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This one is a little unorthodox because I’d usually do these individually, but I don’t think I want to on this batch. The way Snapple has made these drinks is that we’re supposed to pick our iced tea president here. Honestly, either of these two teas would do worlds better than the two current “main” party front runners, but The Rad Blog has never and will never take a political stance on purpose.


Actually it has like once or twice, but forget about that! My political opinion isn’t worth writing about here. What is worth writing about here is the taste of these two drinks! We have Red Hillary Trump and Blue Donald Clinton here.


I’m kidding.


These drinks are officially called Red Fruit Tea and Blue Fruit Tea. Neither of the drinks are their respective colours, but rather have a generic brown tea look.


Red version claims to have raspberry, and pomegranate, and cherry while blue has blueberry and blackberry. Well, already we see Red Tea has more flavours. This is kind of stupid on Snapple’s part because the numbers are already stacked against Blue Tea. Blue Tea also only has one blue object. Blackberry is, well, black. At least cherries, raspberries, and pomegranates are red. Honestly, at first look this competition doesn’t seem fair.


Obviously, this means nothing if Blue has a better taste, but it just seems odd that they would just leave it at 3 vs 2.


So, shall I compare the ingredients? I suppose I should since I’ve already looked at the bottles. One is blue and one is red. Pick one!


Oh, I see. Snapple’s little excerpt says this is supposed to be a refreshing break from the drama that is US politics. I will absolutely agree with them on that. We could all use a little break.


Hmm. I feel like they had a missed opportunity with this in the marketing world. There’s no hashtag campaign to see which people like better. It is just “try em both!” on the bottle. It says “vote early and often” too but what does that even mean? There’s isn’t a mention to vote somewhereo n the bottle for which is better. It just seemed missed to me.


Anyway. I’ll do Blue first and then Red second in terms of the facts and ingredients.


Nutrition facts for Blue!

Serving size is 1 bottle.

120 calories. 0g total fat. 10mg sodium. 29g total carbs. 29g sugars. 0g protein.


Red nutrition facts!

Serving size 1 bottle.

120 calories. 0g total fat. 10mg sodium. 29g total carbs. 29g sugars. 0g protein.


Same across the board for them both! I guess that’s good. It will all come down to the flavouring and ingredients.


Blue ingredients!

Filtered water, sugar, citric acid, tea, natural flavors.


Red ingredients!

Filtered water, sugar, citric acid, tea, natural flavors.


Same! Again! It all comes down to what part of the fish they use to make it taste more or less like raspberry or blueberry then.

I really wish they used real fruit, but ah well. Enough missed opportunities! Let’s shake and drink!


Trying Blue first!


Blue’s Snapple fact is about Jimmy Carter’s dog named Grits who was given to him by his daughter, Amy.





Blue smells really darn nice. Very fruity! It has a pretty strong scent of blackberry with a nice hint of blueberry as a kind of undertone. The earthy scent of blackberry combines nicely with the more sweet smell of blueberry. If this drink tastes as nice as it smells, I’m gonna eat my words about this not having a lot of flavour.


Taste time!


Hmm. Hmm. Huh.


Well, it was very light and watery. At first sip, I was kind of just waiting for something to happen. It tasted like a pretty cold tea at first that didn’t get seeped for long enough so it tastes more like water. Then the fruit taste comes in and it is really the blueberry that comes ahead. The blueberry is more on the sweet side of things, but then the blackberry closes the deal with its noticeably earth taste. At the same time, the blackberry taste is complimented by this sweetness, probably from the sugar over the blueberry taste. The sweetness is more sugary sweet than fruity sweet. The earthy tastes transitions into an aftertaste but then it gets interrupted by blueberry again, but only for a short time. It then takes over as the aftertaste.


Overall, I find it kind of underwhelming, but the aftertaste is pretty darn good. Like, I think the earthiness of the blackberry really shines there. It isn’t bad, but kind of underwhelming. It is a nice, soft drink. The tea taste doesn’t really emulate too well. I did shake it by the way.


Red time! Before I try red, I have some water to take the Blue taste away.


Red fact is that astronauts can vote from space! Kind cool actually.


Unlike Blue, Red’s scent is really earthy. It is completely dominated by the raspberry scent, but I also get a hint of cherry from it! The pomegranate is no where to be found in this scent, but I don’t really blame it because pomegranate is kind of weak on its own. It is more of a taste rather than a smell. Yeah, this is really raspberry in scent, but the cherry is the undertone this time. Kind of neat how these two drinks compare in scents.


Well, on paper, Red looked better. Blue, in my opinion, smells better. Which wins in taste? We’ll see!


Hmm. Hmm. Hmm.


This is also pretty underwhelming in taste. My first sip was pretty similar to the Blue tea. I was waiting for a fruit taste to take charge, but I mostly got a watery tea taste. Eventually, this transitions into raspberry bitterness, but it isn’t all that strong. It kind of takes a backseat to the watery tea taste which I don’t really like. I kind of wish it was the opposite. Thankfully, after the raspberry sits a little, the pomegranate kind of takes charge. It doesn’t stay long because the raspberry taste kind of mutes it and then the bitterness kind of evolves into a cherry aftertaste. I can also detect a hint of pomegranate in the aftertaste, but it takes a backseat to the bitterness of cherry and raspberry. It is okay I suppose, too.


Which wins in my book? Probably Blue. I enjoy the two distinctive flavours better than this part of red fruits that don’t really know what they are doing. I guess it represents the Republican and Democratic elections where there were like 1000 Republicans running and all of them looked likely to win the nomination while there were really only two Democrats that mattered.


Yeah, I’m going to say I enjoy blue slightly better. I liked the earthy taste over this double bitter in Red.


Both of the drinks are on the same level on the Rad scale. They both get a homework on the weekend, but it is a wordsearch out of Rad.


I guess it is fun to try them. I’d say give it a whirl if you want.