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As you might know, I’m working on the boardwalk this summer and there’s a pretty neat candy shop there that sells this interesting looking soda. This is Flying Cauldron’s butterscotch beer! At first glance, I thought this was the Harry Potter drink called “butter beer,” but it is not. This doesn’t have anything to do with Harry Potter either. This is completely its own brand that just so happens to be magical as well. Kind of a shame that this isn’t butter beer, but a butterscotch soda works just as well.


You can’t really blame me for thinking it is part of Harry Potter, right? I mean, look at it. It has the witch’s cauldron. It has a broomstick. Harry Potter is all about that kind of stuff. If you look at Harry Potter’s candies that are sold to the public, like the chocolate frogs, the packaging and labeling looks very similar. Look at this package! The purple and gold trim are the same on both. Maybe that’s what Flying Cauldron was trying to do. Maybe they wanted to trick people into thinking it was from Harry Potter so people would buy it. I don’t know, but what I do know is that I was only slightly miffed that it wasn’t actually a Harry Potter product. Now I don’t really care and am more interested in seeing what this tastes like in the end.


So, this is advertised as a butterscotch cream soda. I like cream soda enough. It is light and bubbly with a pretty sweet-malty taste. If they mix butterscotch into that, then it should take the sweetness to a more hardy level rather than a floaty level. What do I mean by that? Butterscotch has a more concentrated sweetness to it. It also has a slight spice to it, but it is mostly a sweet taste. I think of it as a solid sweet rather than sugar which is a more floaty sweet. It is floaty because it gets drowned out by other flavours. Butterscotch is more of a front and center taste.


What else can I get from this label? It isn’t alcoholic, that’s for sure. I don’t know why that was more important than something else like the small “all natural” in the corner. Of course this isn’t alcoholic. It was sold in a candy shop. There’s kids in there. Could you imagine a kid picking this off the shelf and it was alcoholic saying “Hey mommy! I wanna drink this beer! The candy shop is selling it.”


On second thought, I am glad it isn’t alcoholic. Some of these parents I see on the boardwalk would probably buy it for their kid and not care and then I’d have to deal with their disorderly kid. Then they’d get mad at me for throwing their kid out of the facility because they were being disorderly because they were too busy playing Pokemon Go instead of actually watching their kid have fun.


Oh hey, a rant. Sorry about that. Back to the drink!


There’s a little excerpt on this bottle. Let’s me read it over really quick.


Since 1374 this company’s been around?! Talk about longevity.


Wait a sec here. I think they are taking the Mick. Is Hogsbreath, England a real place?


NO! They are. Gah. Fool me once…shame on…shame on you. Fool me, you can’t get fooled again!


Oh! I see! This is made by Reed’s which also made Virgil’s Rootbeer! Oh! That’s neat! That rootbeer was very, very good.


Well, I know the excerpt is bogus, but is the ingredients?


Nutrition facts!

Serving size is 1 bottle.

120 calories. 0g total fat. 5mg sodium. 30g total carbs. 30 sugars. 0g protein.



Purified carbonated water, cane sugar, vanilla extract, natural caramel color, natural flavors, stevia rebaudiana leaf extract.


So, it is just natural flavouring. The only magic this drink has in its ingredients is the magic of making fish oil taste like butterscotch! Seriously, natural flavours doesn’t necessarily mean that the flavours are from a butterscotch root or wherever butterscotch is made. What is butterscotch anyway? Learning time! Brown sugar and butter. Okay! Works for me.


So, I think this is a shameless Harry Potter rip off from the description and the fake brand name. Lying aside, if it tastes good I won’t care if they told me that Raja Brooke himself created this and served it to his subjects. I mean, according to the description, even George Washington probably gave this to the minutemen so they could storm Lexington and Concord. Hernán Cortés stole one of the secret brewing techniques from the Aztecs on his ride in the New World!


Let’s open this and have a taste. Is this going to be magically delicious like Lucky Charms?


Well, it’s bubbly. It’s also brown. You can see it in the picture, but if you can’t then it is kind of a muted butterscotch colour.


Wow! It really smells like butterscotch though! That’s actually pretty authentic in scent. I’m kind of impressed honestly because I thought a soda would smell more watered down. This smells like you made butterscotch cookies or something.


It almost is off-putting really. Like, this is something I have to drink and not eat. It feels odd. It is almost like I’m about to drink butterscotch extract honestly.


Well, let’s sip! Hopefully it isn’t too strong!


Hmm. Hmm. Huh!


Well, the first sip is kind of just fizzy water. The fizzy water turns into a sweet taste, but it is just a kind of sweet water. It is almost like cream soda, but it is missing that malty taste. Then, almost instantly, the butterscotch flavour jumps in and it is just as how I described before. It just takes the reigns over the sugary sweetness and the fizzy water. Is it any good in flavour? Sort of. I mean, It tastes of butterscotch, but the best part of having something butterscotch flavoured is the delicious gooey feel after biting into a warm cookie. This lacks that feel so it is just a hardy sweetness.


The aftertaste is by far one of the worst things I’ve ever tasted. It is almost like sucralose, but tastes way more fake! It is that stevia crap. Man, why do these “alternative” sweeteners all taste like crap? Why bother even putting it in in the first place? There’s already sugar so it isn’t trying to be “healthy” or whatever. It is just a plain awful aftertaste and it ruins anything the sort of okay sweetness from the beginning brings. The drink itself misses that nice malty taste that cream sodas usually have. The only thing it has going for it is a unique idea of butterscotch that, to me, doesn’t really impress. The problem with this is that it needs more malt. This is just sweet water with butterscotch flavouring and stevia.


No. I can;t recommend this and the candy shop is selling these for close to 3 bucks a bottle. That’s a robbery.


I’m giving this a hit by a car while trying to cross the street out of Rad. Avoid this. If you want a good drink by Reed’s, stick with Virgil’s Rootbeer and pretend that just like magic, that this drink doesn’t exist.


POST EDIT: The Queen actually loves this. Maybe it is just me, but I really can’t get past the aftertaste and the underwhelming middle taste. Perhaps it isn’t for everyone.