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Here’s another energy drink for you guys! This is V8’s take on energy drinks and I believe they have two flavours. Because I’m Chas Rad, I bought both and I’m covering the orange and pineapple first.


I’ve seen the commercials for these energy drinks. They make fun of the ingredients in Monster by saying somethign like “we use natural energy instead of words scientists use to argue with each other” and they show taurine and pyridoxine hydrochloride amongst others.


I mean, yeah that’s nice, but how do the natural energy giving things compare to these B Vitamins? Why even take supplements? If I go look at my vitamins I have here, I’m sure they aren’t all natural. I’m also sure there’s natural supplements out there too.


I usually make fun of cans for having no design, but this one is different. There’s a ton of text on this can. Like, look at it. You can see on the left side that there is more text. I haven’t read all of it yet so I’ll take a look now.


The front part we see just defines the natural energy and whatever else is in this. The tiny black text at the bottom says that there’s 34% juice with other stuff. Not bad. 34%, but I’m curious what the other part is. Probably water.


On the left and right side is an artsy barrage of fonts saying there’s 80 milligrams of caffeine and no artificial stuff in this. That’s always good too. For the price, I’d say this is better than a Red Bull. The can is a similar size and I believe I got this for about a dollar and fifty cents. That’s the same as the VegasFuel I did yesterday and I’m predicting this tastes a lot better.


All in all, sure this is natural, but how does it taste? Is it worth picking up just because it is natural or do I take the bonk on the head because I “coulda had a V8?”


Besides the font, the can looks okay I suppose. It is colourful and it reminds me old paintings I’d see in art class from grade school. The fruit at the top is nice looking. It sort of reminds me of Fruit of the Loom.


Oh well, let’s dive into this drink then. Facts!


Serving size is one can. That’s good.


50 calories. 0g total fat. 65mg sodium. 12g total carbs. 0g dietary fiber. 10g sugars. 0g protein. 35% Vitamin A. 30% thiamin. 20% niacin. 30% Vitamin B12. 20% Vitamin C. 20% riboflavin. 20% Vitamin B6.


I mean, yeah it is an energy drink I suppose, but these stats don’t really inspire a ton of energy. They still have B Vitamins, but we’ll see if they are natural. I’m sure they are because if they do have any of those “words scientists use” then they are bloody liars.


They do have the little warning for pregnant women and children. I guess these amounts are high enough to warrant a warning. 80mg of caffeine is the thing they are warming about probably. These B Vitamins aren’t really that high.



Water, sweet potato juice concentrate, carrot juice concentrate, apple juice concentrate, orange juice concentrate, natural flavoring, citric acid, pineapple juice concentrate, green tea extract, Vitamin C (ascorbic acid), sucralose, niacinamide, pyridoxine hydrochloride, thiamine mononitrate, riboflavin, cyanocobalamin.


Hmm. What are the last few ingredients? Uh huh. I swore that commercial was for V8. That’s because it was!


Notice that they conveniently take out the “other” hard words like “pyridoxine hydrochloride.”


I mean, sure. Go ahead and say your drink is more natural because it lacks things like taurine, but don’t go knocking other drinks for using them when you have said words in your own drink. I know what they do because I’ve been writing these sort of posts for a while now. This is artful dodging here.


Anyway, how does this taste?


Oh yeah, their Energy + line has more than the two I said previously. Sorry!


Anyway, I appreciate the colour of this drink because it is naturally so orange. Oh yeah! This is supposed to taste like oranges and pineapple and boom! They have both juices in here! They also have other orange juices like carrots and sweet potatoes. Do you like V8? Do you like energy drinks? Well, this might be for you!

I could use a serving of veggies.


The scent is very nice. I can smell the pineapple for sure! It smells nice and tropical. I’ll give them that. This certainly smells nice and usually nice smelling things taste good. I say “usually” for a reason…


Sip time!


Hmm. Eh? Hmm.


Well, at first sip I mostly taste the tang of orange and pineapple, I taste the pineapple more so than the orange. The citric flavour is more complimentary to the sweetness of pineapple. Then I get the gross taste of sucralose since there’s no added sugar. The sucralose is free to roam as it pleases. Then there’s this odd under taste during all of this that is a bit medicine-like, probably from the B Vitamins. If you don’t like the taste of vegetables, don’t worry because I can’t taste them at all. Thankfully, this drink works around the medicine taste with it being more of a low key reminder rather than the main taste.


This isn’t bad, but why did they have to add sucralose? This would have been a lot better without it. There’s plenty of sweetness from the fruit juice to make the sweetness beat out the medicine taste of Vitamins. That’s really the only flaw of this. It isn’t a bad drink at all and way tastier than other attempts for flavoured energy drinks.


I’ll give this a kid that sits at your table gives you an extra dessert he took from the lunch line out of Rad. Not too bad.


Post edit! At least it doesn’t say “all natural energy.” It just says that there is natural energy. Which makes the most of an impact? I don’t know. What I do know is that Monster’s tea and energy is slightly more tasty than this.