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I’m a thirsty Chas and this big, blue, and beautiful looking soda has been staring at me from the fridge for a while now. As you know, I’ve already covered two other Jolly Rancher Sodas here and this is my final one in my reserve. I don’t know if Jolly Rancher made other flavours besides these three, but I am happy to cover them.


So far, I have had one really bad one and one pretty good one. Will blue raspberry be good or bad? Honestly, it is hard to mess up blue raspberry. I think most people like the Jolly Rancher blue raspberry the most. I asked one of my co-workers which was his favourite Jolly Rancher and he told me the blue one was his favourite so there you go. I’ll ask the Queen right now.


Never mind. She said “cherry” and I wasn’t even sure they made a cherry flavoured one. Oh well.


Mine is the green apple, but blue raspberry is a close second. I have had a blue raspberry soda before. Wawa used to make their own sodas and I would frequently buy their blue raspberry one. Why have they stopped? Come on, Wawa! They were great. The pineapple and blue raspberry were fantastic! 99 cents too! Couldn’t beat them!


Anyway, this is not a Wawa soda. This is Jolly Rancher and if this tastes anything like the candy, then it should have a slight pucker to it. This will be good. All they really need to do for this is not mess it up with too little soda water and we should be good. Hey, this could even end up being a good replacement for the Wawa one! This looks a bit darker in blue, but I can live with that.


Is blue raspberry even a thing? I thought it was a synthetic flavour. Nope. They only make it blue because they want to differentiate it from strawberry. That makes sense I guess. Calling this just “raspberry” would make people say “uh huh” in the most snarky tone ever.


This, like the other two, was priced at 50 cents so I can’t really beat it. Even if this isn’t that good in comparison, 50 cent blue raspberry soda is good enough to end my longing for this type of soda.


So, let’s look at the ingredients and nutritional facts!


4 servings in this. Same as before. 0% juice. I didn’t really expect it to have any.


110 calories. 0g total fat. 35mg sodium. 31g total carbs. 31g sugars. 0g protein.


I think this was the same for all their sodas. Let me check.


Nope. Strawberry had less sodium. I guess the extra sodium makes a difference because that was their worst one. That, and it has less sugar.


Actually, they are all different in sugar and carbs. This one beats all of them at 31g. Next was green apple at 29g and then strawberry at 26g.


Well, the sweeter the better? Right? More hype for the kids!




Carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, malic acid, artificial flavor, sodium benzoate, blue 1, yellow 5.


Yellow 5? Why? I guess that’s what makes it look a little darker.


Well, I suppose it is time to open it!


Oh dear.


This doesn’t smell pleasant at all. It kind of reminds me of the strawberry scent if I’m honest. It has a very chemical scent to it. Like, I’d smell this if I opened a bottle of shower cleaner. That’s what it reminds me of. It kind of looks like Windex too so the image and the smell kind of make me think I’m about to die of poison.


Well, let’s sip!


Hmm. Hmm. Ehh.


Well, at least it doesn’t taste as bad as it smells.


Actually, this isn’t terrible. It is a pretty good representation of the candy if I’m honest. The first sip is pretty tart, but not in a natural way/ It is more tartness from carbonation plus the fake candy flavouring. Then it kind of transitions out of the tartness to a more sour taste. Tart and sour kind of go hand in hand, but if you tried this, you’d see the difference. I think the initial taste makes me pucker while the transition taste makes my tongue shrivel. Like when I say “tart” I mean there’s a punch that makes me go “oh man, that’s a wake up call!” When I say sour I mean the feeling of when my tongue is overwhelmed by a certain flavour. Tart is like a quick hit while sour has a longer duration.


Anyway, the sour taste brings in the raspberry flavouring a little. It mostly is just complementary rather than being fully flavourful. It isn’t bad, but it is more of the opening act to the sour taste’s main performance.


The aftertaste is just kind of sweet from the high fructose corn syrup, but it is odd because the sour taste is still there. It kind of reminds me of when you brush your teeth and then eat Cocoa Pebbles right after. The aftertaste has a similar sensation.


This isn’t that bad, but it is no Wawa blue raspberry. I enjoy it enough. It probably sits right between green apple and strawberry. Way aheado f strawberry, but way behind green apple. Yep.


I’ll give this a forgot your swim trunks but you still go to the beach with your friend out of Rad. His mom offered to take you guys anyway.