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I know I haven’t been super active here, but I have a good reason! I am working hard in real life and getting drained! I bought a few drinks so expect a few more posts for now at least.


Here I have a tasty looking juice drink from Nantucket Nectars! I haven’t heard of them before, but the supermarket had a sale on their drinks. There were like 4 flavours, but I only bought one to try. I got this for the Queen too and she already had hers and told me it was freakin delicious. I hope she’s right. She usually is, and that’s not because we’re in a relationship that I’m saying that! She usually gives me decent advice.


Okay, but back to the drink. This is a juice blend as the bottom of the bottle says. I kind of like the alliteration of the brand name. Nectar is cool. I wrote about Goya’s Nectar’s before and they were decent. This, however, is not a Goya product.


What’s Nantucket? Isn’t that a city in Rhode Island? It is usually one of those places rich people go to for the summer.


It’s actually Massachusetts. Close enough. I’m sure Owlflame could tell me the difference between Rhode Island and Massachusetts.


Without offending anyone else now, this looks really cool. Being from South Jersey, I see a lot of the New England sound people come here for vacation. When I see these kind of Cape Cod-like things, I just think of a pretty chill day at the beach instead of the tourist trap beaches here. I think of sailing and fishing rather than angry beach goers complaining that they paid 6 dollars for a slice of pizza. This drink, at least visually, is a breath of fresh air to me.


I suppose their motto is “we’re juice guys.” That’s kind of cool. I like how it could be read like “hey customers, we like juice so we call ourselves ‘juice guys,’ okay?” or “guys, we aren’t bloody soda or tea. We’re juice, guys.”


Well, according to their front label, it is all natural. That’s good, but I’ve come to find that means bugger all a lot of the times. Natural ingredients sometimes means “extract of flounder.” I gotta read the rest of this bottle. By the way, why is the Snapple shaped bottle so popular? Nantucket Nectars has it and so did that Hibiscus Tea I had a long time ago.


Those cheeky buggers. Only 20% juice?! We’re juice, guys but we’re also mostly water. At least the label art is cool. It has a cool lighthouse on the side with seagulls. Some people love seagulls. People that love seagulls, do you know how gross they are? They swarm over you and steal your food. They are pretty much rats with wings. People will say that about pidgeons, but we don’t have them here. Seagulls, man.

So the little excerpt about Nantucket Nectars is that it was made by two guys named Tom and a blender. No, Rad Blog! Tom didn’t put Tom in a blender! They put fruit in it. They ended up selling their juices on a boat. Sounds nice actually. I would totally row my little boat to get some juice and then row back. I’m being serious. I’d make a day out of it. I’d rent a boat, go down to the sound, and row to their little boat. Well, Tom and Tom. Hopefully this is as tasty as you guys say it is.


Well, let’s look at the specifics of this drink.


20% juice. Yeah. I hope it contains the orange and mango that it is advertised to taste like at the very least. I still have faith in them.

Serving is 1 bottle. That’s nice too. I hate these 2 servings per little bottle. This was a dollar. I am not gonna let a dollar beverage sit in the fridge for a second serving later.


250 calories. 0g total fat. 55mg sodium. 60g total carbs. 58g sugars. 0g protein. 50% Vitamin C.


Cool! Vitamin C! Also, boom! That’s a lot of sugar. I think it is natural fruit sugar plus added. Maybe? We’ll see in a moment.



Filtered water, sugar, orange juice concentrate, mango puree concentrate, passion fruit juice concentrate, citric acid, acerola fruit extract, acacia gum, fruit juice concentrates (color), natural flavors.


Lads and lassies, we have mango. We have orange. That makes a Chas Rad weep very happy tears. Absolute aces for you Nantucket Tectars. You beat 90% of the market already just by putting the real stuff in this. That didn’t stop them too! Passion fruit and whatever the heck acerola is juice too!


What is Acerola? Oh, it is like a cherry grown in Barbados. Okay! It kind of looks cool.


So this kind of has the Central America vibe to it. I dig it. Hey, other drink dudes? Take notes. This is how you make a tropical beverage.


All I have to do is see if it tastes any good. Let’s do this!


It smells of…orange juice. Yeah. I get a lot of orange from this. I can smell a hint of mango too. Mostly orange for me. You can see what it looks like via the picture, but unless you’re blind or something and have this post being read to you by someone, it is orange with a hint of yellow hue.


Let’s sip!


Hmm! Ahh! Mm.


Wow. This is actually pretty freakin great. I don’t say that a lot, but this hits pretty much everything I was hoping.


First sip is a bit watery at first, but then it develops this really nice sweet mango taste and I know it is real mango because of the ingredients. Like, I know I said I smelled mostly orange, but this is straight mango in taste with the orange juice taking a back seat. The acid and bitterness from the orange is muted by a whole lot because of the sugar. Honestly, the sugar is mostly there as a bitter buffer. The sweetness is mostly what you’d expect from when eating a piece of fruit. This isn’t overly sweet like a Sunny D or a Tampico. No. This is sweet in the sense of a fruit drink. This is pretty much exactly what a juice drink should taste like if you wanted a little sweetness in your life.


The aftertaste is a little bitter from the orange, but barely noticeable.


They got the flavour correct with this. Darn tasty. I made fun of them for being only 20% juice, but this is really just juice and water. That’s it. The 20% juice is a fully earned 20% in my book.


I have to give this a Suplex out of Rad. I need to try their original peach one since the excerpt said they started making peach juice. Yeah. Really good on you guys, Tom and Tom. What else could I want from this? Maybe less water? I really don’t know how else they could improve this.