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It is Friday and what’s a better way to kick off the weekend with this Drink Reaction? Okay, I can think of a lot of better ways, but hey! This is the best I can do for you here.


Well, I rather liked the 1893 Cola. It was pretty tasty with a nice kick of spice to it. This is a ginger cola. I was thinking it was a ginger ale, but it isn’t. What’s the difference between a ginger ale and a ginger cola? They probably make a regular cola and put a ginger taste to it. Isn’t ginger ale just ginger flavour in carbonated water? Well, this is going to be carbonated water, cola, and ginger. That’s my very best guess.


I think this is going to work really well since the original 1893 had a bit of spice to it. This is going to have a similar spice, but have a more ginger zing to it. I like the hint of ginger especially in tea. It gives this nice tart taste with an herbal vibe. The smooth taste of cola with the bite of the kola nut and ginger? I can only see this going well. I know I took the Mick on the original 1893, so I’m hoping if I praise this it won’t seem so bad.


So, let’s look at the can. At first glance, I just thought this was a caffeine free version of the 1893 since Pepsi’s caffeine free soda has a similar gold trimmed label. Nope! This is a different flavour. It has all the free trade stuff of the original one, but this is just ginger. That’s really all I can say without looking at the ingredients.


So the can has a little excerpt it says it has kola nut extract, real ginger, sparkling water, and real sugar. Sounds good to me I suppose. Real sugar and ginger? Did they grind up ginger and put it in here? I doubt it. It is probably extract of ginger.


Anyway! Let’s get to the ingredients. Serving size is 1 can. 150 calories. 0g total fat. 55mg sodium. 40g total carbs. 39g sugars. 0g protein.

Carbonated water, sugar, caramel color, natural flavor, phosphoric acid, sodium citrate, caffeine, potassium sorbate, modified food starch, kola nut extract, ginger oleoresin


Huh! Not ginger extract. What is ginger oleoresin? It looks like it is just shaved ginger root. That’s pretty cool. It comes in supplements and stuff. Looks quite popular in India. Alibaba is selling them by the pound.  More info! It is a semi-solid so it dissolves in water easily. It has good fatty-acids in some cases. The word “oleoresin” means the semi-solid part that dissolves. This just happens to be a ginger version.


Well, let’s try this. The ingredients are sure impressive. I don’t know what’s up with the food starch. I guess it helps break down the oleoresin.


Opening time and I got my cool wine glass thing out again for this.


Well! It looks like cola again. It is more dark and less amber like ginger ale. Still, the cola colour is more lighter. It is like a dark, dark brown rather than black. The smell! Woosh! Ginger ahoy! Man, that would wake me up in the morning. That’s actually all I can smell from this. It is straight ginger from the smell. I don’t know. Maybe I won’t like it because it has too much ginger. I never eat the ginger they give me when I get a tray of sushi.


Well, let’s sip.

Ooh. Ohh. Huh? Uh?


Odd is my first reaction. The first taste is the bit of carbonated water which is bubbly and nice, then the ginger kicks in and it is heavy, but it feels like its only punching at 60%. Then the sweetness from the cola comes in and kinda tries to take over the taste, but the ginger flavour is still very apparent. I’ve had ginger and the taste of this is real ginger. It is just weaker because it is diluted in cola. This is probably what actual ginger ale tastes like too, minus the cola flavour.


Honestly, my second word to describe this is “exotic” and the third would be “sophisticated.” It is much better and way less tame compared to that ginger beer I had. Ugh.


I don’t think a lot of people are going to like this. It isn’t a drink you can really casually have. Like, when I drink this, I’m constantly thinking about the taste in my mouth. I can’t have this during dinner because it would mess up the rest of the foods’ taste. This is a good drink to have while surfing the internet or writing on a blog. It is a talking piece really. It kind of holds that fancy taste that rich people would find in their wines.


If I was going to say which drink is really supposed to be fancy, this one would win. It is more niche. The original is just a play on the regular cola. This one has a unique enough taste to be more distinguished.


Do I like it? Not really honestly. I wouldn’t get this again, but trying it once is an experience. I thought the original could easily be kept out in stores, but I don’t see people buying this one. I mean, sure someone might like it, but I think someone would rather spend around $1.25 for a regular soda over this “classy” one. I’m not even making fun of it. It really seems like a classy drink.


I’m giving this a wise professor, but a crap teacher out of Rad. Good stories, but I still can’t wait for the semester to be over so I don’t have to take that class again.