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Thank you for taking the time out of your day playing Pokemon Go to read this Drink Reaction. Hey! Don’t grumble at me! I had to take equal time to stop playing Pokemon Go to write this!


Anyway, I picked up a trifecta of cheap sodas here. They are all by the pretty cool candy company, Jolly Rancher. This one is their green apple flavour which I think should be good. I always feel like its a cop out when drinks have a green and red variety and they are both apple-types. Well, in that case, why not just do all the colours and say they are apple then? I mean, one could argue that a yellow drink could be those yellowish apples and a blue drink could be a frozen apple. Usually, though, when drinks are all apple, they usually just taste the same.


I don’t think that’s the case for Jolly Rancher soda here. I think the red drink I have is strawberry. I’m going to go check right now.


Yep! It is.



Anyway, this drink was super cheap. I got it reduced from its already low price too. I think these normally run around one US dollar, but I got it for 50 cents. Pretty good, yeah? For that price, I don’t really expect much other than sugary water. Hey! Soda Shaq was 99 cents and I liked those! This could prove to be a pretty good cheap soda!


This is quite large too and in a bottle. They already are doing things right for me. Good size and in a plastic bottle are just bonus points for me. I mean, people prefer cans, but I hate drinking out of cans. There’s just something about metal near my mouth I don’t like. I usually just pour these in a cup anyway.


So, the drink is very…well, green. It is so green that if you put it in a clear bottle and put something like lime all purpose cleaner next to it in a clear bottle, you’d probably have a hard time picking the one that won’t poison you. Yeah, yeah. This probably has high fructose corn syrup and certain folks will be like “Well, Chas, both are poison!”


Well, should I look at this more in depth now? Yeah, I probably should!


Well, it says artificially flavoured really big on the front, so I expect no juice. Yep, 0 % juice! Well, at least they are being straight up with me!


Nutrition facts!


Woah! 4 servings per bottle! Well, Rad Blog, 4 servings shall be consumed in the next four hours here.

110 calories. 0g total fat. 35mg sodium. 25g total carbs. 29g sugars. 0g protein. Dang. That’s a lot of sugar. Kids would be off the walls with this. I make fun of red 40, but this..

Oh my word. Strawberry. Red 40 has to be in that plus the sugar? Give that to a kid and you might be able to power a small city with their energy.



Carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, malic acid, sodium benzoate, artificial flavor, yellow 5, blue 1.


Yep. This is as cheap as you can get with a beverage. Malic acid is probably to give it a sour taste. Well, at least it is supposed to leave a pucker, right? I mean, the artificial flavouring is probably just a generic fruity taste and it would be indistinguishable without the pucker.


Well, let’s pour this!


Well, the scent is really fruity. It smells like a Jolly Rancher in all honesty. If you haven’t had one of them before, think of a really waxy fruit scent. It isn’t bad, but you know it is mostly a sweet taste with no real nutritional value. The fun, however, is endless!


Well, let’s have a sip!


Hmm! Huh. Ah.


Well, I was expect more of a pucker, but it didn’t last.


First taste is pretty sweet actually and actually has a taste of a green apple. It kind of fools me in all honesty, but then it fades really, really fast. Like, I’m amazed how fast the initial taste goes away because sometimes these cheap drinks kind of linger. Then I get a kind of fizzy water and sweetness taste for a while. From the initial taste to the fizzy sweet taste, these a semi-dull pucker taste to it too. I mean, it is there, but it isn’t sour like the candy. It is like a pucker from the candy, but weakened. It is like watered down actually. That would make sense I suppose since this is a soda. The aftertaste is okay too. It is like a muted version of the original apple taste, but has a lingering falseness with it.


Overall, this isn’t that bad. I have had way worse. For 50 cents, this is a bargain. It is huge and fairly tasty. I’ll give this a handshake from an old friend out of Rad. If you’re in the mood for a cheap, sweet drink without a ton of chemicals, this is a good choice.