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I’ve been getting beat up by work lately so I’ve been a little slow with getting to this drink. Here it is! I need some energy. After working a morning and now working until midnight, I think I need a little kick.


This is my second V8 + Energy drink and this time it is blackberry and cranberry flavoured. This isn’t my first choice in flavours. Cranberry is tart and blackberry is kind of earthy. I kind of want something sweet to help me conquer this day, but Chas’ can’t be beggers.


Anyway, we know V8’s platform with these. They want to be “all-natural” and without those “ingredients” that scientists use to curse at each other with or whatever the commercial says. I found that sure, they don’t have taurine or l-tartrate or whatever,  but pyridoxine hydrochloride is still very apparent and that isn’t much easier to say. What V8 does have going for it is that all their flavouring does come from real sources. I fully expect to see blackberry and cranberry juice in this as well as carrot juice or something. Maybe it will be black carrot juice.


Anyway, this can looks exactly like the other one I tried, except it is red. Red for cranberries I guess? What about the blackberry? I would think a red and purple hybrid would work better with this can. I guess there’s a little purple with the words on the leaf things.


What I found was that this drink doesn’t really give me all the energy that other drinks do, maybe because tea is slightly weaker. I don’t know really. It probably varies per person. That isn’t why I write these posts.


What I do look for is the taste. I don’t have high hopes for this because cranberry is really bitter and the medicine taste of energy drink probably won’t taste good with it. We’ll see! This could be really sweet!


Anyway, let’s move on to the facts.


34% juice! Serving size is 1 can.


50 calories. 0g total fat. 60mg sodium. 12g total carbs. 0g dietary fiber. 10g sugars. 0g protein. 20% Vitamin C. 30% thiamine. 20% niacin. 40% Vitamin B12. 2% calcium. 20% riboflavin. 20% Vitamin B6.


I think I was right. There’s fewer B Vitamins in this compared to something like NOS. This is more of an energy fruit serving than an energy drink. Still, there’s the warning that this is not for pregnant women or children. I guess the caffeine content is high enough from the tea.


So, what’s in this!


Water, sweet potato juice concentrate, white grape juice concentrate, purple carrot juice concentrate, natural flavoring, cranberry juice concentrate, blackberry juice concentrate, citric acid, malic acid, green tea extract, ascorbic acid, sucralose, niacinmide, pyridoxine hydrochloride, thiamine mononitrate, riboflavin, cyanocobalamin.


What makes V8 different is the inclusion of thiamine which is Vitamin B1. Other energy drinks don’t usually use that. Why? I have no idea. I really don’t. From its description, it is only a good thing. It loosens muscles as well as makes the nervous system more in-tune. It helps with the metabolism too which is a really good thing I think. Though, it might make me have to use the bathroom more. I don’t know. I am not reporting back with that information either.


Let’s open it then!


Hmm! It is very red. It reminds me of grape juice actually. It really smells of cranberries, but that’s probably expected. It has purple carrot juice in it too which helps with the colour. I wonder what it would look like if it was just blackberry and cranberry juice?


This is all natural colouring too because there’s no red 40 or anything. Good?


Let’s sip! It sure smells bitter and it has no sweetener besides my good friend sucralose. Ugh.


Hmm. Hmm. Hmm. Aw.


Well, at first sip, it is pretty bitter, but not overly. Usually natural cranberry juice is bitter from start to finish, but this is slightly sweet from the beginning. Maybe it is the sweet potato juice. Then the bitter comes in, but it isn’t as bitter as it could be because I think the earth taste of blackberry kind of hinders the bitterness from being the most apparent taste. Then it transitions to this sweetness, but that is short lived because the sucralose flavour comes in and creates its horrible aftertaste. There’s absolutely no medicine taste in this at all! The bitter taste of cranberry beats it. It could be that or there isn’t much of it anyway. There’s a green tea taste too that happens during the sweetness transition and it tastes really fresh. I don’t think I could taste it as much on the last V8 drink I had, but it works well with that sweetness transition, but alas the sucralose taste beats it.


This isn’t horrible. I kind of like where the cranberry and blackberry combine to make a not super bitter nor super earthy taste. What I absolutely hate is the sucralose. Get rid of that garbage and use real sugar and then we have something really good here. If that aftertaste was completely gone, this would be up there in my top 10 tastiest drinks I’ve tried for the Rad Blog.


I’ll have to give this a slightly longer lunch-time out of rad. Why sucralose? Why?