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I am here today without another hopefully tasty Nantucket Nectars drink. This time I have their cranberry drink. Now, I know what you’re gonna say. You’re gonna say “Chas, cranberry juice is gross! It is only good for the kidneys.” I say that you’re partly right. Cranberry juice is really bitter, but sometimes I really want the bitterness.


This isn’t really 100% cranberry juice either. You can tell by the label that this is a juice cocktail so it probably has cranberry and grape juice or something. That’s not really an issue, but if you’re looking for an on the go cranberry juice drink, I’d say you better stick with Ocean Spray or something. I don’t know who makes 100% on the go cranberry juice and it obviously isn’t Nantucket Nectars.


I do like the name of this drink! Big Cranberry makes me think that they went into a bog and brought the bones of the cranberry god, Cranbario, and chanted the magical phase to summon him. Then they slayed the old god and took his bounty of giant cranberries to make this juice.


I’m sure it really isn’t that interesting and rather just a name to get people to be hyped for cranberry juice. That’s just something that probably would happen in my dreams or just my imagination. I can’t really tell what else they are gonna use besides cranberries in this without looking at the ingredients so all I can assume is that they found some really big cranberries and let them linger in the juice factory. Maybe that’s not the best way to make cranberry juice. I mean, maybe it is just an ode to their family and how they made the juice before. Cranberry juice is probably good to drink in the morning when you walk around like a zombie from lack of sleep or not being alert in your head.


Fine, fine. I’ll stop. You know I’m such a fool for you, Rad Blog.


Really, though, this is probably gonna be really good if I compare it to the taste of their last one I had and wrote about here for the Rad Blog. I’m actually really looking forward to trying this. Like I said, I kind of like cranberry juice. Some days I just want the bitterness of it.


I guess you can tell from the picture that this is a pretty red drink. It looks about right in hue, but I feel like it is on the lighter side. I guess it makes sense because it is a juice cocktail. As long as there’s no Red 40 in this, I think I’ll be happy with it. I mean, I’m not too bothered that it isn’t 100% juice because it tastes like it is. Sometimes these fake drinks just taste fake.


Anyway, let’s jump to the facts and ingredients.


It is only 25% juice. Hmm. That’s not awful, but not very high either. It is probably mostly water then.


Serving size is 1 bottle.

270 calories.

0g total fat. 55mg sodium. 66g total carbs. 65g sugars. 0g protein.


This drink is not at all good for you. The nutrition facts show this is absolutely not a substitute for real cranberry juice! I don’t really care myself, but sometimes people reading this tend to want a healthy drink.




Filtered water, sugar, cranberry; apple; and pear juice concentrates, citric acid, grape; clarified pineapple; elderberry; and plum juice concentrates, grape skin extract, natural flavors.


Well, I was right! It isn’t the cranberry juice that gives it this colour. It comes from grape skin.


This was by far one of the most confusing ingredients lists I wrote here. I don’t know why they insisted on making the juices in a list. I had to use the rare other use of a semicolon that makes a list within a list. Hey! I am using my college education in real life! Woo Woo!


This is more of a fruit punch than other drinks that claim they are fruit punch. Lemme see. Apple, grape, cranberry, pineapple, elderberry, pear, and plum. 7 juices. Yep. I give them Rad Points for that! Too bad Rad Points mean nothing if it doesn’t taste so good.


Well, let’s taste it then!


Bring it on, Juice Guys!


Huh! A Nantucket Fact! Gonna ignore this is a rip off of Snapple, but did you know cranberries were first cultivated on Nantucket in 1857? I sure didn’t! I didn’t even know where Nantucket was until I wrote about their first drink.


Sniff sniff.


Well, it smells like cranberry juice, but it isn’t “in yo face.” It is more like if you bought a cranberry flavoured water and smelled that.


Let’s taste!


Hmm. Hmm. Hmm!


Well, at first I was going to say “wow, I can say this is pretty much a fruit punch and not really a cranberry juice,” but after letting it linger for a bit, I absolutely taste more cranberry than anything.


My initial taste was of a more sweet juice taste. Maybe it was the pineapple showing its sweetness with the apple juice. Whatever it was, it was not cranberry. It wasn’t bad, mind you! It was just sweet. It made me think “wow, that’s what these other drink companies need to do if they are gonna say their stuff is a fruit punch.” Then a little bit after, I get hit with the bitterness of cranberry. Now, I know what you’re gonna say. You’ll say “what about the grape juice? Grape usually just dominates everything.” I won’t lie to you, Rad Blog. You’d be right, but in this case it is absolutely the bitterness from the cranberry juice over the grape juice. In fact, I can’t really taste the grape juice at all. Okay, that’s an overstatement. I can taste the grape juice, but it compliments the cranberry bitterness after a little bit as this transitions into the aftertaste. This drink isn’t all bitter though! The sweetness from the initial taste kind of carries over though the whole taste, but more of an undertone than anything. The bitterness from the cranberry is kind of hard to mute, but why should it be muted? This is supposed to be a cranberry drink.


This is tasty. I like it, but I think I prefer 100% cranberry juice over this. I am not saying this is bad or anything! No! Some people will really like it, but it isn’t their drink that’s gonna win people over I think. Cranberry juice, as much as I like it, is not other people’s cup of tea…er juice. If you like cranberry flavouring, you’ll probably like this.


I’m giving this nice but crowded day on the beach out of Rad.