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Well, I’m back with more Jolly Rancher goodness! This time it is strawberry soda and this is apparently their “new flavour” as it says on the bottle. I have no idea how “new” this really is, but I am assuming it isn’t that new because this was in the bargain bin with the rest of the Jolly Rancher sodas.


I rather liked the green apple soda because it tasted like the candy albeit a bit watered down, so I’m curious with this strawberry drink. Strawberry drinks are usually hit or miss because if they don’t do it right, they taste too bitter. I think that might be because they outweigh the sweetness of the strawberry with grape juice. Strawberries are quite subtle in their taste. They compliment other flavours really and on their own it is just kind of a small sweetness.


This, however, is only strawberry and probably red 40. Red 40, sugar, and artificial flavouring. This sounds like the pinnacle of drinks parents would never want to give their kids.


For me? Yes. This will do nicely. This is huge and only cost me 50 cents so I’m happy for a sweet drink that will probably keep me wired.


When I think of the actual candy for Jolly Rancher, the red or strawberry ones are usually not my go-to piece. I usually go for the green or the blue, the latter also sitting in my fridge.


Well, what else can I say about this? The label looks about right for a Jolly Rancher drink. The logo is real. The fruits are, well, okay I suppose. They look like plastic fruit, but what are you going to do about that? The logo takes preference for me. If the logo was a fake Jolly Rancher logo, then we’d probably have a problem.


So, let’s jump into the ingredients and nutrition facts!


Contains 0% juice. I figured as much. I think green apple was the same. Well, this could be a good thing because it won’t be so bitter I think.


Again, 4 servings per container. Rad Blog, I survived the green apple, I am sure I’ll survive this one. In fact, this is pretty light for a soda.


110 calories. 0g total fat. 25mg sodium. 27g total carbs. 26g sugars. 0g protein.



Carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, natural and artificial flavor, malic acid, sodium benzoate, red 40.




I told you there was going to be red 40. There’s just drinks you look at and say “oh, that’s gotta have red 40.” No? Just me?


Calories per bottle is listed on here! It is 440. Yikes.


Oh yeah! Hey! There’s natural flavouring in this! That’s interesting. I mean, that doesn’t matter that much since natural flavouring means that instead of just manufacturing what someone thinks it should taste like in a lab using a bunch of chemicals, they actually use cells or whatever from an actual fruit and manufacture it in a lab so it might taste like a strawberry. The cells or whatever could come from a fish or a carrot. Who’d know?! Not me! Artificial flavouring could come from that oil that dripped from your car this morning!


Let’s drink this now!


Hmm! Well, its red and fizzy. Like Big Red, except this has less in it. Actually, Big Red is a darker red than this. This has more of a pink hue to it.


It smells like a strawberry, but more bitter than sweet. I guess it is going for the more sour aspect rather than sweet. Jolly Rancher candies tend to be more in the middle where the initial taste is sour and then it gets sweet.


Well, let’s sip!


Hmm. Hmm. Eh?


Well, the first sip I get is mostly just fizzy water. It is just sweet fizzy water. Then there’s a kind of sour taste to it that I’m assuming is the strawberry. After that, there’s a little sweetness again, but then the strawberry flavouring begins to materialize. It is more of a bitter strawberry than a sweet one if I’m honest. The sweetness probably comes from the sugar and high fructose corn syrup or rather, just the syrup.


The after taste is awful, if I’m honest. It makes me feel like I’ve just drank cough medicine. It has that numbing effect on my mouth and throat. Actually, this kind of reminds me of cough medicine in total, but like the ones made for kids so they don’t think they are taking gross medicine. It kind of leaves an odd film on my mouth too that only tingly medicine makes me feel, hence I’m calling it cough medicine.


No. This one is not very good at all, especially if you compare it to the green apple that was a lot like the candy, but more watered down. This, I guess, is like the candy, but if Jolly Rancher decided to make it a cough drop instead.


I’m going to have to give this a homework on the weekend out of Rad.



No. Avoid. If this is their “new” flavour, I say go back to the old recipe.