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So, I have another drink here that seems to have re-gained its popularity? I don’t know. I actually don’t remember when Crystal Pepsi was first on the scene. Looking at the Wikipedia page, I probably wouldn’t since I was like 3 years old when it first came out and my parents weren’t huge on huge on most sodas. Then again, I remembered Surge just fine! I guess I was a bit older then because Surge was out in 1997 while Crystal Pepsi was out in 1993.


Anyway! Crystal Pepsi followed the Surge throwback craze and got itself revived. Did it have a similar following as Surge? I have no idea because I feel like most people don’t actually give a toss about Crystal Pepsi. Next we’ll see a big ol’ “bring back New Coke!” revival. Heck, there probably is one already.


Mocking aside, I am happy to see if Crystal Pepsi is a tasty soda. As you know, I’m very open to trying any of these sorts of sodas and energy drinks. I’m also happy to see what I missed as a kid. I read on these kinds of drinks that have come and gone and I then go on eBay to see how much one can or bottle would cost and then cry because I don’t wanna drop $100 dollars just to write a Drink Reaction.


Anyway! What makes Crystal Pepsi different? What is it? From what I heard from someone, it is basically just clear Pepsi and was originally created by mistake, but they decided to market it anyway because consumers are…stupid? Is that true? I have no idea. I’m going Detective Chas mode and finding the real answer.


Well, not really. Close, but not really.


So the original story of Crystal Pepsi was that it was made in a response to a fad that everything clear was good for you and in response they made a clear cola with no caffeine. It didn’t last needless to say.


Today, in response to the revival of Surge, Pepsi revived this drink but instead of going with their original “clear and healthy” idea, this is really just a clear version of regular Pepsi or so I’ve read. This is actually relatively new! It was released in the beginning of August. Well, I’m a little late, but I work two jobs and this is a hobby. Will this taste differently from the 1993 version? Maybe? I don’t know.


What I do know is that besides the bottle, this is pretty much the same look from 1993. The label doesn’t even show that it was a drink that was revived. I guess the “today” bottles use less plastic or something. I don’t bloody know.


The liquid looks a bit frosty because it was in the fridge, but if you let this warm up, you can see right through it like water.


Man, I’m curious. I should go to the store right now and get a regular bottle of Pepsi and compare the ingredients. Maybe I’ll do a retrospective edit and buy a Pepsi then re-look at this post. Yeah! That works. I really don’t feel like going out right now.


Actually, the official Pepsi website works. We’ll use that.


So, should I jump into this drink now? Yes. I think I should.


Well, at least they aren’t trying to be sneaky about it. It says “clear cola” on the side right next to the nutrition facts.


Nutrition facts!


1 serving per bottle.

250 calories. 0g total fat. 90mg sodium. 69g total carbs. 69g sugars. 0g protein.


Compared to regular Pepsi, this is pretty much the same except the sodium count which in this case is 90mg while original is 55mg. Why is there more sodium in this? Salt for colour? I have no idea.



Carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, phosphoric acid, citric acid, sodium benzoate, sodium citrate, caffeine, gum arabic, natural flavors.


So, comparing to original Pepsi’s ingredients, this misses the caramel colour and the added sugar. So, this is going to be less sweet? What? This also adds the preservatives sodium benzoate and sodium citrate? Why is this necessary? Original Pepsi doesn’t have that. I guess that’s why the sodium is higher since this has sodium citrate in it. Gum Arabic too. The ingredients have a bunch of differences! All these preservatives and food stabilizers make me feel like Pepsi has really gone off their original goal with Crystal Pepsi in that it promotes health.


Well, I guess I’m just perplexed, but it doesn’t really matter in the end if this tastes good.


Let’s pour it!


Looks like Sierra Mist, smells like Pepsi. Hey! That’s probably what they did! They just combined the Pepsi and Sierra Mist ingredients.


Well, let’s have a taste!


Hmm. Hmm. Hmm.


It tastes like Pepsi, but slightly more watered down. I suspect that’s from the lack of added sugar. Really, all I can say it that this is a watery taste with a kind of cola hint. The initial taste is bubbly and cola flavoured, but then it kind of just dilutes into a watery taste where the cola is more of an aftertaste than anything. On a positive note, if you don’t like how sweet Pepsi is, you’ll probably be more okay with this one. In fact, the sweetness tastes a little artificial.


My final verdict is that this is a less sweet version of Pepsi. I suppose that is what the original Crystal Pepsi tasted like, but probably with different ingredients. It isn’t bad and I can see a small market for it. I mean, there’s a lot of people out there that wouldn’t mind a less sweet soda because “sugar makes me fat!” I think, if they really wanted to appease these kinds of people, they should go back and take out the caffeine or make this version and call it “New Crystal Pepsi” or something. I don’t know. I wasn’t in marketing.


Okay, make the original Crystal Pepsi and call it “Crystal Pepsi” and call this revived one “Crystal Pepsi Reborn.”



I will give this a lunch out with your work friends out of Rad. I guess it is worth a taste if you’re like me and never had it before. It really isn’t anything special and if you were more interested in a Pepsi line, I’d say go for the 1893 Pepsi instead.