as something like Hawaiian Punch. This drink is absolutely not Hawaiian Punch! That is mostly sugar while this one is more water. I mean, technically they are in the same boat, but this tastes better. It feels more real I suppose.


Anyway, red plum! I suppose this is red rather than purple. I feel like the insides of plums are the same anyway.


There’s not much else to say about this drink that I haven’t said already! It has a cool label with red plums on it. I’m sure the excerpt is the same. They are juice, guys!


Wait, they juiced themselves! No! Don’t do it! You guys make plenty good fruit juice! We don’t want human-flavoured juice.


Let’s look at the nutrition facts and stuff.


Huh! It says 20% juice from plum and pear. Well, at least they are being honest already saying this is plum and pear juice. I just hope it is more plum than pear. Does this have more juice than the others? I feel like it does. Time to cross-reference!


It is on par with the orange mango, but it has fewer juice than the cranberry! Huh! I thought this was more. Guess I was mistaken.


Nutrition facts!


Serving size is 1 bottle.


250 calories. 0g total fat. 55mg sodium. 61g total carbs. 59g sugars. 0g protein.



Filtered water, sugar, pear juice concentrate, citric acid, plum juice concentrate, vegetable juice concentrates, natural flavors, acacia gum.


Hmm. More pear juice than plum. Might as well call this Pear N’ Plum rather than Red Plum. Oh well.


Got some Gum Arabic here. Yeah. That’s right. Acacia Gum is just another name for Gum Arabic. I suppose it is to keep the “natural flavors” in check. We get the true taste of Nantucket here: juice and fish!


Okay, okay! Enough chiding. Let me open this and get to the tasting.


The drink is pretty red. This is what I thought the cranberry juice was going to look like or rather expected it to look like this.  It has a deep red hue to it if you can’t view the picture.


Nantucket Facts!

“The song ‘Summer Wind’ is played nightly to signify last call at the Straight Wharf Bar & Restaurant.” Interesting. I don’t know where the Straight Wharf Bar & Restaurant is nor do I know the song “Summer Wind.” Let’s look up “Summer Wind” while I taste this!



I’m guessing it is the Frank Sinatra song over the Micahel Bublé version.


Oh, I do know this song. I just didn’t know it was called “Summer Wind.” That’s how it is with these old songs. You can tell me the title of it, but I wouldn’t recognize it.


Okay, enough about Frank. Let’s taste!


It smells fantastic. It is like a real plum, man. This is nice. It has a really rich and fresh plum scent as if I just cut open a plum.


Taste time!


Hmm. Hmm. Oh!


Well, the first sip was kind of just sweet. It was like a generic fruit juice taste that just has a fruity air to it, but just mostly sweet. It also has a watery taste to it too. The second stage of it loses the generic fruity taste to it and mostly just tastes like water, but then it evolves into this earthy taste. At first I was thinking it was going to be a gritty earthy taste, but then it blooms into this sweet plum taste. Plums have a sweet yet earthy taste to it. It has a very subtle juicy taste to it too. It is like a pocket of juice hidden in an earthy shell. That sweet plum taste transitions into the aftertaste as well. Something odd happens then too. At first, it is just a lingering plum taste, but then the like fruity sweetness comes back, but this time instead of just being generic, it combines with the nice earthy sweetness from the plum. This is a great aftertaste if I say so myself.


Yeah, I think this might be my favourite out of the three. If I am in a more tropical mood, I’d go with the orange one, but this is great for a kind of rainy day like today.


I gotta hand it to Nantucket Nectars. They really know how to make a pretty tasty drink.


I’m giving this a headshot out of Rad. Pretty darn great if you ask me. Absolutely recommend trying it.