Well, how ya’ll doin’ tonight, Rad Blog?


That was my attempt to sound like a Southerner. Fun fact, I used to live in Florida which is pretty much the fake South.


Anyway! This is Dewshine! I suppose it is supposed to be like Moonshine which is that illegal alcoholic beverage most of those redneck dudes make in the back woods of states like North Carolina or Tennessee. You ever watch that show Moonshiners on TLC? Think of that, but for real because that show is probably faked.


What I have learned from that show is that Moonshine can actually be made legally. I had no idea, but then again I don’t drink alcohol so I wouldn’t expect me to know. I think people like Moonshine for its extremely high alcohol content. Also what I’ve learned from that show is that Moonshine’s ingredients are pretty much the same, but some people add a signature fruit or something for taste. Beats me.


This, however, is not Moonshine! This is a soda that is clear like Moonshine, but probably tastes like a regular Mountain Dew. I do appreciate the work they put into the bottles and the packaging. I didn’t buy the six or four pack. I got this one bottle from the store for about a dollar and change. The logo is comically done with the old cowpoke drinking that big old bottle that most cartoons would have a XXX on to show its alcohol. He’s on the cap too!


Thankfully, Mountain Dew here put a big old “NON-ALCOHOLIC” label at the bottom so people don’t act dumb and think this is real Moonshine. Sadly, there’s probably someone out there that believed this was real.


This is made with real sugar so that’s always nice. I hate fake sugar like sucralose. High fructose corn syrup is okay because it isn’t really sugar and more of a derivative of corn. Sucralose is part of sucrose which comes from sugars. It is chlorinated or something. I don’t get the entire process and it isn’t my job to understand it either! I just know that its taste makes things taste bad to me.



Well, its in a bottle like old times so I might need to get the bottle opener out for this. People have them on their keychains for beers and stuff, but I actually have to go searching for one.


Let’s see what’s in this and what I expect it to taste like from the ingredients.


What I missed on the label in the bottom left corner it says “clear citrus flavored dew.” This means it probably is a mix of Spirte/Sierra Mist and Mountain Dew. That or is it just bloody clear Mountain Dew since I already think Mountain Dew tastes citrus-like.




I didn’t get anything so my taste won’t be altered for this.


Nutrition facts!

1 serving per bottle. 160 calories. 0g total fat. 60mg sodium. 42g total carbs. 42g sugars. 0g protein.


Huh! That’s a lot of sugar.




Carbonated water, sugar, natural and artificial flavor, citric acid, sodium benzoate, caffeine, sodium citrate, calcium disodium edta.


So, your basic soda. This has nothing in it that alters it from regular Mountain Dew besides its clear colour and no high fructose corn syrup. So, the whole Dewshine thing is a rouse. This has very little to do with Moonshine. I’d say the only thing this and Moonshine have in common is the clear liquid.


Well, did I really expect more from Mountain Dew. They constantly do this promo crap to get me to buy their stuff. Well, Mountain Dew, I’m telling the Rad Blog that this is all very silly of you!


Well, let’s see how it tastes. I’m guessing it won’t be mind blowing.


This scent is odd. It smells of lemons, but the scent makes me cough like it is potent with something. It smells of really concentrated lemon cleaner almost.


Let’s have a sip!


Hmm. Eh. Hmm.


Well, it doesn’t really taste like Mountai nDew which is good. The use of only sugar alters the taste really. It kind of has the similar taste of an energy drink, but without the vitamin taste. It is like a smooth orange-like taste. I don’t really taste lemon or lime until the aftertaste. It isn’t really bubbly either which is odd. It kind of tastes flat. Yeah, I really detect an orange taste from this and it is pretty tasty.


If you are expecting a soda, this almost makes it. It is more like a bubbly juice drink. Imagine Hi-C or Capri Sun with a little bubbly-like taste to it. That’s what this reminds me of and it is pretty good.


Honestly, I knock this for being a rouse, but the flavour itself is nice enough for me to say I’d try it again. If you can pick this up for about a dollar, I’d recommend getting it. The six or four pack might be worth the investment too. The marketing falls flat like the taste of this. As someone who has never tried Moonshine, I can’t guarantee this doesn’t taste like Moonshine but I can suspect that it doesn’t. People say it tastes like gasoline. This tastes like oranges. I’ll say it doesn’t taste like Moonshine at all.


I’ll give this a there’s an arcade machine at the doctor’s office, but it is only Centipede out of Rad.


Not a bad drink. It is taste enough that I like it.