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So, Pepsi has released this drink called 1893, which is the year they probably released Pepsi for the first time. I wouldn’t know, I wasn’t alive then. They made a ginger version of this, which I will get to in another post.


Then again, I don’t really know why it is called 1893, but the meaning behind the name is to give it some sort of ironic air of high class. I say “ironic” because Pepsi is nothing fancy and neither is this can that’s worth $1.25. They are going for that wine bottle or champaign thing that goes by years. You see it all the time in the movies where some fancy restaurant owner is like “Oh, I have a 1834 Chateau du Bougie for you sir. Compliments of the house.”


Yeah, and Pepsi is doing this on purpose! Have you seen the commercial? It is some dude in a wine cellar thing and he has a barrel of this which he holds a tasting with some random people. Like the commercial, I too will be drinking this out of a Brandy glass. Heck, I do it for a lot of the drinks I write about here anyway.

Actually, this guy basically does what I do to all the drinks I write about here. IT is kind of comical. It is like Pepsi reads this blog! Hah! In my dreams.



Anyway, this is kind of like what Pepsi has done with Mountain Dew Throwback, except they made it a proletarian delight. If I am recalling correctly from my college studies, this would be something Veblen would have talked about in The Theory of the Leisure Class, more specifically about proles trying to act like the pecuniary class with their expensive wine and champaign. I covered that in my little intro.


Anyway, you didn’t come here so I could reminisce in what I learned (or didn’t learn) in college! You can to see how this tastes!


What is 1893 all about anyway? My speculations say it is supposed to be a throwback to old Pepsi, but there’s probably a small twist to it. What gave me that idea? Surely it isn’t the “A bold spin on an original cola” plastered on the front, yeah? No! It is the ingredients in it actually, or what they are claiming to be in it anyway. There’s supposed to be a kola nut extract in a lightly malted cola with bitters and real sugar. What in the world is a kola nut? Bitters, as in whiskey bitters? This isn’t alcoholic is it? The throwback sodas usually claim they use real cane sugar.

Ah! So, here’s more learning stuff. I hope you came to learn because this post is full of information! The kola nut is a nut grown mostly in Africa. It is a lot like the cocoa nut, except this gives the flavour we know as cola. So, instead of high fructose corn syrup, they are going back to their roots (almost quite literally) and dragging back the kola nut to give it a real kola flavour. Uh huh. The kola nut is also naturally caffeinated.


That’s nice and all, but why not do this all the time? I suppose it is more expensive to do it this way, hence the smaller can.


So, let’s examine the nutrition facts and ingredients! This has all been speculation so far.


Nutrition facts!

Serving size is 1 can!

150 calories. 0g total fat. 55mg sodium. 40g total carbs. 39g sugars. 0g protein.


That’s it. That’s fairly regular for soda I think.



Carbonated water, sugar (they say it is fair trade certified), caramel color, phosphoric acid, sodium citrate, natural flavor, potassium sorbate, caffeine, gum arabic, kola nut extract.


Well, I was right. No high fructose corn syrup to help make it taste like cola. They are also really pushing the “fair trade” thing by saying not including the water, 80% of the ingredients are fair trade. So, uh, yeah. Fair trade with the EU scientists on the natural flavors and stuff, right?


Seriously, I’m just taking the Mick here. All that matters is if this tastes any good. Let’s do exactly what the dude did in the commercial!


Hmm. It looks a bit different from regular Pepsi actually. I think it is less black and more brown.


It smells of…well, cola. It really doesn’t smell too different from the regular stuff. I’m thinking it is going to taste a little bit more crisp.


Let’s have a little sip.


Hmm. Hmm. Huh.


Interesting actually. When I think of Pepsi, I think of an overly sweet cola, but this isn’t exactly like it. There’s something about it that’s slightly different.


There’s a less sweet taste to this and more of a crispness to the flavour. The carbonated water has a bit of a snap to it, but it tastes a bit more natural as if I took soda water and mixed it with real sugar. That’s the initial taste to it. Then it translates into this really interesting flavour that’s both spicy and sweet at the same time. When I say spicy, I say more like cinnamon. I really do get a slight cinnamon taste to this despite there not being any cinnamon in this. It actually is an interesting yet very pleasing taste. The spice first disappears quickly to a sweet taste, but then the aftertaste comes in and reignites the kind of spicy flavour. I wonder if this is the kola nut then?


Yeah! I approve of this. This isn’t some lame marketing ploy to get people to buy more crap. This is genuinely different and quite tasty at that. I would actually buy this if it was manufactured more on a wider scale over regular Pepsi.


Absolutely worth a putt if you’re interested in trying this. $1.25 is basically the going rate for soda anyway. The only thing I’d wish for is if the can was bigger because I feel like I’m slightly getting ripped off with the size to price ratio.


Overall, this gets a 4 day weekend out of Rad. I’m interesting in seeing what the ginger ale (if it is ginger ale) is like now.