Rad Blog?


Well, I have this today and when I saw it in the store I had two thoughts. First was “What in the world is this?” and the second was “35 cents for this? Oh…kay?”


Yes, this was heavily discounted at a bargain bin store and I suppose for good reason because I have never heard of Hyper Energy before let alone After Dark.


Well, let’s begin with this can. It’s atrocious. I’m sorry, Hype, but this has to be the ugliest artwork on a drink can/bottle that I’ve ever seen. I usually remark on cool designs and patterns, but I can’t say anything nice about this. The skull is just so ugly. I suppose those are supposed to be diamonds to form the shape of a skull, but the execution is just poor. It is just so gaudy that I really just don’t want to look at it anymore. Do some diamonds even look like that? I mean, sure. Some jewelry is shaped with diamonds, but this is diamond overload. In fact, these aren’t even real diamonds. It is just a drawing of diamonds in the shape of a skull. They don’t even look that good either if I’m honest.


Bah! What had the can done right? I suppose the black background is nice. It gives a decent feel of nightlife I suppose. The After Dark font is okay I guess too. It reminds me of the late 90’s or early 2000’s when people would use WordArt on Microsoft Word.


So, apparently Hype is kind of known. They have like a deal with the popular MOBA called Smite. Didn’t know that.  according to their website, they’ve been around since 1994. Okay. Sorry Hype. Didn’t know you’ve been around that long. Seriously, can you blame me? Maybe its a region or country thing, but I have never heard of Hype before.


Oh dear. “Originally launched in 1994 by the founder of the Hard Rock Café” I don’t like where this is heading.


Apparently the founder is a F1 racer. This drink gets more and more interesting as I dig deeper.


Oh! I see. So Hype was released elsewhere first. It’s US debut was in 2015. That’s only a year ago so sorry I haven’t heard of you, Hype.


Whaaaat? Kim Kardashian West is one of the spokespeople?! This is probably the only time her name will ever be featured on the blog so savour that.


Well, Hype. You have my attention. Your can art is shoddy, but that really doesn’t matter because we’re all taught that its what’s on the inside that counts. For some reason, I do not have high hopes for this one. This is a cinnamon flavoured energy drink. I feel like cinnamon, which is a pretty spicy flavour if it is super concentrate, with the medicine taste of energy drinks will not mix well. It says right under the After Dark text that it is “Cinnamon Syndrome 45C.” What in the world does that even mean? Is that the full name of the drink? After Dark Cinnamon Syndrome 45C?


Okay, what else does this can say on it besides the nutrition facts and ingredients. Please don’t be in the same font colour as the Hype logo at the bottom…


Oh dear. The excerpt is funny. “Everyone has a dark side, this is Hype’s. Open your mouth and scream Cinnamon Fire Never Hurt So Good! We own the night, we are After Dark.”




I’m going to scream that and my downstairs neighbours are going to think I’m crazy. Eh, they might already think I am.


Actually, I jest at this, but I’m intrigued by a cinnamon energy drink. Like, energy drinks are supposed to wake people up and the huge kick of cinnamon with the bite of energy might just do that. I feel like this is as close as I’ll get to drinking fire whiskey or whatever those hearty people drink in video games.


So, nutrition facts? Okay.

Serving size is 1 can. It better be. This is a tiny freakin can. 250 ML!


120 calories. 0g total fat. 65mg sodium. 30g total carbs. 28g sugars. 0g protein. 80% riboflavin. 80% niacin. 70% Vitamin B6. 40% Vitamin B12. 50% pantothenic acid.


The concentration of B Vitamins aren’t that high in this.  Maybe the caffeine content is higher to compensate. It is that, or maybe Hype just doesn’t have as huge of an energy kick as other brands.



Carbonated water, sugar, citric acid, taurine, malic acid, artificial flavor, sodium citrate, black carrot juice concentrate color, caffeine, xanthan gum, niacinamide, calcium pantothenate, riboflavin, pyridoxine hydrochloride, cycanocobalamin.


So this has no cinnamon in it. I guess it is an artificial flavour. Okay. Also we have some ingredients I am not too familiar with so I will look up what they do!


Xanthan gum is a food thickener. I didn’t realize this needed to be thickened. Uh… What am I about to drink here? It helps with lactose? What! I don’t think there’s lactose in this. I’m just gonna throw it up to assume it is for the glucose or whatever. I feel like this additive is extremely unnecessary in this drink, but what do I know. I’m just Chas Rad. I don’t make drinks.



Ah! Calcium pantothenate is the pantothenic acid. I should have figured that. Vitamin B5. That’s not one that’s usually in most energy drinks too.


Well, I suppose that’s everything. The warning for children and pregnant women is in the mix too. I thought it was part of the ingredients, but nope. It is all just jumbled into one giant wall of text on a tiny can. I guess they don’t have much room to separate it.


Let’s open this!

Oh my word. That is a whiff of cinnamon if I say so myself. The thing it, it doesn’t really smell like natural cinnamon, but more like cinnamon cleaner or an air freshener. It smells industrial almost. This is a very red drink too. I don’t know what I was expecting. I guess maybe a muted purple because of the black carrot juice. This is kind of like a burnt sienna with a hue of red. Whatever it is, it doesn’t smell like something I should drink really. Maybe cook with, but not drink.


Well, let’s sip!




Except it doesn’t actually hurt “so good” but makes me go “why?”


Well, the innitial sip was kind of a watered down cinnamon taste and I was skeptical of how intense this might be. It had a kind of spice to it, but it was really diluted by the water and sugar. Then it kind of surges up the heat scale, but the sugar kind of keeps it in check. Like I can taste the spiciness of the cinnamon, but I also get sweetness from the sugar. At that point I was kind of expecting a plateau, but no. It gets super spicy like Atomic Fireball candy.


On a positive note, there’s not freakin sucralose aftertaste and the medicine after taste is severely destroyed by the spicy fire of cinnamon.


I never thought I’d be drinking a spicy energy drink. I guess I’ve tried everything now.


Okay, this delivers on taste. Just because I don’t personally like how spicy this is, I can’t knock it for it emulating a decent cinnamon taste. If you ever really want to drink a cinnamon flavoured beverage, I would say you can’t really go wrong with this. I personally think it is gross and wonder why anyone would want this. I mean, it isn’t as terrible as the ginger beer I once tried, but it is up there with “how do people like this?”


I have to give it a front row seat at a baseball game out of Rad. Someone would be happy with it, but if you’re not a baseball fan, you couldn’t care less where you’d sit.

Also, for 35 cents, I can’t be mad at this. Nope.