Rad Blog,

Miniature is the daily prompt today.


As usual, when I say “prompt” I mean “one word reaction” since that’s what they’ve been doing there for the past, well, year now I guess.


So, I’m making my own challenge here. I’m going to write a whole contemplation post in 500 words or fewer because when I get thinking, I get writing. I’m going to limit myself because, well, why not? I gotta use “miniature” somehow.


Anyway, I’ve been thinking about life a lot and I’ve come to settle a bit more after the first few months of moving out on my own. I’ve come to realize that a lot of stuff really doesn’t matter. I’ve tried to write about this stuff before, but I didn’t like how it was going and that I got distracted so I didn’t finish it.


So, some youngin’ was like “It is so sad that I might not see you guys again after this summer of work!” I was like “Yeah, yeah. whatever. People come and go.” He thought about that for a moment and was kind of disgusted by that. He said “why do you have to be so grim?”


I’m not being grim. That’s just how things are. My high school friends are non-existent these days, well minus one. My college friends are out the door too. It is a cycle of life. You meet people, you grow to like or hate them, then they go. He’ll see it soon I suspect.


People do not matter. The only reason why I’m held up on some is because I’m a freakin human and humans have empathy otherwise our id would tell us to kill everyone we meet. Humans are kind of interesting, but not enough for me to ever care that much about it because why should I? I’m never going to get a job where I study human relations. I’m not a writer so I don’t need to make unique characters.


That’s another thing. Why do all these people wanna decide my ambition for me? One of the biggest conversations I’ve had this summer with these new college freshmen went like “What are is your area of study?” They’d give me the whole business-philosophy-suplex with a minor in ancient camel biology song and dance.  I ask them what they wanna do with such a specific area and then they give this this long story about how their mother’s grandpa’s cousin’s neighbour’s fireman was once a journeyman for some sort of business venture in the 40’s. Then they ask me what I did with my degree and I say “bugger all” because its true. Then they wanna get all “oh man you could be a teacher/writer/translator.”


All those things require more schooling. The truth is, I majored in English because it was one of the subjects I liked in high school. I continued and got the degree. I have no ambition to get a job in an English field. It is just a degree to me. Finding the right career or job requires experience. School is just a formality these days. That’s bloody it.


This went over 500 words, but I’m not counting the beginning where I explained what I was doing and this ending bit too. If you don’t like it, too bad!