Good mornin’ Rad Blog!


Yes! I decided not to have coffee or tea this morning and instead have another Venom energy drink! The first one I had was decent, so I went looking for more. I found two more and they were both 99 cents! That’s always a good thing when prices are consistent. If I paid any more than 99 cents for this, I don’t think I’d be happy.

I also said last post that I was glad it wasn’t a fruit punch that most drink companies try to push. Well, it looks like Venom is part of the crowd because this snake is fruit punch flavoured. This kind of makes me nervous since there wasn’t really any mango juice in the last one so I’m sure this one is just full of natural and artificial flavouring. Maybe it is just natural. I won’t know until I look at the can closer.


This one is called Death Adder and really all I can think of when I hear “Death Adder” is that gaming mouse by Razer. Well, Razer, there’s a new Death Adder in town and it tastes like fruit punch, maybe. I haven’t tried it yet!


In real life, a Death Adder, or Acanthophis, is a super venomous snake that lives mostly in Australia. Huh. Another deadly snake in Australia! Maybe I shouldn’t go there, or if I do maybe I shouldn’t go exploring the outback, yeah?

Well, if their bite makes me feel like I’m tasting fruit punch, maybe I want to be bitten! Come on, Death Adder, bite me!


Well, the can is still pretty cool. Killer Taipan had a yellow hue and this one has a more red/orange hue. I think it looks more orange to me. Much like Killer Taipan, this also coins the term “Own it!” because why would you want to borrow a deadly snake? The little excerpt on the back says that this drink should give me the “lightning fast reflexes of a Death Adder!” Heck yeah I want that! This kick of taurine and B Vitamins better give me a kick because I’m relying on this instead of tea today! This is a real energy drink because the warning label for kids and/or pregnant women is right under the little excerpt.


Should I move to what’s in this? I think I should.


Serving size is one can. Like I said before. That’s kind of good for people who are more health-conscious since a Monster can is about this big and is 2 servings.


230 calories. 0g total fat. 310mg sodium. 57g total carbs. 53g sugars. 0g protein.

200% riboflavin. 200% niacin. 200% Vitamin B6. 200% Vitamin B12.


It looks similar to the Killer Taipan in energy aspect. 200% in a 1 serving can is pretty good if you’re looking for a kick.



Carbonated water, corn syrup, glucose, citric acid, maltodextrin, taurine, sodium citrate, l-carnitine, inositol, caffeine, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, niacinamide, natural flavors, sucralose, red 40, ginseng extract, pyridoxine hydrochloride, guarana extract, riboflavin, cycanocobalamin




That’s why you get the reflexes of the Death Adder. It isn’t because of the B Vitamins, nope. It is because of the Red 40.


I think this is pretty much the same formula as Killer Taipan except instead of yellow, it is red. No matter! We don’t know which buttons the manufactures pressed to make the natural flavouring. Instead of up up down down left right left right  B A Start, they hit down down up up right left right left A B Select.


Anyway, let’s get to sipping this. I need my boost!


This kind of looks like Big Red actually. It is pretty uncanny. It doesn’t smell like Big Red at all though.


This looks more like a fruit punch soda than anything fruit punch flavoured I’ve ever wrote about on this blog. It smells like fruit punch soda too. What does that smell like? Think very fruity, but it doesn’t smell like natural fruit. It smells more like fruity hand sanitize or perfume. That’s not to say I don’t want to drink this. No way! Red 40 fruit punch soda is one of my favourites!


I’m actually impressed by this smell. If it tastes anything like this smells, I’ll be very happy. I have this good memory of going to my grandparent’s house and they would have this big ol’ pack of fruit punch soda that I’d have when I spent time with them. This kind of emulates that.


Well, let’s sip!


Hmm. Hmm. Eghh.


Well, this doesn’t taste all that fruity if I’m honest. The first sip is a kind of generic citrus-like taste and then it kind of just gets bitter. I think if this were a real punch, it would have been orange and grape. What I will say is that this does a good job masking the medicine taste! That’s probably because of how acidic and bitter it is from the grape and orange combination. It is sweet too, but like not really because it is more bitter or acidic than anything. The aftertaste isn’t all that bad either. I can taste the hit of sucralose, but it is kind of stymied by the bitterness. The bitterness really just takes full force the whole time. Yeah, I’m gonna say that this is more grape and orange tasting than anything.

This is not what I like about fruit punch drinks. They take mostly grape flavouring and mix them together. This is probably better than most other fruit punch drinks I’ve had, but it still isn’t all that good. This drink is a perfect example of how the term “fruit punch” can really mean “90% grape 10% other.” I will give it this though: the amount of grape flavouring beats the snot out of the sucralose. I barely taste it as an aftertaste until about now. Usually when I’m drinking things with sucralose, its taste is pretty much there for the whole aftertaste. I can kind of tell it is there for the entirety of the aftertaste, but I get more of the sweet side than the fake side. I think I said that about Killer Taipan too!


Anyway, I’ll have to pass on Death Adder. I’d much rather drink Killer Taipan. This just isn’t that great. The mango taste of Killer Taipan was much better compared to this grape sideshow.


I’ll have to give this a “we’re having class out in the courtyard” out of Rad.  I’ll have to see what else Venom has in store for me!