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I’m back! This review is coming from my new place of residence! I’ve moved. The move is complete and I’m here with a pretty late Drink Reaction.


This is Snapple’s 4th of July drink. Remember my Drink Reaction for Lady Liber-Tea? Well, it became my most popular post on The Rad Blog! If I recall anything about Lady Libertea, it was that I found it really underwhelming. I’m hoping that Oh Say Can You Tea is much better. Lady Libertea went with the red, white, and blue theme, while this is going for straight red…with green? Yep, the label says with a hint of mint.


I’ve tried mint lemonade and I hated it. Thankfully, this is mint and tea. I think that’s better. Mint tea? Uh, have I tried that? Yes, I think I’ve had peppermint tea before and it is okay. Mint and strawberry though? Uh? Not sure about that. All I can think of with mint and strawberry is the garden at my parents’ house where the mint grew crazy and invaded the strawberry patch. I suspect this should taste like that.


Anyway, since the 4th of July is in like 3 hours, I think this is an appropriate post! The label is very colourful. I don’t get to remark about the labels a lot on these posts, but this is very American. There’s a big ol’ Bald Eagle right there and Uncle Sam’s hat on top of the Snapple logo.


As you can see, this is a limited time drink. I bought a whole case since I couldn’t find it in individuals so I can drink more if I like it.


Anyway, it just occurred to me that this is red from the strawberries, green from the mint, and black from the tea. Which country’s flag is red, green, and black? I think Cameroon, maybe. Ghana? Eh, a lot of African countries have it, but only Kenya really has the red, green, and black pattern. Oh well. I guess strawberries are supposed to be super American? I don’t really get what they are going for with this drink, but then again, I don’t really have to if it tastes good.


We all know Snapple uses “the best stuff on earth” so I’m thinking this should all be pretty natural and good ingredients. Let’s take a closer look at the ingredients and label. Ah! Here’s our description.  I see now; these flavours are supposed to represent summer. Well, I’ll give em that.


Okay, let’s move on to the fact and ingredients. I am getting thirsty!

Serving size is 1 bottle. 120 calories. 0g total fat. 10mg sodium. 29g total carbs. 29g sugars. 0g protein.


Filtered water, sugar, tea, citric acid, natural flavors.


Really, really simple. This is probably one of the least complicated drinks I have ever wrote about here. Unfortunately, that means no strawberry juice. Thus is life really. Strawberry juice as flavouring is few and far between. I better shake this! Oh yeah, no sucralose!


Oh! A Snapple fact!


“The fastest speed for a monster truck was recorded in 2013 at 99MPH.” That’s pretty fast for such a huge thing.


The smell of this is absolutely fantastic. It smells of almost fresh strawberries. I say almost because the scent is so strong that you’d need a ton of strawberries to make this scent legitimately. I don’t get mint from this really. I’m mostly getting just strawberries from this.


Time to taste!


Hmm. Hmm. Huh.


Well, this is a very light drink. It tastes very watery, but the taste is there. The strawberry flavour is very subtle. It isn’t overwhelming me at all. The mint too.


at first taste, I really taste water, but then there’s a bit of a fruity sweetness from the strawberry flavouring and then the mint dilutes the sweetness with a more earthy texture. Then, the strawberry taste kind of goes away for a more earthy taste of tea and mint which lingers for a while and then there’s a sweet after taste.


What this drink does well is not smack me over the head with flavour. At the same time, this isn’t a great thing either because it is underwhelming. I think Lady Libertea suffered from the same thing. I took a quick glance at my post on it and I said that the aftertaste was nice. This continues with the nice aftertaste bit, but the rest of this is pretty underwhelming. It isn’t strong in taste.


If you want a lightly tasting drink, go for this. What this lacks is the boldness that is America. America is loud. This is a whimper in taste. It isn’t bad, but the maximum taste comes from the aftertaste.


I’m going to give this a toll-less highway out of Rad. It is okay.